The best alternative countertop decorating

You can also use linoleum in placing some decorations on the countertop. After gluing the linoleum onto the surface, you can add some small objects around the linoleum by using glue gun or plaster of Paris to ensure that these objects would not be misplaced. You can place figurines along the edge of the linoleum so that it will trace the horizontal edges.

Green painted countertop

Of course, the very familiar way to decorate your countertop without spending too much is through the use of the different colors of paint. You don’t have to be a professional painter to create some good designs. You just play along with colors and cool drawings and you can have a good output for your countertop. First, you have to paint the surface with a base color. You can choose from white, black, orange or green. Then, you can use the bright colors in drawing small objects such as fruits or vegetables to complement with your kitchen’s surroundings. These are just some of the home décor ideas you can use to come up with the best alternative countertop decorating. They are very easy to do and will certainly give your kitchen a better and stylish look.