The Difference between Latex and Acrylic Latex

In works of art, amateur painters care less on what kind of paint they will use while the professional ones are keen on choosing their equipments and materials for painting. Paint is a mixture of liquid. It is used in art application and designs. Two popular types of paint are acrylic and latex. Though both looks and works the same, there are certain differences that shouldn’t be overlooked. Originally, latex paints are made by rubber. They are produced from a certain Brazilian rubber tree named Hevea Brasiliensis. Now, they are produced with only water or chemical-based paints and are mixed with different pigments as well as additives that act as the binders. Acrylic latex, on the other hand, contains acrylic or vinyl binders instead of water. There is a big debate on whether which kind of paint should be used. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Here are the following differences that you can use in deciding on which one is better:
1. The main difference of the two is that latex paint is water-based while acrylic is chemical-based. Latex paint is non-toxic while acrylic is composed of different chemicals which give a less odor for the first one mentioned.
2. Elasticity is one property of acrylic paint that latex doesn’t have due to natural- based components. The elasticity of acrylic allows the paint to contract and expand more so it is better to use it on exterior surfaces. Also, it resists chalking, flaking and peeling for a long period of time.
3. Latex paints are non-flammable compared to chemical-based paints. The solvents used in acrylic paint are considered toxic waste and are usually high-flammable which is kind of dangerous nowadays.
4. Acrylic paint is great on applying to interior surfaces. However, latex paint is better in having gloss and is easier to apply. The bad thing is, the more gloss, the more the imperfections can be seen and it can be quite difficult to have a touch up after applied.
5. Latex paints have a faster drying time compared to acrylic paints.
6. For cost, acrylic paint is more expensive compared to latex paints. But let’s also bear in mind that the more expensive the product is the better quality it can give.
7. In the area of clean-up, latex wins over acrylic. Latex can be easily washed by simple soap and water while acrylic needs a lot of things like thinner, etc.
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With the differences mentioned, it is obvious to see that in terms of cost and nature-friendliness, latex paint is the one we should depend on but in terms of painting expertise, acrylic is the better one. Acrylic is always considered as the highest quality latex paint and it is composed of properties like durability, flexibility, opacity as well as color-retention. Nevertheless, it’s still the user’s choice on which one he or she thinks is better.