Tips in Creating a Unisex Nursery for your Baby

While most people would inquire about the sex of their child, many still prefer to have the element of surprise. While their child’s sex is unrevealed, this means that if they were to design a nursery they will have to keep it unisex. There are two possible reasons why people want to create a unisex nursery. It is either they are unaware of the gender of the child or they may be expecting twin or multiple babies that may have different sexes. Whatever the reason may be, designing a comfortable nursery suitable for both boys and girls is not that difficult if you do your research and pay attention to details. Compared to feminine and masculine nurseries designing a unisex nursery may be more challenging and to help you up here are some things to ponder on.

Unisex decor

Choose Unisex Colors
The color theme of the nursery is very important because some colors imply masculinity and femininity, we all know that a pink are for girls and blue is for boys. In choosing the colors, you have to choose the neutral ones. Pick the ones that do not have masculine nor feminine inclinations. It is also unadvisable to experiment on strong colors because your child’s eyes may find it too much to handle. Instead, try pastel renditions of colors. Paler colors like light blue, green and pale yellow can provide a pleasing atmosphere. You can also use solid colors; a milder shaded color can be enhanced with some touches of other colors. Be creative in your color combinations but make sure it will provide a bay-friendly appearance

The patterns also add up to the overall appearance of the room. You can apply it to the walls, ceilings, floors, windows and even the furniture. You can also set baby patterns for the cushioning, beddings, and accessories. Again never go for patterns that are either masculine or feminine. Skip on trucks, cars and trains, dolls, flowers and faeries. Instead go for unisex cartoon characters, animals or other designs. Sometimes it is easier to stick with the most basic designs like checkers and stripes. You can also consider using bible themes, teddy bears, a wallpaper ABC’s, numbers or other themes that can provide educational purposes. As time goes by, you can add more accessories and designs that will give the child a jumpstart learning experience.

Unisex baby bedroom decor

Looking ahead
The nursery room is most likely to be your child’s room in the future. A little foresight wouldn’t hurt, plan ahead. You can make the unisex modifiable in the future by not making its components permanent. This means that you won’t have to redo the entire design when the nursery is converted into a room. Think of it as a base, and as your child grows older you can implement designs that are more appropriate in terms of gender and interests.