Using the Art of Decoupage in Your Home

The first step is to find an item at home that you want to decorate. You can actually practice on a vase; then you can decide what theme would you like to give it so that you can choose what pictures to cut out. If you already have decided on what your theme would be, say for example, a floral theme, you can now start cutting out pictures that would suit your theme best. If you have the floral theme then start cutting out pictures of flowers.

Decoupage technique

The next thing that you can do is to make sure that the surface that you would want to decorate is smooth and free from any bumps. Make sure that it is also dry. Then glue all the pictures that you would want your surface to have with the design that you would want it to have as well. If you have many pictures, you can actually let the pictures overlap each other. After gluing all the pictures, with the use of a damp sponge, wipe the excess glue and let the surface dry.

When the item has finally dried, check meticulously if the pictures are glued well. After making sure that the pictures are all glued well, you can now bring your item in a well-ventilated area in your home or better bring it outside the house. You can now apply a varnish or lacquer by spraying it or painting it. Be sure not to use polyurethane because this will not achieve the look that you would want it to have. Allow the first coat of varnish or lacquer to dry well and then apply another layer. Let it dry. You now have a new and unique accessory to place in whichever part of your home.

Decoupaged clock

The steps that you need to follow are just as easy as that and you can now create items that you can use to decorate in your home; or you can even use to give them as a gift to friends. This will just take a little imagination and a touch of art for you to have a design that looks elegant but is surely inexpensive. You can do this art for your table, your child’s toy box or on your work table top. This is also one way of expressing yourself by showing it through the designs that you made using the art of decoupage.