Wall accents need not be new or expensive

Modern type homes usually have solid block colors and are perfect for movie posters mounted on crisp-looking frames. Wallpapers rob the walls of its openness for various designs so it’s best to stick to solid colors if you have a lot of art to hang. Large-print stencils with bold designs and complementary colors would also give that added oomph. For example, a wall painted white could instantly come to life by painting on black retro circle prints and pin-up posters from the 50’s. Get the kids involved by encouraging them to place handprints on the walls of their rooms

Celing decoration

Wall accents decor need not be new or expensive and they should not be confined to visual art. If, for example, you’re the thirsty traveler, you can dedicate an entire wall to your souvenirs placed on wooden plank. For the musically inclined, your wall could have a collage of lyrics or old vinyl records. If you’re a student, combine fun and functionality by putting up decorated cardboard instead of a corkboard. Have fun and experiment. Wall accents, like the other parts of your home, reflect you. Let the walls do the talking with unique wall accents.