We can have a set of customized curtains

With the right measurements, ideas, and colors in our mind, it is now time for us to go shopping and create our own treasure. We can now go to our local discount store or even at the large chain department store in which we can inexpensive purchase a product from. Our choices might depend on the sizes of our window, how we want our curtain to lie and the style we have chosen, will be the ones to determine what size of sheet we should be buying. Once that we already reach home, we should measure our window again by simply using the top fold of the sheet we had bought in the store, open on each of its end, so that the rod can slide through it easily. After which, we can now start cutting the bottom edge of the sheet with our desired length, pinning up ΒΌ inch of it and its back stitch using either our freehand or the sewing machine.

Roman curtains

This is a very great way on how to make customized curtains for windows inexpensively. Now, we can choose our own design and feel free to mix and match a lot of colors in our room. We can now have a great set of inexpensive customized curtains in our room without having any hassle.