What to Prepare In Your Home Bar?

If you have a home bar that you want to filll with the things that you might need when preparing drinks for visitors, then you would need a checklist to make sure that you have everything ready with the right stuff. A home bar will be very useful during cockatil parties and other events that you might have in the future. It’s not enough that you have the bar in one corner of your house. You have to really prepare the bar to let it serve its real purpose.

Simple wet Bar

The first thing that you need to prepare are the glasswares. The glassware that you need to include in your bar are the following:
shot glasses – these are the glasses that are used for a single shot of a liquor.
highball glasses – these are the glasses that are tall that can hold liquid of up to 16 ounces. These glasses are used to drink sodas or other drinks that are mixed.
double old fashioned – these are the wide but low glasses that can hold up to 12 ounces of liquor used to serve mixed drinks.
brandy snifters – these are large bowls that are used in savoring cognac or brandy.
beer mugs or the Pilsner glasses – these are the glasses that you can use for serving beers in big amounts.
martini glasses – these glasses have wide rims with stems that you can use for your martini or other cocktail servings. You can also prepare margarita glasses used to serve margaritas or other drinks that are blended.
mugs and heat-safe glasses – these are also advisable in case you will have visitors who would want to have a cup of coffee.
Hotel style minibar

You would also need some appliances and and utensils that would perfectly suit your bar. A blender will help you in mixing to have a frothy drink that is blended. A bottle opener is a must. Cocktail shaker, a zeter, a strainer, a jigger, a knife, corkscrew and foli cutter would be the utensils that you can use for perfectly for your bar needs. Other things that might just come handy in your bar are the straws, the stirrers, the bar towels, garnish bowls, snack bowls with some snacks, a wine coaster, cocktail napkins, ice bucket, the serving tray, the wine chiller and some bartending guide that would be helpful in your bar. These are just some of the basic things that you need to prepare if you want your bar to be equipped during cocktail parties and other gatherings.