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Window Decoration: A Look at some Window Treatments

Home windows are now part of your home decoration articles. Not only are they decorated by using curtains and valances, but are now filled with more design by new decorative articles such as shutters and blinds. These window treatments are in fact already secondary windows by themselves, but are windows injected with style and design that is created for the homes of the modern era, which is why they are perfect in almost any type of home today. Here are some suggestions on what kind of window treatment would be good for certain kinds of homes.

Decorative window shelve

Blinds or a window blind is a type of window covering where slats of either fabric, wood, plastic or metal are adjusted by rotation and are closed by overlapping the slats together, either vertically or horizontally. It is now a common article in window design, but you may still have the option to choose blinds to decorate your windows. Blinds offer that modern look in a home more than curtains can do, and is often used for home offices and other business establishment. This window treatment is best for the sleek and straight designs of modern interior design.

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