You can decorate your home with flowers

You can also do what most people do; making scarecrows. You do not need to buy an expensive one because you can make it yourself out of your old clothes that you junked long before. With the help of some old shoes, hat, stockings, belt, tapes, newspapers and straws, you can assemble the scarecrow that you would want to decorate outside your home to give it an autumn look.

A card with preserved wildflowers

You can also decorate your home with flowers that are colored yellow, red, brown or orange. You can place these on the stairway up to your house or at the patio. You can also hang a fall wreath outside your door. With the use of fresh leaves that dried up, sticks, berries or nuts that you and your family can pick up in the woods, you can now have your very own autumn wreath. Twig bundle is another autumn decoration. You can tuck the twigs in bundles and design it to give you a very nice looking centerpiece when decorated with the use of some flowers; you can also place them on side tables as an accent.
Flower arrangement

Baskets, as a decorative, is also a nice idea for a design on a fall. Give the basket a rusty look and fill them with flowers that would show the autumn colors; then add some ribbons to the basket. Or you can also fill the basket with maple leaves that has turned orange or green; this would surely add the autumn feel inside your home. Redecorating your home is always fun; especially if you share this experience with the family. Getting the family involved would surely excite them; because they will not just discover their talent in art, they will also have time to bond with the whole family.