Zones associated with a particular color in Feng Shui

Each of these zones is associated with a particular color:
• Wealth and prosperity is associated with the color Purple. Purple also represents gratitude for all that you have. Having this appreciation will lead to physical, emotional and spiritual prosperity
• Fame and reputation is represented by the color Red. Red also represents the color of life and prosperity as well as integrity, virtue and authenticity.

Bright colours

• Love and marriage is represented by the color Pink. Pink likewise represents love for oneself.
• Family is represented by the color Green. Green also symbolizes peace and calmness as well as nurturing and balance as one grows and expands.
• Health is symbolized by the color yellow. Yellow also symbolizes warmth and cheerfulness.
• Creativity and Children is represented by the color white. White also represents purity, joy and openness.
• Knowledge and self-cultivation is represented by the color Blue. Likewise, blue represents trust and inner peace.
• Career is symbolized and represented by the color Black. This is also the color representing depth.
• Self empowerment and confidence is represented by the color Gray. Gray also helps create synchronicity in one’s life.
Striped wall painted with cold colours

As you analyze your bagua map, you will see the colors that surround your environment. These surroundings are manifestation of who you are as a person now and what would be your future endeavor. Remember that Feng Shui is about striking a balance and harmony rather than excess. Striking this balance will develop your deep satisfaction with stable results of the influence of your surroundings.