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Nilda Nora

I love writing about interior design.

[Guide] How to Choose a Color Scheme for your home

Finding the perfect color scheme for decoration! There are difficult questions and then there is the question, Nora, what color should I paint? Do not misunderstand me, it is not that I do not have an answer; but do you have enough time to hear it? To give the right color that should take your […]

How to Organize Storage in 10 Easy Steps

Organizing space can vary from a simple task like putting a small hook or peg on to the wall to more complex tasks like building cabinets or breaking cement wall to construct storage space. However, most storage spaces can be taken care of with simple idea and a right approach. Finding the right storage space […]

How To Quick Clean your Rooms and your House

How many times has it been that when you are in the office, you receive a call of unexpected visits for dinner? It is definitely a reason for panic, especially when we have no idea if our house is able to receive strangers; so here at Decorating Visita Casas we bring you these tips to quickly […]

How to redecorate you family room in a weekend

Redecorating or transforming your family room in a weekend is quite achievable and possible. Lots of people think that to redecorate a room in a single weekend is a Herculean task. Family room is an important part of your home as it is the place where most family spends their time together. Actually, it can […]

How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget?

I often ask for tips to be able to decorate the apartment on a budget. Well I think to satisfy many people in the most practical way, it was time to write this article on that topic. It is true that when you start to decorating you will find many opinions; but remember one thing: your […]

How to Decorate the Entryway So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

The entryway of a home is the one that guides what kind of people live in that house. It is where you really perceive the first impression of its inhabitants, not in the facade as many people think. If you and your family do not feel a radical change of atmosphere just by stepping into […]

How to install a vanity

The role of a vanity in a house is quite important as people have the propensity to spend time on a bathroom. A well designed and planned vanity can change the whole outlook of the bathroom. Such elements and rudiments are important so that it transforms your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one. If you […]

Tips for Indoor Christmas Décor

The idea of Christmas decorations plays one of the most important parts for a Christmas celebration. People create their own ideas and share the joy of Christmas with their families and friends. Decorating the indoor does not have to be expensive or nerve-racking task. It is better to involve your family members and follow some […]

How to Eliminate Pet Urine Odor

Face it your family pet would already be perfect if only he was housetrained. But even so, there are some instances when your pet will urinate inside your house. When this happens, odor starts to build up and it can be hard to get rid of it. If you don’t know how to properly get […]

How to Choose Quality Furniture

The dilemma of making decisions on how to choose quality furniture is often due to the strong emotion or instantly falling in love, the moment you see a piece, most especially if the price is really that attractive. According to a furniture expert, buying furniture relying only on the basis of beauty or low cost, […]

How to Eliminate Odor from Shoes

For some people, learning how they can eliminate odor from shoes can be a big deal. But before this problem can be addressed, admitting that you have the problem can be embarrassing. Usually, smelly shoes are caused by smelly feet. These are caused by the growth of bacteria. In order to stop this from occurring, […]

How to Choose Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are a homeowner, it is important that you choose under cabinet lighting correctly. The reason for this is so that your kitchen can have proper lighting and will not cause a problem when you are using the room at night. In addition, there are also some places in your kitchen that don’t get […]

How to Fix a Damaged String Lights

Holidays and special occasions are mostly celebrated with the presence of light. Sometimes you would like to save money and use the same lights which you had used the previous year. However if the decorating string of lights are damaged, it can be quite difficult and unproductive. For this reason, this article is based on […]

How to Choose Kitchen Colors

Your kitchen is the area in your home where you prepare and cook your food. Often, it serves as a venue for bonding moments with your family. You and your kids learn how to make special dishes and mouth-watering deserts in the kitchen while discussing school activities. Also, this area of your home functions as […]

How to Eliminate Pet Odor from Carpet

It is really embarrassing to host parties and gatherings with all that dreadful stench that comes from your carpet. As a host, you should ensure that your guests will have fun and enjoyment throughout the whole event, but how can they have fun if the ambiance smells a lot like one hundred and one wet […]

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

The exterior design of a house means a lot to homeowners because it mirrors the overall design of the house. Likewise, the color scheme plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of an abode. And since first impressions last, so you better decide carefully on how to choose exterior paint colors for your house […]

How to Clean Furniture

Furniture is an essential part of every home. It is considered as a form of decorative art that livens and beautifies one’s abode. Choosing the appropriate furniture can create a comfortable and convenient interior space in the area of the house where they are placed. With the many available choices of furniture, you can purchase […]

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