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How to Detect Cat Urine on Carpet

Having a household cat can truly be nerve-wracking especially when you always have to take care of its mess around the house. With its unpleasant odor, cat urine not only spreads the foul smell but also affects your hygiene. While many cats tend to urinate almost anywhere, most of them love to do it on […]

How to Clean a Keyboard Laptop

It is often said that the dirtiest part of the human body is the hands, and this is most likely true. Our hands are usually the part of our body that comes into contact with the most number of items on a daily basis and hence hold the greatest variety of miniature foreign particles and […]

How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes

While true artistry is something people can only be born with, a good artist would be nowhere without a few good materials. Good paint and good paintbrushes are fundamental in creating artistic masterpieces but unfortunately, they may also be quite expensive. Although good paint can only last so long, good paintbrushes can last a lifetime, […]

How to Clean a Plasma Screen

One of the perks of a plasma screen TV is that it provides clear and quality pictures when watching different TV programs. Unfortunately, dirt and other foreign marks and particles on the TV’s plasma screen could compromise the high quality of the pictures. In order to make the most out of one’s plasma screen TV […]

How to Clean a Fish Tank

Keeping a fish tank does not end in buying one and setting it up. There is actually more to maintaining it to ensure that everything is safe for your fish. Once you have found out that your fish tank is in chaos, it is best to do appropriate actions. Wondering how to clean fish tank […]

Hidden Allergens? Protect Your Home from Them

Are you finding yourself having trouble over your allergy attacks? Then you might be having allergens swarming and just hiding inside your home. There are a lot of home products that can cause you the skin or respiratory allergies that you can have. Here are some ways on how you can lessen or protect your […]

How to Clean Tile Grout in Bathroom?

A bathroom is an important part of the house and it is considered to be dirtiest therefore maintaining its cleanliness is a must. We usually coordinate it with hygiene- it is a place where we take a bath, brush our teeth and do our “other business” to get ourselves clean. Depending on the cultural context, […]

Cleaning Carpet Stain

One of the most dreaded post-party expenses is probably the bill for cleaning carpet stain. Tell-tale signs of the party lingers the most on the carpet because it’s the last to be cleaned and not the easiest one at that. However, sending it to the cleaners may not be at all necessary if you know […]