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The Do-it-yourself Guide: Proper Roman Blind Installation

Roman blinds are about one of the many kinds of very decorative and innovative decoration articles that you can purchase conveniently nowadays. The modern designs typically present that combination of today’s crafting techniques with the designing techniques of the old, crossing them together to create the roman blind that we know of today. However, installation […]

Where to Look for Window Dressings for your Home

Window dressings add a little flair to your household. Even though you may consider only its function, this item actually becomes an additional décor to your home. A lot of nice households have at least one grand window dressing that they use for special occasions such as birthday celebrations or holidays. If you don’t have […]

Best Ideas For Creative and Stylish Curtains and Draperies

You may be thinking of decorating your home interior soon. This will challenge your creativity when you try to make everything look unique and elegant. One of the major parts of your home that can enhance the overall ambiance of your residence is the window. You should focus on the details of what type of […]

Curtain Ideas: in 5 Easy Ways!

Curtains and drapes are considered an integral part of your home décor. You don’t need to be costly just to have an elegant and attractive curtain that fit to your window treatment. All you have to do is be creative and resourceful! In choosing the right curtains to your windows, it is best to remember […]

9 No-Fuss Tie Up our Curtains Ideas

If we already have a good view from our window, we could also wish that we have our curtains and draperies frame the scene, rather than covering it up with a soft veiling or even hiding it completely. We might also wish to have a proper knowledge on making tie backs for curtains. A lot […]

10 Curtain Sewing for Starters Flaws Exposed

Sewing curtains can be really confusing, especially when you have no idea how to do it or if you are a beginner in this area. Since there are different designs; techniques and materials for today’s curtain decorations which can make you feel overwhelmed and perhaps you may consider it really hard to do. But this […]

A good fabric is what you would need to make your own curtain

Traditionally, curtains are connected to windows via curtain rods, in which the fabric is actually threaded onto the rod, giving it stability and to fix the curtain properly in place. Several alternatives however, have already been developed apart form this technique. One such example is by using clips and rings, instead of actually threading the […]

Easy and Trendy Tips on Selecting the Right Window Covering

When it comes to selecting the right window covering we tend to get confused on the type and style of covering to be used. With the various options like horizontal and vertical blinds, rollers or shutters and many such varied ranges you need some tips to make a clear cut decision on the choice of […]

Innovative and Exclusive Curtains and Window Coverings

After decorating the room do you still find something missing? Then adding new colourful curtains and window coverings will do the trick. You will find the entire change in the appearance of the room with fresh and cool curtains adorning the windows. These are actually the most economical way to spruce up your room; and […]

Add Cool Bamboo Curtains to Deck up Your Living Space

Many times, especially in houses decorated with a minimalist style, the environment feels very monotonous or lacking in life; so much white color may remind more of a hospital room than a cozy room. Therefore, a great alternative to deal with it and create a radical change, are the bamboo curtains. Its ability to add […]

Add Glamour to Your Home with Dazzling Blinds

Getting a chance to embellish your interiors is a very fulfilling task and most people find it exhilarating but at the same time it is a very tiring work as you have to look into various aspects of the house to be decorated, like the walls, the rooms, beddings and what type of curtains and […]

Bamboo Window Blinds – For Natural Style and Elegance

Bamboo window blinds are traditionally used on Asian style, especially on the Japanese decoration . In time these bamboo window blinds gained popularity and today it is one of the most preferred accessories for home décor. The origin of bamboo window blinds is man’s inherent desire to make his home blend with his natural surroundings. […]

Exclusive 1950’s interior design curtains Blueprint

There are those who live in the past and as many as those who would like to live in the past. We in Decorating Visita Casas belong to the second group. So we use the curtains and the interior design to bring a piece of that magic 1950 to this modern era of science and […]