Ways to Create a Bedroom for Three Kids

It’s nice to have a big family, but you must always think of their welfare and how to make them comfortable in every aspect of their life.

When you need to create a room for 3 kids, you should consider each of their preferences so that they can appreciate your effort even more.

When creating a bedroom for your kids you must consider enough space for them to move around the room. Make a roomy arrangement and stumble on a style that works for their personalities. If you only have 1 room for all your kids to share, you need to be very creative.

Get the Kids to Help

How can we make the room more attractive and engaging for children? We need to find a way to appeal to their interests, desires, and needs. If you know your child, then the best approach is to simply ask them what they want their room to look like.

The next tip is to ask your children how they want their bedroom to be, and then design their room in accordance with their answers. Children are naturally creative and don’t always know what they want, so it’s always a good idea to let them lead the design.

Ask questions like: What colors would you like to use? Are there any activities or toys that you really want to have in your room? These questions will help you get a clearer picture of how your child would like the room to look.

A good idea is to have children discover what things they have in common, such as a color. Since, if you discover that they have things in common, you can use it for decoration. For example, if your children all like the color blue, blue may be a good option to paint the wall of the room. The color is also easy to find and buy. If you have different children in the family, you can use this method as a guide for decorating. 

Another tip is to use fun decorations. The best decorations are those that are fun and bright. You can use toys, pictures, or any other objects that your children are interested in.

You can also use these items as a way of teaching your children about colors and designs. Your children will enjoy the fun and bright decorations in their room.

The next tip is to make the room more comfortable and inviting for your child. Make sure that there are enough toys and activities to keep them busy. If your child loves to read, then they will be happier if there are books and other reading materials available in the room. If they are a sports fan, then you can buy a TV set or a gaming console. If they love music, then you can add a guitar or any other instruments to the room.

Finally, it’s important to make the room appealing and interesting for children. You can use themes and designs that relate to their interests. You can also use different colors to enhance the look of the room.

Individuality is important

If your children share a room, when decorating individuality is very important. Decorating a room is a time when you can express yourself and make it reflect who you are.

A pinch of individuality is essential when your children share a room. Therefore, a good idea is to decorate with letters. You can draw on the bed of each of your children, their name. This is essential, as this will make the room have something particular to each of your children.

This is about our children’s individuality and creativity. When you have kids in the same room, it can be difficult to determine what is theirs and what belongs to everyone else.

When this happens, you have to be careful that you don’t unintentionally “take over” the creative space of your child. You have to take the time to respect your kids individuality and let them enjoy their space in the room

In addition, it is very important to take into account the needs of each of your children when decorating their room. You don't want to end up with a room that looks great for one child, but not another

This is why when looking for different colors and themes for each child's room, be sure to choose something that works for all of them.


Creating a safe and fun environment for your child is very important. You need to provide them with the things that they need to be happy and comfortable in the room.

These tips will help you create a welcoming room for your kids. Remember to take into consideration what your kids likes, and try to make the room as appealing and interesting as possible. 

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Water from well without treatment consists of dangerous chemical compounds

A recent study has found that drinking water with untreated chemicals poses a real risk to human health.

The problem is that the water coming out of your tap or well doesn't always look as pretty as it does in the bottle. In fact, the quality of the water you're drinking can be very poor. The contaminants in your water are dangerous and can even cause severe health problems. But if you have access to clean, fresh drinking water, you don't need to worry about any of this. All you have to do is get yourself a water purification system. You can find all kinds of ways to do it.

Many people are surprised when they hear that tap water can be dangerous.

Water from wells are free from chlorine but can still elevate some issues on water safety. Water from well without treatment consists of dangerous chemical compounds and bacteria producing the water’s bad odor. In addition, this may also make your family sick. When you get your water from wells, you may begin wondering about the entire house well filter systems.

The risks of consuming contaminated water

Water is essential to our existence, yet we all know we can get sick from drinking contaminated water. According to the World Health Organization, drinking contaminated water is a major risk factor for diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis. 

The symptoms of consuming contaminated water are:

  1. Diarrhea,
  2. Stomach pains
  3. Vomiting
  4. Dizziness
  5. Headaches
  6. Abdominal pain

 The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends against consuming tap water as a means of obtaining essential nutrients, as it’s been shown to be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises against drinking unfiltered water because it’s the source of more than 90 percent of the harmful microbes found in public water supplies. They also recommend boiling water for at least five minutes to kill off the germs.

The solution: water purifiers

They can be very important for removing impurities and other contaminants in your water. As far as tap water goes, you will need to know what you are looking for when it comes to finding the right water filter. If you want to get a full well filter system, you should be looking for one that is safe, reliable and easy to use.

Once you start using household water purifiers, it will be much easier for you to gain knowledge of things like:

• Filter over 500 hazardous contaminants from water sources such as mercury, arsenic, chlorine, lead, and various bacteria.

• Take care of the safety of your family from getting sick from water contaminants, such as chemicals and bacteria.

• Your loved ones will not acquire or suffer impairment in physical and mental development due to lead toxicity from your home water sources.

• You will be adopting a product to protect yourself and your family from cancer, heart disease and gastrointestinal diseases, in which death could occur, as evidenced by minerals, heavy metals and bacteria present in the sources of water.

• Water purifiers remove chemicals and drugs that are in your home and that are also present in your water sources.

Most of these filters are safe for the environment and you can keep them out of sight. These filters are the best because they are very effective at getting rid of all the contaminants in your water. You can also find filters that are good for households and even for commercial uses.

There are many people who are happy with the type of filter system that they have. You should try to get as much information as you can about the water filters available. When you do this, you will be able to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. It is important to know that there are many different types of well filter systems available on the market today. Well filters come in many different shapes and sizes. You may be able to get a full system or a standalone filter for your well. This depends on what you are looking for and how much space you have available.


Water from wells without treatment consists of dangerous chemical compounds and bacteria producing the water’s bad odor. This can also make your family sick. If you want to get a full well filter system, you should be looking for one that is safe, reliable and easy to use. There are many different types of well filter systems available on the market today. You may be able to get a full system or a standalone filter for your well. ­­ ­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

The kind of solution you select will rely on the budget and level of protection you desire to install in your houses. Certain home water purifiers will assist you in learning which is appropriate for you and your family.

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Displaying Photographs | Decorating Visita Casas

At present, the culture of photography is something that has been much distorted. Although the photographs can be seen anywhere in the house; the portability of the devices with which you can take a photo, has made us stop appreciating them so much. Black and white photos nowadays are actually more expressive than those with superbly gorgeous colors. Displaying photographs for decorating is better than without a photograph without a frame.

It is true that the photo album is something beautiful that used to be in every house; however, today you may have some pictures in the cloud. If you love the pictures, you love to decorate and you want to explore a new horizon of possibilities with a minimalist, modern or vintage style you have arrived at the article indicated! Get comfortable and talk about the wonderful decorative photographs.

Displaying Photographs like a Designer

[one_half_first]Do you remember when the visitors came to the house and your grandmother or your mother were looking for your photo album to show the family story? How did we get from that to the cell phone? Photographs on the cell phone screen do not generate that level of privacy that physically achieves a photograph in front of us.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

However, it is not about returning to the age of the grandmothers and begin to fill an album every year again; is more about the artistic aspect and treasure the most shocking moments.

So, although the ideas that we are going to give you below are the techniques that we at Decorating Visita Casas use; do not let your creativity be limited by our vision. Use this article as inspiration, not as a set of rules to follow.

And we’ll start with grayscale photographs in a minimalist setting. For combining those elements; we have as a result the classic style, a way of displaying the photographs that transports us to an ancient time: that is why black and white photographs are used.

But there’s a lot more behind all of this, so we’d better look into it thoroughly, would you say?

The magic of black and white photographs

The artistic aspect of the black and white photographs is given because indirectly we associate them with an old event; beyond the inclusion of color in the screens.

However, when combined with the image quality offered by today’s lenses; we get amazing results that escape the imagination.

Another great detail of black and white photographs is that they are perfect for hiding imperfections. Many professional photographers use grayscale for those photographs in which design programs would ruin the concept of natural photography.

Instead of editing the imperfections, they cover them by removing the pigments; the defects of the skin do not disappear from view, but decrease considerably and a more “real” appearance is obtained.


A group of black and white photographs will always be a topic of conversation; Best of all is that you do not have to limit yourself to a single theme.

You can use photographs of many events with intimate approaches and not all have to be taken by you. But that is not the best part, the best begins when we combine everything with the minimalist style do you know how to do it?

Combining the minimalist style with photographs to create the classic style


The frame makes the photograph more attractive and attention calling; especially when the frame is elegantly stylish in appearance. It is way better when the photograph and the frame blend to give an explicit appearance for the people who look at them.

Photographs can be seen anywhere in the house. But mostly they are in the living room to be displayed and be seen by people. Some photographs are even placed in the bathroom for more life in that room. It is better to have a colored wall when decorating black and white photos with frame.

But the wall can still be in white and the frames come in black or vice versa. Although sometimes a white wall makes it seem dull. With this kind of technique; the photos you show will be more focused and given more attention by the people that sees them.

In decorating photographs it has the capability to be noticeable depends no more on its ability to speak to the person rather than on its own interesting appearance image.

Without a doubt, striking black and white photography does not draw out with its play of colors. At this point, secure attention to masterpiece, lighting, point of view and the context are important.

This is the kind of shot that you have when it comes to black and white frames and photographs.

And do not forget that the frames must be thin and instead of glass as a protector you can use acrylic; these elements are an essential part of the minimalist.

You can also complement the photo gallery display with LED lights dedicated to making them the center of attention.

The new place to place photos


Our clients often ask us what other place besides the living room and the wall of the stairs is good for putting pictures.

For now a tendency is emerging that seeks to somehow rescue or maintain the values: placing photographs in the children’s room.

The photos on Facebook or on the cell phone are not used to treasure the memories is something that you must understand; Do not let yourself be devoured by the technological age and do not let your children devour.

A photograph of when they went to the zoo or their birthdays are very special memories to have them in IG; Incorporating them into the decoration of their room makes them more than just souvenirs or trophies.

They are a window to the happiest moments of your life and something very intimate that only those people who have the privilege of entering your room will see.

You will put the first pieces of the collection, you will see how your child is responsible for making it grow.

Wallpapers photos?

Yes and No. It is circumstantial. Many times it is not only the photograph but the background in which they are placed.

When a long hallway in your house which, despite having decorative wall lamps and several photographs; Feels empty. Then the best solution may be wallpaper.

And when the wallpaper of a room seems to devour you or very overwhelming every time you walk next to it; then you may need photos.

It is necessary to compensate for the lack of simplicity or the excess of opulence. What scenario do you face in this situation?

I recommend that you use small pictures or simple resolution so you can rotate them easily without having to replace the frame.

And something that can help you a lot! Is to use portraits with long forms; Even if you put a small picture inside. The way the photographs are displayed can change completely when the frame also assumes part of the protagonist.

Chaos Organized


The way of distributing the frames does not always have to be the traditional one; Art evolves with us and all those inflexible norms now no longer exist.

The best way to organize your photo presentation is by cutting patterns with the shapes of the frames you will use.

Once you have all the pieces, which you can create using any type of paper and a scissors; then you can measure the wall or simply “arm the decor” superficially.

Imagine that you are going to build a wall with many bricks of different sizes and shapes so something much more fun awaits you when you decide to put together your own exhibition of photographs!


Take a Picture: Decorating with Photographs

How to Decorate with Photographs

5 Mistakes Your Making Decorating With Photography

Picture Perfect: Decorate With Black And White Photographs

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7 Ideas on how to add charm to your home

Do you need some ideas to add some charm to your home without leaving your budget? Did you just move and there is nothing in your new home? Do you want to transform your home into a home but just do not know how to do it?

It does not matter if all or at least one of those questions is identified with how you feel now; Creative and decorative ideas are always good.

That is why today, the team of Decorating Visita Casas; we bring you a lot of ideas for decoration that will make that space so empty you have, a warm corner and above all very yours.

Let’s do it!

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Prepare a space for a sewing machine and for a cutting table

Sewing is definitely one of the creative activities we love most in Decorating Visita Casas. A sewing machine next to a table to cut the patterns and go! You can say that you already have the ideal formula to start generating money.

In order to have the dreamed space, it is best to know what you want and how you want it. It seems easy but sometimes that is what complicates us most.

So here are some ideas of how much you could do to start your own sewing workshop at home and, of course. The 9 materials that cannot be missing when you start.

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Learn How to Arrange Decors Artistically and Make Decorative Framing

If you think your room is very bare and your room’s decor does not have the kind of arrangement that you would like it to have, then there are a lot of ways that can give you the change that you want in your room. With the use of artful arranging and decorative framing, see how your bare room can have a touch of art. Here are some tips that you can make use of for you to have that arrangement that would surely give your room a new look.

Decorative Framing
If you have hands made for painting and you have drawings that are hidden in your room with bare walls, this could be the perfect time for you to show those paintings off and give your room a new look. You can start by having your paintings framed or you can do the framing yourself. If ever you would decide to frame the paintings yourself, all you have to prepare is a picture frame, acid-free matte boards (2 for each picture frame), adhesive photo corners, rulers, fabric, framing tape, a knife, a pencil and a pair of scissors. These are materials that are readily available in craft shops out there and after gathering all the materials, you can start framing your own painting.

When doing the framing you can make use of your artistic talent to shape the frame the way you want it to look like. Add some decorative touches to make it look more elegant and would be nice to see hanging on your wall. Make sure to choose matte colors that would compliment the work of art that you have, as well as use acid-free materials and then select a frame that would be of same color as your artwork.

Artful Arranging
Now after framing, arranging your work of art would be the next step. You can make use of these tips so you can never go wrong in hanging those pieces of art that you have. Regardless of the height of your ceiling, make sure that you hang your piece of art at its focal point which is around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This will make your painting more noticeable. Make use of the free spaces on your walls wisely. Wall spaces may be interrupted by windows, furniture and doors, thus scaling your artwork in any space available would look better on your wall. Another option that you can have is to group your pictures with similar art or similar sizes of frames. This would make a great décor on your wall.

You can arrange your framed paintings while giving scale to the room. Say for example, multiple arts with small prints hung one on top of the other can be a perfect arrangement for a wall that is narrow while art works that have the horizontal composition may look good on a room’s circumference. Arrange the artworks that you have now, and you will not only show the talent that you have in artistry, you will also add great décor in the bare walls of your home.

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Decorating Your Table for an Easter Dinner

Are you planning to host a dinner party for Easter? This is an idea that you will surely love to have on how you can make your table preparation have that fun and fresh look. This is a cost-effective idea for you to have on how you can make your table setting have the spring feel using fresh springtime flowers.

Here are some ways on how you can add a touch of spring to your Easter dinner table that would help you save on decorations as well as time in making these decors.

Your Table Top With an Easter Design
On top of your table, you can place a cake stand or a glass pedestal at the center. Instead of candles, make use of flowers to fill a glass candle holder. Make use of freshly cut flowers such as roses or tulips. You can also make use of silverware to add some shimmer to your table. The fun part is the mixing of colors on what you will be placing on the table, like the colors of the plates, the wine and water glasses, the salad plates and maybe even cards with a tulip design that your visitors can bring home as a souvenir. You can also add colored eggs to give it the Easter feel.

A Meadow at the Table
You can actually create a blooming meadow scene inside your home by designing your tabletop this way. You can make use of this design with an urn or container. You can make use of your available green grass for you to fill in the container that you will be using. Choose a container that is at least 4 inches deep with a tray or a cover at the bottom so that the water will not leak as you place this on your table top. Fill your container with potting soil, and then add the grass seeds that you will use. Sprinkle it with potting soil and regularly water the seeds. This makes your indoor lawn. Now creating your meadow is next. You can now cut spring-bloom bulbs of flowers that you have or you can purchase them at local floral stores. In your container, you can now dig small holes where you can place the blooms. Then place on your table top for a lovely centerpiece. This is now décor that you can place on your table top to announce the coming of spring.

There are a lot of ideas that you can use to design your table top thus giving it a spring feel when celebrating Easter with family and friends. These are just some of the treatments that you can give your table so that you can enjoy the spring feel inside the comfort of your own home. This is an idea that will give your table that fun and fresh feel during an Easter dinner.

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How to Familiarize the Art of Decorating for the Holidays

A lot of us are wondering on how and what are the things that we should do and buy to be able to have great art décor in our house for the coming holiday season. It is true that mastering the art of holiday décor is a bit harder to do than most other things, but then, the eagerness inside of us and the willingness to learn this stuff will make it all easier and more possible for us to do it. So, what are the things that we should know before we start decorating our home? First and foremost, we should first be able to distinguish which type of design and decoration or theme that we would like to see in our home. This is where the tablescape, the color scheme, and a lot more other factors are being considered. Now let us discuss some of the common factors that we should have to be able to achieve and the most beautiful decoration possible for the holidays inside our home. Like for instance, we should always consider the tablescapes, mainly because this also serves as our main attraction.

This is the very first thing that our guests notice because this is where everyone is going to sit down and have a great meal. Of course this must be well coordinated with the other decorations that we are going to use in our entire home, and this is where the color scheme enters. And let us not forget, if we really wanted to have a great decoration for our home we should always bring out the creativeness inside us for us to be able to execute even the smallest detail of the kind of décor that we want our house to possess. Being creative enough as well as by simply having the will to do it will surely help would-be decorators a lot, most especially in terms of saving a huge amount of money. This is one of the main reasons why self-decorating one’s home is better than hiring someone else to do the holiday decoration for us.

Truly, developing the art of holiday décor is a very fun thing to do, most especially if you have your loved ones by your side helping you in everything that you are doing. What’s more is that mastering the art of holiday décor could actually give us the opportunity to earn extra income during the season while decorating someone else’s house and enjoying it. So, stop waiting around and wasting your time looking for someone to hire to do the decorating for you. Let us all bring out the creativeness inside us, practice, and plan ahead on what are the things that we should do and consider for us to be able to achieve the design, theme, and style that we want our home to have for the holiday season.

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Amazing Decorating Ideas for your Entry Way

Your house says a lot about you. The way you represent your house reflects the person that you are. If your home is dirty and cluttered all the time, chances are, people will have the impression that you are not particular with cleanliness. But if your house is well decorated, it would only show that you give value to your own well being and to the improvement of your home. Hence, take into consideration your entry way in designing your house.

The first thing that people see is the entrance to your home leading to your receiving area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an impact to your visitors at the mere entrance of your home? Of course, you don’t need to have expensive and elaborate easy entryway decorating ideas. Simple decorating ideas can actually give a good impression on your visitors. You could work on classic designs or you may choose based on the season or holidays perhaps. Here are some suggestions.

• Let us start at your door. It is easy to decorate it if there are occasions such as holidays or New Year. However, during ordinary days, think of some décor that are subtle but elegant as well. You could use a flat angel figurine to hang on your door or if you are big on chimes, you could choose to hang a good wind chime on your door. You could also have a door screen. You could even have side curtains if your door is large such as two-paneled doors.
• There are houses that have a narrow path towards the receiving area. You could choose to place live plants on a pot or other designs. Make sure that the hallway is well lighted so that your guests would see these live plants. Also make sure that the plants are well maintained by placing them on sunlight at least a few hours a day. You could even buy synthetic plants if you want them to be low maintenance.
• If the hallway is too narrow that placing potted live plants is not feasible, then you could just place paintings or wall pictures on the wall. Avoid placing decors on the floor because people trip over these decors. Lighting is also important especially that the hallway is too narrow.

• If your path towards the reception area is large enough to placed intricate decors, then you could place vases or ceramics towards the reception area. You could also infuse easy entryway decorating ideas that come into your mind. All you need is creativity and imagination in coming up with these easy entryway decorating ideas.
• Of course, if there are holidays, you could use this as a theme for your entryway decors. A dancing Santa Claus or plastic reindeers would work wonders for your home as it implies a festive mood.
• Work on your visions as to how you see the design. These are mere suggestions and if you have more ideas, you could work on it. You would see that yours is unique once you done with the decorating.

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Different Home Design Ideas for Unique Wall Paneling Treatments

The most commonly known home decor for some high end family is the wall paneling. This is the main reason why they have a lot of different design ideas of unique wall paneling treatments for their home. It is true that wall paneling is very expensive; aside from that, it is a very daunting job to do by ourselves. But then, here are four of the great tips that we could follow to be able to do it by ourselves without feeling any hassle at all.

• The first one is by simply using a fabric. This is one of the great materials which can be used in wall paneling. The simplest way that we can do to install our fabric in panels is by simply purchasing some thin foam insulation boards. We could then cut it with our desired size and then wrap it with our chosen fabric. And once that we’re already done with our panels, we could simply attach it into our walls with the use of a double stick foam tape. This will surely be easily removed and change its fabric on the panel when we wanted too.
• The second one is by simple using textured wallpaper which is nowadays available all over the markets around us. The textured wallpaper pattern has a lot of different styles which are reminiscent of some tin ceiling tiles and as well as some molded plaster. For us to be able to make it look like a molded plaster or a real wood, we have to install it in between the two strips of our molding or even just beneath our chair rail.
• The third one is by simply using some bamboo. The bamboo reeds are being considered by a lot of us as a very highly versatile material which are also a replenishable wood material. These are also the ones which are very ideal to be used in creative paneling treatment.

• The fourth and last one is by the use of a faux painting. This painting has become the finishing of our wall which is commonly being chosen for the last decades. This is a very inexpensive way to panel our walls as well as it is also being advisable for a do-it-yourself house painting. We just have to have the correct tools to be used and we have to be knowledgeable on how to paint.

There are a lot of different design ideas of unique wall paneling treatments which can be used by a lot of us. We just have to know first what we really wanted our house to achieve to be able to know which design will suit our taste and our needs.

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Get the Most Out of Inspiration

How can we find inspiration? Is it really necessary for us to have it? Each and every one of us is a born artist in our own way. And yes, inspiration has a vital role in our lives. Inspiration is an unconscious burst of creativity and is likewise deemed as a gift of God. It is a somehow magical or even divine state that is then shaped into words and actions in a person’s conscious being. Inspiration is an important thing for an artist to have because it serves as the motivation or driving force for them to finish what he/she is doing.

We all have experienced hard times of finding inspiration in original art. There are times when we can easily do art and times when we can’t. Sometimes our minds are totally blocked and we think that we can`t do anything about it. But hey! There are things that we can do to fight back. Inspiration is everywhere!

Here are some tips that are useful to know when you are finding inspiration in art:
a. Start your day with a smile and happy thoughts; do not allow obstacles to defeat you.
b. Go out and relax find a place where you can enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery.
It may help you fight stress and pressure from work.
c. Read other informational books. It can be a good source of new ideas.

d. Think of other things that can be a help to people close to your heart.
Good deeds can also be a form of managing stress, it may give you satisfaction.
e. Think of good thoughts. It is how you look positively about everything.

If you feel food on the inside it will radiate and reflect through the outside.

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Creating a Craft Room

You may have a spare room in your house that is left unused with piles of junk inside it. Don’t you think it is time to clean up the room and make the room functional and turn it into a room where you can let your creativity out? If you love doing crafts, then it is time that you make your very own craft room where you can keep the extra things that you used that can still be used for another craft.

Craft room

You can set up your very own craft room now with the use of the spare room that you have in your very own home, or you can make use of your basement or your garage. All you need to have is a table and a comfortable chair that you can use while working. You can choose a table that is already prefabricated with drink holders that is built in so that it can hold a glass of water used to wash the paint brushes off. Have a table that can be easily wiped off with a paint remover in case of spills. You would also need a table where you can do spray painting and where you can place crafts that are for drying. For convenience, you can use one long table for the said functions.
Tidy craft room

Another thing that you will need in your craft room is a large caddy that can hold brushes, adhesives, knives that you can place in one location so that you will not have a hard time in finding the things that you need. Then beside the table you will need to have a trash can that you can use for your wastes; this will give you a cleaner working area.

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DIY Ideas for Home Marble Tile Mosaics

Marble is known for its elegance as seen in various offices, public buildings and even homes. It exudes a feeling of security when it is incorporated into a structure, due to its inherent hardness. To use it at home for marble tile mosaics is a good idea to help remodel your house, in small or big ways.

Lay marble mosaic tiles in areas such as the patio, swimming pool, wine cellar, bathroom, dining room, deck, fireplace and kitchen. In the bathroom, marble tile mosaics can be applied to the commode tank lid, the mirror frame, sinks, walls, and shower floors. Kitchen countertops, table tops and backsplashes can also be decorated with this technique. Apply marble tile mosaics to showcase the family initial at the foot of your door or put marble tile mosaics over a part of the threshold on the inside of your home.

Marble mosaic

Before incorporating marble tile mosaics on a large or small scale with a specific pattern in mind, use chalk or color pencils to mark the design onto the floor or small item while coloring the necessary areas. Use this as a sort of guide while mounting the marble tiles. Designs can range from the simple stripes and shapes (e.g. hearts, diamonds, circles, squares) to whole pictures, flowers, animals and sea creatures. For the less gifted with drawing, you can make use of stencils to put down the design you want to mosaic.

There are many small projects you can apply mosaic marble tiles to. Vases can be decorate with tiles in different patterns the same way as stone benches can. For great table and living room lamps, use mosaic marble tiles to add designs to their bases. Picture frames can be decorated with tiles as long as they match the other colors in the room they are placed in. A big plate that has a marble tile mosaic will make a great centerpiece for a table.

Green marble mosaic tile

For a unique container, take a sturdy plastic bottle with a wide mouth and apply marble tile mosaic designs on it. Tile a platter with a marble mosaic and set it down on the center table in the living room to hold the TV remote control and magazines. Cabinet doors can be tiled for a quaint, whimsical effect. Your bed’s headboard or footboard can also be tiled with a mosaic design. Tile the exterior of your book shelf or even the frame of your closet door. Outside, set up two potted plants that have been placed in plastic pots that have been tiled with marble mosaic. Take your imagination higher and find other things to decorate with marble tile mosaics!

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Tips and Tricks to your own Wet Bar

Having a wet bar at your home is a means to a revolutionary dining experience packed with entertainment to you and your visitors as you now have access to your foods and drinks just as you are also enabled to clean up once you feel like doing so through the incorporated sink with running water.

A typical basement wet bar is comprised of a bar top, storage areas, seating, and other fixtures for display. Now, as you combine these, along with, say, a refrigerator, and other useful kitchen equipments to be able to prepare drinks and food, you will certainly be amazed at how multi-functional and convenient your wet bar can be. This will also delight your guests as they will now get to experience dining and drinking in a fabulous way.

Circular wet bar

Now for the bar top, you may use stone, wood, tile, or any material that is being utilized for countertops. It is oftentimes shaped like an “L,” in a straight figure, or semi-circular. Also, as you are planning for its size, do consider that it doesn’t take much room, but will still be making space for placing drinks, seating, and other forms of entertainment. Having a sink or fountain may also suit your liking, and moreover can serve as your seating too. Next, for the seating, you may want it to be in a particular style. Some suggestions include swiveling, moving, and even those that have footrests with them. Would you want chairs that are in the form of bar stools, bar chairs, or a simple stool? It’s all up to you.

As for the displays, take into consideration where you want your serving ware to be stored. They may be placed under or at the back of the bar. You may also put picture frames, a mirror, and other signs too. With regards your storage facilities (mini refrigerator, wine cooler, small dishwasher, etc.), try to think about how much storing space you might need. Most likely, children’s beverages and other handy drinks can be placed in the mini containers, while those that need larger facilities can be placed in a separate larger area.

Simple wet Bar

Furthermore, if you desire applying a certain theme for your wet bar, also plan ahead, imagining what materials are to be used and even researching for sample themes. For instance, if you want to have a wet bar that portrays the 1950s, try adding a rootbeer fountain, a storage area for ice cream and other delights, black and white checkered stools topped with countertops made of stainless steel. For a classic look, try combining soft colors and delicate pieces, along with your own China tea set, and glass ornaments. Meanwhile, if you like to go contemporary, you would want to have bold and bright-colored fixtures. Nevertheless, whatever style your wet bar might be, as you combine those elements together with your own ‘brand’ of style, it will be definitely be in the groove.

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Using Coat Racks to Decorate Vintage Clothing

If you think that coat racks can be used only to hang coats and hats, then think again. With little imagination you can transform an ordinary coat rack into an object of art. In fact they provide a perfect opportunity to showcase you decorating skills.

Displaying vintage clothing on coat racks is one of the best decorating ideas. If you have wall mounted coat racks then they will work perfectly to display your vintage scarves, bonnets or hats. Shawls, gowns and cloaks will look better on a floor mounted coat rack. If you are about to purchase a coat rack for decorating purposes then look for quality and materials that will blend well with your home décor. Pinching your purse to choose a generic coat rack will not give you the desired effect.

For wall-mounted coat racks, solid hardwood is best and for a floor-standing coat rack wrought iron, bent wood or brass can give a classy look. You can even choose coat racks with decorative paintings to add to your accent.

Wooden coat rack

Adding an etched mirror to your wall-mounted coat rack will serve to add beauty as well as please you guests by giving them an opportunity to check their appearance while coming in or going out. Or you can add a plate rack on top to display your decorative plates or other collectibles.

If you are wondering where to find vintage clothing, then check out estate sales or a store that specializes in vintage clothing. Even second-hand stores collect these items and you can get them for a bargain. If your budget doesn’t include the real thing then an imitation vintage clothing store will work out just as good as the real stuff.

You can also look out for merchants who supply vintage reproduction clothing to living history events like the Renaissance festivals or Civil War Re-enactments. An easy way to find them is to look them up in the internet. Though these reproduction clothing can look quite real they will also put a big dent in your purse.
While choosing vintage hats and bonnets, instead of sticking to one single era, choosing hats from different eras with different styles will add flavour to your accent. Also, adding a vintage cane or a colourful umbrella along with the hats and bonnets will be a nice contrast. Instead of choosing formal or new looking hats, hats that have a well-worn look but unique in style will be very effective.

Original Iron coat rack

Similarly, for a floor-standing coat rack you can include a bright shawl amongst dark and stylish formal wear. You can also throw in a vintage hand bag or lingerie to the mix. Instead of hanging gowns perfectly, just throw them casually to give an asymmetrical look.

The possibilities are endless. With a little imagination and creativity you can give the coat rack a stunning make over. See that you use an excellent quality coat rack to show case the vintage clothing or any other decorative items (as decorative pieces of glass or sticker decors) of your choice.

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Some decorative ceiling tips

It is true that the ceiling is an essential component in creating an overall presentation and look and feel of the house. For so many years, people have believed in the rule of thumb—use white ceilings to make your room appear spacious and comfortable. As people in the 21st century started building homes with a modern look and feel, the need for a ceiling makeover became more than just a trend, but a necessity!

It’s time for the perfect ceiling fix! Decorative ceiling is the way to go to get that modern look and feel that you’ve been dreaming of for your dream house. There are numerous ceiling decorations you can choose from: paints, lighting fixtures, murals, ceiling panels, wall papers, etc. But it is a challenge to choose the best ceiling decoration to go with your walls—that is the main key. Your ceiling should match the walls of your house.

Best decorative ceiling

Here are some things to take note of when you’re doing a ceiling makeover:
• Choose the right paint color. If your house has a high ceiling, then you are in luck. High ceilings give you an advantage to play around with colors more easily as opposed to a low ceiling because adding color to a high ceiling is a great way to add a comfortable feeling to the room rather than an imposing feeling. Colored ceilings can make a bedroom more intimate or a library look warmer. If you painted your library walls green, choose a lighter color for your ceiling like tan or ivory. In this way, your ceiling won’t stick out in a very unfashionable way; having a white ceiling to go with green walls can really be shocking. On the other hand, playing around with the colors when doing your ceilings can give you a lot of options in terms of the colors that you can use with your walls. In the end, white ceilings can be limiting!

You can also paint your walls with murals or make use of non-solid colors. You can paint a clear blue sky in your wall or grass if you want to spruce up your children’s rooms. You can also use wallpapers of the color of your choice on your ceilings.

• Light fixtures. Light fixtures come in different shapes and forms like chandeliers or ceiling fans. Light fixtures can also come with accessories such as a ceiling medallion which is becoming more popular nowadays. Choosing the light fixture depends on the style that you want. Whether you want a classic look or a modern look, there is a wide assortment of light fixtures you can find in furniture shops and malls. For a classic look, you can buy a vintage-inspired light fixture to go with your ceiling.

• Decorative ceiling panels. Ceiling panel is becoming a trend nowadays. Ceilings panels not only decorate your ceilings but can give added insulation to your house. Insulating your ceiling is a great way to keep the room cozy because it keeps the air from escaping your roof. Ceiling panels can also give sound protection and acoustics to a room. If you want to minimize the noise coming in to your child’s room, you can use ceiling panels to deaden the noise. Some ceiling panels are metallic colored and some are paintable so you have room to experiment with the color.

Decorative ceiling for homes

• LED light display. Putting a LED light display in your ceiling is expensive, but worth it. It is a good way to amuse your guests or create a certain emotion in the room. LED displays can depict the outer space, or stars, or sky.

There are so many things that you can do with your walls. Who would’ve thought that ceilings can be fun to work with anyway?

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Low income home decoration improvement

Mostly of us loves watching television shows and when we see shows that miraculously transforms homes into something beautiful and being transformed by experts and amateurs in doing it yourself. We tend to think if it is that easy to do it by ourselves? Does this renovation need to use a lot of money? It has always been good to save money with a low income home decoration improvement. By doing so, you can create an increased asset value in your very own home. Without a doubt you will still have some money left for yourself from the renovation.

Home decoration improvement

The pick of home improvement and home decorating supplies depends on observations, insights, value , ideas and cost. There are a lot of good reasons in wishing to redecorate your homes. If the house your living in is no better in reflecting you changing tastes and way of life but not wanting to leave such a pleasing neighborhood, then all you need to act on is transforming your old house into a new one. Country style or asian style could be a good beginning. Finding a new house would give you more expenses. No matter what your reason for renovating your house, you can make a list of the things you would want to happen. Then when your list is already done, you should budget the amount of money you have on hand. If hiring someone is too much of an expense then you can do it yourself, of course with the knowledge of doing so. These factors should be taken into action to have a low income home decoration.

The cheapest and inexpensive decorating idea you can do is to clean your home. You will need to clean all surfaces in and out of the house. There are special cleaners for different surfaces of the house. You can also buy something else that can get rid of molds in the house. There are different cleaners for just about every material and also for solving nearly every cleaning problem. You have to make sure that the rooms are well ventilated every time you are cleaning then carefully follow instructions and try to put on gloves and a mask. Changing the theme of your house, renovating a room into something new or even improving your kitchen and bathroom are sensible low income decoration improvement that actually pays off. You can sell those old things for new things to put. You can start by having a garage sale for a purpose to renovate your home.

Low income decoration

Painting the inside and outside of your house should be the next thing to do in your list. Brand new paint helps out to make your house looking clean and spacious. Whenever you are going to choose colors for the house, do not ever forget to do something impressive about that ordinary front door of yours. Have fun all the time in what you are doing. So go have fun and enjoy renovating you home for your own desires to be satisfied by your own work of art at your very own home.

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