How Georgian Architecture Became Popular In the United States

Georgian architecture dates back to the reign of George I, George II, George III, George IV and George V. Its popularity has replaced the Baroque architecture and became popular during late eighteenth century up to this date. Its common theme was named after the monarchy of succeeding rulers of George I to V.

Georgian architecture focuses on proportion and balance of the striking features. Specific mathematical calculations are used for the correct placements of windows and adornments for the buildings. Perfect symmetry serves as an important tool to come up with a traditional Georgian design. During the earlier period, Georgian architecture was considered plain and imperfect but is now appreciated by quite a lot of people. Most Georgian designs are inspired from Roman and Greek architecture and buildings mostly concreted out of stone or bricks.

In the United States, Georgian architecture is often combined with the neo-Palladian style along with the Federal style. It is frequently used by middle and upper class homes and can still be seen today in the U.S. Palladian tradition has powerfully influenced the Georgian period both in America and England. A classic English type of house was produced back then with standardized plans and materials. The common features of Georgian style is the use of red bricks, courses and cornices of white stone and white painted trimmings of woodworks. Some of the popular new types of public and governmental architectures that have Georgian architecture are the Queensberry House, the Old Admiralty, Whitehall and others that are often studied by modern architects. English prototypes closely resemble American buildings that are also designated with Georgian style.

The general characteristic of a structure with Georgian architecture is a simple 1-2 story box, 2 rooms deep, with symmetrical arrangements. It is usually made with a panel front door that is placed in the center, topped with rectangular windows, cornice embellished with moldings known as dentil work and multi pane windows that never go in pairs. The roof is typically side gabbled, Gambrel and Hipped. Chimneys are usually built at both sides of the home. A window is generally built in the middle of a portico which is in the middle of the roof while sash windows or dormer widows are placed in the upper floors. Nine to twelve panes of large windows are placed on the main floors. Common colors that are used are red, tan, or white, but the modern Georgian style of homes is now using more variety in terms of colors. Georgian styles were absorbed as architectural vernacular and later became part of training for architects, designers, and carpenters from Edinburgh to Maryland.

Colonial revival has saved the Georgian architecture in the United States. It became unpopular in the early decades of twentieth century. But thanks to the growing nostalgic sense of order, the Georgian style was revived, though there was a decline in popularity after the revolution.

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You’ll Never Get Lost with Floor Reading Maps!

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