How to Clean Cat Urine

Cats are lovable creatures that make faithful pets to a great number of people. Unfortunately, as many cat owners may already well know, cats tend to urinate in different areas of the house. While it is no real problem when a cat urinates on marbled, tiled or stone floors, it may become an issue when it urinates on a rug or carpet. If not treated properly, cat urine can permanently stain carpets or rugs, leaving incredibly unsightly marks and perhaps even persisting odours all over one’s house. If one wants to keep a pet cat around, it is necessary that one learns how to clean cat urine no matter how tiresome or difficult it may seem.


By following these easy-to-do steps, one will surely be able to overcome the problem of how to effectively do that. First, it is important to note that the longer cat urine has been on a surface, the more time it has to really soak in and create a permanent stain. Therefore, when one sees some cat urine on the floor, one must get to the task of cleaning it right away.

Before anything, one must soak up the liquid. Using some rags or paper towels, soak up the cat urine by placing them on top of the liquid and carefully pressing them down. In order to avoid the risk of letting the cat urine get on your hands or feet, use rubber gloves or slippers when doing this. The next step involves a good vinegar and water solution. Vinegar is a key ingredient here as it is an excellent natural solvent as well as bacteria killer. Three parts water to one part vinegar is usually an adequate ratio. Pour the solution on top the stained area and let it settle in for about 5 minutes.

Important note

When the vinegar and water solution has properly settled in, using a hard brush to scrub away at the area.

In order to get rid of the smell of the cat urine and the vinegar and water solution, some baking soda will come in handy. Sprinkle an ample amount on top the surface and let the odours be absorbed. After a good 20 to 30 minutes of waiting, pat the surface with a clean damp rag or paper towel then leave it to dry. If desired, an electric fan can be used to hasten the drying process.

Now one can easily and effectively clean urine off the rug or carpet. Regardless, one should know that the best way to keep a carpet or rug clean is to keep it completely urine free. If one can train one’s cat or other pets to urinate outside or in a litter box, it would save one a lot of time and effort.


1. It is highly recommended that you perform a small spot test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with the above recipe.

2. Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide that is higher in concentrate than 3%. Bleaching may occur on some carpets with a stronger solution. Read the label on the Hydrogen Peroxide carefully. The label will state the strength. Use only 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.

3. Pet Urine may alter the chemical nature of dyes in some carpets causing discoloration, bleaching or dye run.

Home made urine removers

• White vinegar is a time tried and proven ingredient that aids in removing both urine stains and the odour. Combine one part distilled white vinegar to two parts warm water to create a spray. Remove as much urine/spray as you can using a paper towels. Mist vinegar spray over areas of cat urine and rub with a paper towel. An alternative method is to mix the solution in a bucket and dip a clean cloth into the liquid. Rub the stain with the vinegar solution. After the vinegar dries, wipe away both solution and stain with warm water.

• Another simple to make spray uses 15 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of baking soda, and two squirts of liquid hand soap. Mix in a plastic container with a plastic spoon. Discard after use. Apply this solution to cat urine stains or odour areas, and then rinse away with warm water.

• Many cat owners and breeders use in Australia with great success is Bio-Zet, which is an enzymatic clothes laundry detergent. If you have washable cushions or the cat has urinated on your clothes this is a product you may want to try also.

Clean cat urine

1) Trying to remove the smell of Cat Urine from furniture and carpets can be difficult. Have you have tried most of the sprays and cleaning products you can buy in regular supermarkets and pet stores, but nothing seems to work? Let me show you a simple formula you can make at home for cleaning away cat urine odor and stains from your furniture and carpets.

2) I know what it’s like. You come home from work, open the door and the stale urine odor hits you in the face. I have had this problem in the past, but it was only a couple of days before I decided something had to be done. I wasn’t really worried about cleaning up the mess, I was more worried why my cat had started to pee on the furniture and carpet.
Severe cat urine cleaning
3) If you are looking for a simple formula you can make at home, which is safe and gets rid of cat pee odor and stains for good, then I have just the thing for you. This solution is well-known for getting rid of stains and odor on carpets, furniture and other fabrics. You only need a couple of household ingredients and an empty spray bottle.

4) You will need an equal solution of white vinegar and water, preferably warm. Mix the solution and add it to an empty and clean spray bottle for easy application. I would try using a small amount on an area of carpet or furniture which is not seen, to make sure it doesn’t affect it in any other way other than cleaning.

5) If the urine is fresh, try to soak up as much as you can using paper towels. It’s better to soak up as much as you can, otherwise you are simply spreading the cat urine over a larger area. When you have done this, spray the area in the Vinegar and Water solution and allow to soak in. Work into the affected area using a gentle brush or soft cloth.

6) When you have cleaned it thoroughly, allow to dry. Many people recommend to Vacuum dry, but I find this makes the Vacuum cleaner suck up some bad liquids and your machine may start to smell. Allow the area to air dry, and repeat a couple of times to get rid of the stain and smell once and for all.

7) When the area has dried, you can apply baking soda powder to the area, and brush using a gentle action. The baking powder is great at removing cat urine odor. You can simply vacuum away the powder, but make sure the area is completely dry before doing so. It may need a couple of treatments before the smell completely stops, but you will find this works better than anything you can buy in your local stores.

We have looked at what gets the smell of cat urine out of furniture and carpets, but it’s also important to look at why your cat is not peeing outside or in their cat litter tray. There can be many reasons for they are doing this, from health reasons to change of territory.

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