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How to stop kitchen chairs from scratching hardwood floors?

A scratch is typically a visible marking on your hardwood floor’s surface. Moving and dragging pieces of furniture across the floor are the reasons of hardwood floor scratches. A gouge, on the other hand, is much deeper than a scratch. The gouge is a “flesh wound” a hardwood floor could sustain. In addition, having these scratches is unavoidable. If you are looking for something that can protect the floor that already has scratches and gouges due to kitchen chairs, the following tips can give you the answers on how to stop kitchen chairs from scratching hardwood floors.

Kitchen wodden floor

• One of the easiest and simplest things you can do is to cover the bottom of the chair legs. On doing this, you will be able to make sure that the chairs do not scratch the hardwood floors. A strong pad for pins or pincushions is an example of a leg cover that you could use.

• If you cut the top of four pincushions, remove the artificial fiber used as filling for it and stitch the edges back together. By doing so, you are able to put them on the bottom of the chairs. Place the stretchy material next to the edge of the fabric to make it tight around the chair. You just need to stitch a small width of a piece of elastic around the top edge.

• Other things you can use to cover the bottom of the chair legs are hacky-sack balls, small doll pillows, or even tennis balls. You just have to cut a small portion of the top of these items, and then slide them into the chair legs.

• If you are a creative and crafty person, you can make your own chair leg covers. You just need to prepare a small piece of a heavy fabric like denim or faux fur. Start cutting them with 4 inches diameter circle. Take the circular fabric, hem it by folding the fabric under a quarter of an inch twice and stitch around the hem. Place an 8″ stretchy material strip next to the edge of the hem and stitch around it.

Diningroom set with chairs covers

Probably, you are trying to make the leg covers not noticeable and you think an elastic strip will stand out. Before sewing the hem, place the elastic next to the edge of the fabric. Slightly fold the fabric over the elastic. Stitching and hiding them with hem can prevent elastic from standing out; however, this process makes sewing more difficult. Placing chair leg covers are the best way on dealing with how to stop kitchen chairs from scratching hardwood floors. You can apply the given ways to avoidkitchen chairs from scratching hardwood floors. Start making chair leg covers to place over your chair legs and you just need to maintain the cleanliness of your floor to take good care of it.

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