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Remodeling with an Architect’s Aid: Is it ultimately Necessary?

Remodeling can be a very fun and rewarding activity, especially if it’s your first time; And especially if you are completely provided with all the guides and tips to completely help you all the way. One good addition to this fun experience is seeking an Architect’s Aid; because they can effectively help you in creating very accurate remodeling projects.

But are architects really that necessary in this thrilling experience? There are several factors that can determine whether you need an architect for your remodeling project, and these factors can also serve the pointers and ability meters for your own self as well. If you want to know when you should go to an architect and when not, then keep reading this article!

But First, What Does an Architect Really Give?

Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

[one_half_first]This question can be answered from two points of view, what does an architect provide at the conceptual level? What does an architect provide at a practical level? At Decorating Visita Casas, a long time ago when we were just starting out; we were fortunate that we were assigned a major restructuring project.[/one_half_first][one_half_last]


It was there when we realized that our team work, our hardware specifically; was not enough to handle the project more effectively.

Given this situation, we decided to use part of the budget in hiring an architect; it was there that we realized when we could go to him again and when not.

So let us tell you our experience and that way you can learn through what we had to overcome. And I must confess that this is one of my favorite ways of learning; through the mistakes and successes of another.

The Contribution of an Architect at Conceptual Level

Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

Do you have a similar experience in building remodeling projects?

If this is really your first time, a few “practice dummies” might be necessary for you to get the hang of doing this stuff; and would most likely require the help of an architect for you to be able to complete more complex projects at your current abilities.

If you have a natural inclination however, you may have to dump the idea of ??hiring an architect altogether; although practicing before doing the actual thing would still be necessary.

However, do you have a large-scale remodeling project to begin with or it’s small?

While an architect’s aid may be good for larger and more intricate remodeling projects; it certainly is a bit unsettling if you still hire an architect for a very small remodeling project.

Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

The truth is that the vision of an architect when it comes to large projects; is something that can simply be achieved not only through natural talent but training that talent!

But then we face a problem, will you agree that an architect design your space?

Architecture is a very subjective profession, which for some may seem art, for others it is simple rubbish. The professions where there are more enemies or conflicts of opinions are: architecture and engineering.

And if you have a clear vision of what you want, the best thing you can do is not hire an architect; the clash of opinions will be very strong. He will tell you what is best for your space and will tell you that you hired him to do what he knows how to do.

You will instead tell him that it is your house or space and that you hired him to do his work at your discretion. To avoid such situations, the best thing you can do is to seek advice from an architect. But do not pay an architect to organize, lead and carry out a project where you know how you want it to be exactly.

The Contribution of an Architect at a Practical Level

Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

Theory versus practice, vision versus execution. An architect is necessary for the good functioning of our society. Unique construction or remodeling projects will require the approval of an architect.

Also, let me ask you a question. Do you have a computer powerful enough for renders?

The tools of an architect’s work and his ability to design a project is not something that possesses or dominates.

When you hire an architect to do a specific job on a practical level, you simply do not have the tools to do it.

The question you need to ask yourself is, do I really need this blueprint and digitized project?

The execution of plans as well as other technical aspects such as the calculation of resistance of the materials and authorizations required by the bureaucracy; All this can be handled by an engineer.

That your project is designed and digitized is more an aesthetic aspect; Of course, you can never plan too much when it comes to something delicate like a large-scale remodeling.

In addition, there are aspects that only an architect can appreciate, and having the opinion of one is definitely a great plus.

An Architect at Decorating Visita Casas

Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

So we go back to the starting point where we tell you our experience with the architect. The interior decoration as well as the interior design is something that we have become experts. However, to be able to see approved at legal level the innovative “not to say strange” remodeling that comes to mind; we really need the intervention of the hand of an architect.

Carrying out project models as well as having the legal authority to approve and present them is something that only an architect can do; that is why, in Decorating Visita Casas we have the help of an architect and who today is a great friend.

Many projects of Decorating Visita Casas have been carried out thanks to his intervention. The management of interior design programs is something we all handle thanks to him; and so many other achievements we share with our architect in chief.

But, do you need to hire an architect for a remodel? The answer that we consider correct is: Yes. Even if it is to give your opinion even though you have already made your decision; having the words of an architect who evaluates from an objective and professional perspective a project is something that will enrich your final work.

Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

Architects are able to point out points in remodels that engineers cannot. Being a profession so linked to interior design; an architect will be able to indicate precisely where a window should be located without affecting the stability of the new construction.

Our advice is: practice tolerance and be patient. Do not hire an architect to carry out your vision, hire him/her to ask the following questions:

What is wrong with my vision?

How would you do it?


Architect’s Aid
Architect’s Aid

Listening to your answers to these three questions you can, in a healthy way; Reconsider if your remodeling project deserves or is not worth being discarded or leave it in the hands of someone else.

Remember, you hire a professional for the knowledge you have and for those concepts that dominates and you do not.


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