The Stream of Life’s Essence: Balancing Chi Energy in your Home

Chi energy, pronounced as khi energy, is one of the fundamental active principles that form a part of every living thing. It is what the feng shui discusses as “energy” or “energy flow”. Chi energy may of positive or negative attribute, and the maximum utilization of positive chi is the most fundamental principle of feng shui. Turning this positive energy or chi energy for homes may not be such a difficult task, provided that you can follow these certain procedures.

FengShui kitchen

It is traditional belief that chi energy scatters when carried by air and is collected when carried by water. You can basically start making chi energy circulate properly around your home by attracting them to enter through openings like windows and doors. This way, you are able to let chi energy flow naturally in the house and into the different rooms of your home.
Feng shui styled living

Control how the air flows around your house. For example, if you are using a fan at home, make sure that it is not set on a setting that is too high, as it can disrupt positive energy because of the random flow of air it produces. Position the fan so that it is now directly aimed at yourself, and provide a central air circulation system for your home. You should never let the air stay stagnant for a long time, as it can accumulate into negative energy through time.


balancing feng shui energy

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