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Painting a girl’s bedroom


I remember growing up and watching my mom completely transform the interior of a house just by slapping on some paint in all the right places. Although it’s not the easiest thing in the world, painting a girl’s room can give a million dollar transformation at an inexpensive price. It can be done by anyone who possesses a little patience and few simple tools that can be obtained at any hardware and paint store or department store. Before you begin your project of painting your daughter bedroom, there are a few things you will need to put on your shopping list:

* Glossy light colored paint for trim and doors.
* Wall paint mixed to your desired color.
* Screwdriver for removing all wall switch covers.
* Tape for protecting edges.
* Protective covering for the floor.
* A stick for stirring paint.
* Primer to help ensure paint adheres.

Some girls grow out of the girly pink phase sooner than others. You don’t have to force pastels on her, but you should insist on glossy light colors for the doors and trim. White or Creme is a happy median. Doors and Trim are generally glossy. It’s a good idea to coat these with a bonding primer to make sure your new application adheres to the existing painted surface. This is especially important when making a move from gloomy to bright coloring. Of course, is not the same that paint a wood furniture.

How to paint a girl's bedroom

Make sure your walls are clean and dry. Now that you have your supplies, you should start with taping off the areas around the trim and doors where they come in contact with the floor and ceiling. This will help keep the paint where it’s supposed to be. There’s no need to tape around to protect the walls, because you will be painting over the walls after a couple of days anyway. You may now begin priming the doors and trim. If the end result is going to be a drastic change, you may wish to give two coats of primer to make sure that the paint will cover and stick well. Be sure to allow your primer to dry for about five hours before giving an extra coat, or before starting to paint it.
A girl's bedroom painted

Once you’ve primed and painted the trim and doors, you may remove the protective tape. You should wait a few days for the doors and trim to dry before beginning the painting of the walls. This amount of drying is needed so that you may apply tape around the edging of the trim for protection when you’re painting the walls. If you put tape on the trim too soon, it may cause the new paint to peel away when the tape is lifted. So, be on the safe side, be patient, and allow for a good drying time.

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