Philips GC026/00: electric lint remover

If you are still using a hand-powered lint roller and wondering if there’s anything better out there, you might be surprised by the amazing results you can achieve.

I've never met a single person who likes lint. It's everywhere; on everything; and it is a constant annoyance. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is to pick it up and dispose of it. But this is one job that you’ll want to avoid doing yourself. You need to try an electric lint remover before you go any further.

A good lint remover is a must have for anyone. If you don't already have one, you need to try the GC026/00 electric lint remover from Philips

About this product

  • You can easily remove and empty the lint container
  • Cleaning brush helps to clean the appliance after use
  • This tool has three size holes for any size lint
  • The Blade is designed with up to 8800 rotations per minute
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • This device is made of plastic. In addition, it is very light, weighing 207 grams.
  • Do You Really Need an Electric Lint Remover?

    As you can imagine, lint isn’t something you want to leave hanging around. Lint can be a real hassle in your clothes, and most of us can't just throw our lint into the air and wish it away. So what's the best way to get rid of it? An electric lint remover, of course! These gadgets work by applying a very strong electric charge to the lint and then shaking it off. This makes it much easier to remove the lint from the clothes, and also keeps your clothes cleaner. 

    These days, we have a lot of options when it comes to choosing lint removers. The first thing to consider is the type of lint remover you are going to use. We highly recommend an electric one, especially the Philips GC026 / 00. This product has a large capacity, and works great for removing lint from your clothing.

    Buy one now! A good electric lint remover is ideal if you are looking to remove lint from your clothes, it will be the best option.

    They are designed to be very efficient and capable of removing that annoying lint from your clothes.

    Lint Remover Helps You Save Time And Money

    One of the easiest ways to reduce your laundry expenses is by purchasing an electric lint remover. This is an inexpensive, portable tool that helps you remove all lint from fabric quickly and efficiently. 

    These gadgets not only save time, but they also save money. When you think about the amount of money you spend on laundry supplies each month, it's surprising how much time you can save simply by using one of these instead of spending more time and money doing laundry by hand.

    Philips electric lint remove

    Philips electric lint remover

    In other words, one of the great benefits of this appliance is that you can save a lot of time by replacing the washing of your clothes by hand with this electric lint remover. In addition, many of these tools are designed to be used with both normal and delicate fabrics. This is ideal as it saves you a lot of time and money because you don't have to go through the hassle of ironing every time.

    Also, it is true that there are other ways of removing lint from fabric, but the truth is that this is probably one of the best ways to do so. Many of these other methods may actually damage your fabric.

    This is especially true when you consider the fact that some of the chemicals used in these methods can cause permanent damage to your clothing. You can use this lint remover by following the instructions that come with it. This will allow you to easily remove lint and dirt from your clothes in no time at all. 

    The results are dramatic

    In our minds, fluff doesn't exist, but it does. Lint is basically a buildup of dust and hair that has stuck to the surface of your clothing, but the more you wear, the harder it will be to remove. You don't see it until it starts to grow. The only way to remove it is by using an electric lint remover. These devices use a combination of heat and electricity to remove lint from fabric.

    What if you could wear your clothes cleaner than ever? That's the idea behind the American market for "lint removal." Lint, also known as dust, lint, and hair, clings to fabric and can make it look dirty and dirty. It is for this reason that I wanted to test this product. 

    After using it i found that a couple of days after using it, my clothes were noticeably cleaner and nicer.

    You can go through your clothes and clean up any little lint you find on the fibers. With this product, you will have the fastest, easiest and most effective method.

    All you have to do is turn it on, select the lint type, and wait. If you don't like the result, just change the settings and select another type of fluff.

    Which is better for your lint removal needs: an electric lint remover or a manual one?

    So, if you're planning to buy a new lint roller for your home, you may be wondering which one would be better: an electric lint roller or a manual lint roller?

    There is a common debate among fluff enthusiasts. It has to do with which tool is the most effective at removing lint from clothing. Electric lint removers are ideal for people who travel a lot, because they are easier to use and do not damage clothing. They are quiet, compact and cheap.

    Manuals are good too, but they don't remove lint as well as electrics. So if in doubt, we highly recommend an electric lint remover.

    So how do you remove lint effectively? We know that lint is detached from the surface of fabrics by static electricity. If you've ever rubbed your hand on a dry towel or rug, you've experienced this effect.

    Static charges build up on the surface of fabrics and lint is created when static is released. That's why the best way to remove lint is to charge static charges on your clothing with an electric lint remover.

    FAQs about the use of electric lint removers

    What do you think the biggest misconception about electric lint is?

    The biggest misconception is that it's expensive. I just picked up the Philips lint roller for $12,90 at Walmart and it works better than any of the lint rollers I have ever bought before.

    Why did you start using an electric lint remover? 

    I have always been very meticulous with clothes and would never leave them in bad condition. This is why I purchased this product, it makes my clothes look fresher and cleaner than ever.

    How often do you need to clean your electric lint remover?

    Once a month is enough for me, but some people can use it every day.

    What do you like most about electric lint remover?

    It is quick, easy to use, and it removes any type of lint from anything! It's an effective way to eliminate all types of lint from clothes.

    What does it do? 

    The electric lint remover is a small and compact device that removes lint from clothes very efficiently. It uses a special filter, which means it will only remove lint and dirt particles. 

    What is the most important factor to consider when choosing an electric lint remover? 

    The most important thing is that you find one that meets your needs. There are different types. Some are designed for carpets and some are designed for clothing. So be sure to buy the right one according to what you need.

    How long does it take? 

    It may take 3 to 4 minutes for your garment to be completely lint-free.

    Why are electric lint removers so important? 

    It is essential to have one of these since you must always keep your clothes clean. Not only will they make your garment look more pleasant and clean, but you will attract everyone's attention by having your clothes always impeccable.


    In conclusion, the main reason electric lint removal products have become so popular is that they are so effective, and can be easily purchased on Amazon or your local home improvement store.

    I personally have used this product many times to remove lint from my chothes, and it works great

    Electric lint removers work by applying a very strong electrical charge to the lint and then pulling it out. This makes it much easier to remove lint from clothes and also keeps clothes cleaner. The fluff is everywhere: it's a constant hassle. A good lint remover is ideal if you are looking to remove lint from your clothes. This is why if you are looking for a good lint remover, the Philips GC026 / 00 is the one.

    No more lint, ever.

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    All about the wind chimes

    When going to a house with wind chimes, you have probably heard the soothing and pleasing sound coming from the tinkling chimes, calming your mind. The sound of chimes is like the sound of whispering winds that penetrate your soul and give rejuvenating energy to your body. 

    These sound elements that come from wind chimes were originally popularized by the Asians. They said that the sounds drive away evil spirits and will help tone down the negative energies in the home. The relaxing sound of wind chimes is often produced by different materials that are designed to catch wind and produce sounds. Here are different examples of wind chimes.

    The benefits of having a wind chime in your house

    Having a wind chime in your house brings joy and relaxation. It's not just an accessory that you put on the tree or window; it has the ability to soothe and relax you at any time, day or night.

    Wind chimes are also known to be a very good investment for your home as they last long and make your house look more attractive. They can also be a great way to entertain your guests if you choose to hang them in your porch or balcony.

    Also, wind chimes are considered to be an excellent way to calm you down whenever you feel stressed. The sound of the wind chimes is soothing to your senses. You can even sleep better with wind chimes around because it will help you relax. 

    Your home will definitely look more attractive if you have wind chimes hanging on your home. It will look cleaner and tidier, especially if you put wind chimes in your front yard.

    Different types of wind chimes:

    1. Bamboo Wind Chime

    The bamboo wind chimes are popularly used in homes as of today. This natural material produces a hollow deep sound that relaxes the mind and the body. It may not be as durable as the metal wind chimes, but still it is said to bring good fortune.

    Bamboo wind chimes are often placed in the garden which makes it brittle and split due to the weather. However, many still prefer bamboo wind chimes because it is carefully handcrafted to refine its tune.

    2. Wooden Wind Chime

    Wooden wind chimes produce a more organic sound than bamboo chimes. This handcrafted piece of work is more expensive but you can actually make it yourself if you know something about woodworking.

    Wooden chimes are more durable and give off an unusually excellent sound. They are usually placed in a patio, in a yard or on a deck.

    3. Metal Wind Chime

    Metal wind chimes are considered as more popular mainly because they are very durable as well as tuned to specific delightful tones. These metal chimes can have various sounds that are tuned to a specific song or theme. Metal wind chimes are in tube-like shapes and are made of high quality metals.

    They produce a relaxing tone that soothes your mind and soul. These chimes come in different designs that you can choose from depending on your choice. It can be placed outside of the house and you never have to worry about the weather harming it. These metal chimes are long-lasting and hard-wearing since they are weather proof. To invite positive energy, these chimes should be placed in north, west or northwest area of your house, according to Asian belief.

    4. Solar Wind Chime

    Solar wind chimes are now popular among modern homes since they greatly enhance the beauty of interior decorations. It is designed to automatically produce sound once it is struck by sunlight. They come in different designs and play beautiful sounds like a song.

    These chimes are more attractive especially at night. Having lots of sunlight in your porch can make this chime begin to produce nice soothing sound which can soothe everyone’s nerves.

    Chimes are also used as doorbells, since plenty of people prefer its cooler sound when called by someone at the door.

    5. Glass wind chime 

    A glass wind chime is a musical instrument consisting of several thin, hollow glass tubes which are blown by a fan or stream of air, each tube being tuned to the same pitch.

    The sound is produced as the tubes resonate with one another. The design of the chimes can be varied according to the desired effect and the music that it produces. Glass wind chimes are most often used in combination with other instruments to produce an ensemble sound.

    Final words

    Overall, wind chimes may come in different sizes, designs, and shapes, but their unique charm and universal appeal is unmistakable. Make your home more peaceful. 

    Havind a wind chime in your house brings great fun to the family as well as peace and happiness to your house. It’s a beautiful piece of art with its lovely sound and unique design.

    Buy a set of wind chimes for your own place.

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    Water from well without treatment consists of dangerous chemical compounds

    A recent study has found that drinking water with untreated chemicals poses a real risk to human health.

    The problem is that the water coming out of your tap or well doesn't always look as pretty as it does in the bottle. In fact, the quality of the water you're drinking can be very poor. The contaminants in your water are dangerous and can even cause severe health problems. But if you have access to clean, fresh drinking water, you don't need to worry about any of this. All you have to do is get yourself a water purification system. You can find all kinds of ways to do it.

    Many people are surprised when they hear that tap water can be dangerous.

    Water from wells are free from chlorine but can still elevate some issues on water safety. Water from well without treatment consists of dangerous chemical compounds and bacteria producing the water’s bad odor. In addition, this may also make your family sick. When you get your water from wells, you may begin wondering about the entire house well filter systems.

    The risks of consuming contaminated water

    Water is essential to our existence, yet we all know we can get sick from drinking contaminated water. According to the World Health Organization, drinking contaminated water is a major risk factor for diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis. 

    The symptoms of consuming contaminated water are:

    1. Diarrhea,
    2. Stomach pains
    3. Vomiting
    4. Dizziness
    5. Headaches
    6. Abdominal pain

     The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends against consuming tap water as a means of obtaining essential nutrients, as it’s been shown to be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises against drinking unfiltered water because it’s the source of more than 90 percent of the harmful microbes found in public water supplies. They also recommend boiling water for at least five minutes to kill off the germs.

    The solution: water purifiers

    They can be very important for removing impurities and other contaminants in your water. As far as tap water goes, you will need to know what you are looking for when it comes to finding the right water filter. If you want to get a full well filter system, you should be looking for one that is safe, reliable and easy to use.

    Once you start using household water purifiers, it will be much easier for you to gain knowledge of things like:

    • Filter over 500 hazardous contaminants from water sources such as mercury, arsenic, chlorine, lead, and various bacteria.

    • Take care of the safety of your family from getting sick from water contaminants, such as chemicals and bacteria.

    • Your loved ones will not acquire or suffer impairment in physical and mental development due to lead toxicity from your home water sources.

    • You will be adopting a product to protect yourself and your family from cancer, heart disease and gastrointestinal diseases, in which death could occur, as evidenced by minerals, heavy metals and bacteria present in the sources of water.

    • Water purifiers remove chemicals and drugs that are in your home and that are also present in your water sources.

    Most of these filters are safe for the environment and you can keep them out of sight. These filters are the best because they are very effective at getting rid of all the contaminants in your water. You can also find filters that are good for households and even for commercial uses.

    There are many people who are happy with the type of filter system that they have. You should try to get as much information as you can about the water filters available. When you do this, you will be able to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. It is important to know that there are many different types of well filter systems available on the market today. Well filters come in many different shapes and sizes. You may be able to get a full system or a standalone filter for your well. This depends on what you are looking for and how much space you have available.


    Water from wells without treatment consists of dangerous chemical compounds and bacteria producing the water’s bad odor. This can also make your family sick. If you want to get a full well filter system, you should be looking for one that is safe, reliable and easy to use. There are many different types of well filter systems available on the market today. You may be able to get a full system or a standalone filter for your well. ­­ ­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

    The kind of solution you select will rely on the budget and level of protection you desire to install in your houses. Certain home water purifiers will assist you in learning which is appropriate for you and your family.

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    10 Benefits about Hoposo Muscular Massage Pistol

    In this article you will find information on various topics about the massage pistol and other articles related to it. In this article we offer many resources for anyone interested in learning more about the Hoposo massage pistol.

    What is a massage pistol?

    The muscular massage pistol is a tool used to apply massage on the muscle. This is an easy-to-use and lightweight device that has a very simple design. It can also be used as a part of massage therapy. You can get muscular massage by using a massager pistol. It is useful for people who have pain in the muscles or joints. Using it will give you good massage on your muscle, joints and tendons.

    What is a massage pistol for?

    Muscular massage is the most effective treatment for chronic pain. The massage pistols has been designed to relax muscles, reduce tension, and increase circulation. It can be used in a variety of settings, including spas, clinics, medical offices, and private homes. It can be used on either an individual or couple.

    Also, the muscle massager has a variety of uses, including relief from chronic pain, stress management, relaxation, and prevention of injury. It is also useful for maintaining muscle tone and preventing injury during exercise and sport activities.

    Why do we recommend this brand?

    • It is very easy to use and can be carried with you wherever you go. This rechargeable massager battery has a capacity of 2200mAh. The working time varies from 6 to 8 hours depending on the use mode. It lasts for 30 days with a daily use of 10 to 15 minutes. It comes with a high quality bag that can contain all accessories to keep everything organized. The batteries weigh only 1kg, so it is easy to carry with one hand.
    • HOPOSO massage pistol is a great relief for muscular pain and promotes blood circulation. This innovative tool releases tension by going deep into tissues where pain is located. It is strong enough to go deep into tissues where pain is located, and it will also release the stiffness you might feel. It is used during rest periods, and it helps in recovery from injury or muscle stiffness.
    • This device has a maximum speed of 4800 rpm and has six massage heads; The massage speeds have been increased so that you can adjust the speeds for a more comfortable and appropriate massage. This pistol also maxes out at 4800rpm and has six different heads that relax different parts of the body and provide specific treatment for each muscle group.
    • This is the quietest and easiest to use massage machine: it makes a little noise during the use, so you can set a silent mode when needed. It comes with a powerful motor without the whiskers integrated and noise reduction technology. The heat dissipation function can prolong the lifetime of the massage gun by cooling the system and avoiding overheating.
    • This massage pistol is great for athletes, therapists, and anyone who wants to give themselves a massage. Also this massage gun is loved by athletes, therapists, and all those who have tried it. It is a great success.

    I am a huge fan of this product. I think it's a great tool for both home and professional use. It has enough power to give a good massage, but it is not so powerful that you are going to hurt yourself or someone else. The best part is that it is very easy to use and it's very comfortable to hold. I bought this a while ago and I am still using it. I think it is the best massage tool I have ever used.

    Overall, I think it's a great massager that can help you relax after a long day at work. It has several settings and is very easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good massager. I highly recommend this product! 5.0 out of 5 stars, a must-have.

    Helpful tips

    1. The massagers that come in the box are the ones that are easy to use.

    2. You should keep your hands relaxed while using it.

    3. It's recommended that you use a high-quality, professional-grade pistol.

    4. You'll have to find a comfortable position and hold the pistol properly.

    5. You should use it for at least 5 minutes each day.

    6. If you're looking for a massage that feels better than a traditional massage, try it.

    7. Use the right amount of pressure. Too much pressure can cause injury to the body.

    8. You can also use it as a warm-up prior to a workout.

    There are myths about the use of muscular massage pistols?

    Next we will mention some myths about the use of these massagers, and we will comment on why they are not true.

    1. "The benefits of using a mechanical muscle massager is not proven". It is actually proven that massage improves circulation and also improves your immune system.

    2. "Muscle pain caused by muscle massage is a common complaint among men and women". Actually, muscular massage is beneficial for preventing or alleviating muscle pain. Massage causes muscles to stretch, which creates a feeling of being relaxed.

    3. "Massage with a massager is bad for the muscles". Massage helps to reduce stress and muscle aches. It has a great relaxing effect on the mind and body. The massaging therapy is very helpful for those who work in a stressful environment.

    4. "Massage will not help muscle injuries". A lot of people suffer from pain in their neck, shoulder and back which is caused by sitting at a computer all day. A massage is a great way to relax your body, relieve tension, ease stiffness and alleviate back pain.


    What are some benefits of using a muscle massager?

    Muscle massagers are great for relieving pain and soreness. The machine helps to strengthen the muscles and improve circulation. It also helps to relax, reduce stress and it's a little like a workout for your muscles.

    What's the biggest misconception about muscle massager?

    People think that you have to spend a lot of money on them, but they are actually very affordable. Another misconception is that they are just for muscle relief. They can really help with pain, but they are more for relaxation.

    How does it work?

    The massage machine uses a vibrating mechanism to stimulate muscles and increase blood flow.

    How many muscle massages do I need?

    You should start out by doing a few sessions a week and gradually work up to twice a week. Your body will adjust quickly to the new regimen.

    Is a massage good for all ages?

    Yes, a massage can help anyone. It's not just for athletes or people who exercise a lot. A massage is a great way to relax and reduce stress.

    Does it hurt?

    No, most people find that a massage feels great. It helps to improve blood circulation and increase lymphatic drainage.

    Are there any health risks? 

    There are no known risks.

    How long does it last? 

    A massage session lasts 30 minutes to an hour. After that time you can use your muscles again.

    Is it better than other treatments?

    Yes, it is better than most other treatments. You don't have to go to a spa or spend money on over-the-counter products.

    Do I need to take anything before or after a massage?

    You can use a muscle massager without any preparation. There are no harmful side effects. Some people use a muscle massager while they sleep.

    What is the best way to use a muscle massager? 

    Most people find that it's best to use them before going to bed or during the day when they have a bit of time to relax.

    How often should I use a muscle massager? 

    Use it as often as you can. The more you use it the more you will benefit.

    How many muscles does a muscle massager work on?

    It works on all muscles, but it's best for relieving pain in your back, neck and shoulders.


    HOPOSO massage pistol is a great relief for muscular pain and promotes blood circulation. It has a maximum speed of 4800 rpm and has six massage heads. The quietest and easiest to use massage machine. It is great for athletes, therapists, and anyone who wants to give themselves a massage. It is a great success, and it is a great investment.

    This muscle massager is ideal for relieving pain and pain. It also helps to relax, reduce stress and is a bit like muscle training. This machine uses a vibratory mechanism to stimulate muscles and increase blood flow. A massage session lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. After that time, you can use your muscles again. The more you use it, the more you will benefit.

    You'll be satisfied with this product because it's been an amazing success for users, they're very happy with the product.

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    How to Hang Pictures on Plastic Walls

    Photos are shot for a remembrance for all of us. We take photos so that in due time we tend to cherish the memories that took place. We laugh and cry at the pictures that we reminisce at. Remembering and missing the friends we used to hang out with and the fun that happens spontaneously in our lives. Photos are meant to be displayed and be seen by people.

    Decorating with photos on frames is like displaying your artwork on the wall. Camera work is a famous branch of art. An art which in you capture the most beautiful and breath taking scenes. As we can see, people love taking pictures of themselves and other people too. A person loves to take pictures of anything and absolutely anything. May it be hilarious or in formal ways just to have fun doing the poses for the camera.

    In the past, the only existing photos are black and white. But these days, colored pictures are now well-known. We see a lot of pictures on walls even on the internet. May it be colored or in black and white. Black and white pictures are coming back to way of life. Some people love to take it in the old fashion way. Portraits have continuously been in frames on walls. Some people even decorate their own frames for their photos. Frames are used to display the photographs that you have captured.

    How to hang a picture on walls made of plastic

    As you can see, using photos to decorate your home is widely used today, and it will also give your home a more welcoming look.

    Dying to hang your favorite picture or portrait of you on your wall but remembered that your wall is of plaster and you’re scared to have cracks or holes on it? Well then, today is your lucky day because we will give you tips on how to hang your pictures on plaster walls without chipping or crumbling it. We will not do the old style that we’ll just hammer the nail on the wall but instead, we’ll be doing simple and easy ways to hang up your pictures.

    Here are the following tips and instructions that you can do:

    • An old school style in hanging things on plaster is that heat first the nail that you will use. After heating, hammer it to the wall. It will easily and smoothly be pushed inside the wall without chipping it.
    • A very tricky thing that you can do is to use masking tape. Applying masking tape helps the plaster in order not to chip easily. Basically, it supports the plaster. In applying the tape, determine first where you will put the nail. After that, put masking tape on the position you chose.
    • Next thing that you need to find out is what kind of picture hangers that you should use. Read this carefully:

    If you’re going to hang up a small picture, use small picture hooks (adhesive-backed ones) with nails. The problem with small hooks is that it does have a high rate that it can still damage your walls but of course, you should be really careful in hammering it to the wall. We also recommend that you hammer it in an angle of 45 degrees for the best outcome.

    D.I.Y: Hang Pictures on Plaster walls

    The best way to make your house, condo, apartment or even one small place look great is to decorate it. Furniture gives a pleasant ambience as well as wall-hang pictures. If you want to add or hang picture or any small furniture into your wall, don’t ever think that hammer and nails are enough. You are definitely wrong. If you insist to use these materials, you can probably produce cracks or hole that is bigger than the diameter of the nail. Plastered walls usually have coating of lime putty mixed with Plaster of Paris. This kind of plaster mix can cover walls durably but it crumbles, ships and breaks off easily.

    Older days, houses were built with wood molding, also known as ‘picture rail’. Placing hooks at different locations into the picture rail is normal. Then, using wires, strings, etc. pictures or small piece of furniture were hung to the hooks. Through this way, no holes are made in the plaster walls.

    Presently, investigating the other hanger types that are available in the market is better than reaching hammer and nails. One of the various types of hanger is made of hard plastic materials which are available in different sizes. A heavy duty adhesive was built in its back which becomes sticky once it gets wet. Allow the adhesive to set in a couple of minutes then position the plastic hanger on the wall. Firmly press the adhesive against the wall and let it be undisturbed for a period of time. After giving enough time, hanger is ready to hold the thing you want to hang on it.

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    Using grapevine wreath as a towel holder

    The towel holder is a wonderful invention that makes life easy. The towel holder is an ideal way to hold your towel. It allows you to hang your towel in a safe and dry place. It's a stylish and practical accessory that will keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy. Also, uou can install it on your own or have your local handyman do it for you.

    A towel holder, or bathroom shelf, is designed to keep towels and other bathroom items in an easy to reach location. It's great for small bathrooms, as it reduces the amount of counter space required. You can also choose from a variety of designs. It also helps reduce clutter and makes it easier to find your towel. If you are looking for one that is easy to install, this may be the perfect solution for you. 

    What is a grapevine wreath?

    Are you looking to learn what a grapevine wreath is, and how you can use it in your bathroom? Well here is the place to go!
    A grapevine wreath is a wreath that is made out of grapevine. The grapevine wreath has been around for ages. It was first used by the Native Americans in their ceremonies. They would tie the grapevine together and use it as a ceremonial object. It was also used for decoration, as they would hang them on the doors and walls. The wreath is made with pine cones, a few strands of grapevine, twigs and a few ornaments. And comes in different sizes and colors.

    The grapevine wreath is a wonderful way to decorate your door or wall. It is simple and easy to make and you do not need any special tools. But is not only to decorate your door or wall, here we want to tell you how usefull it can be in your bathroom.

    Why Use A Grapevine Wreath In Your Bathroom?

    Grapevines are an ideal option for bathroom decorating since they provide a warm, rustic, and elegant touch to any bathroom setting. They can be used in the shower or bath, as a beautiful accent in your sink. This article will provide a basic overview of the benefits of using a grapevine wreath in your bathroom.

    The grapevine wreath is a great place to hang your towels. And you can use it as a towel rack. There is no need to put a towel on the floor. You can hang the towel on the grapevine wreath and it will not be in the way. And when you take the towel off, it will not be in the way either.

    This is the perfect idea if you want to make your place more interesting and elegant and it is quite easy to make this.

    This is a great functional décor that you can place in the guest bathrooms. You can choose from wreaths with 6-8” in diameter whichever suits you. Use smaller wreaths for smaller towels. Decorate the wreath to make it look more presentable. Instead of the traditional towel rings, you can make use of this to make it more presentable and unique.

    Use these tips as inspirations for your own creative projects. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want to do. In the end, your towel rings will be a great addition to your bathroom decor.

    Other uses for the grapevine Wreath in the bathroom:

    Here we are going to give you some ideas of how you can use a grapevine wreath in your bathroom. The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that the grapevine wreath will fit on your bathroom door or wall. You want to make sure that the wreath will look nice and it will not fall down. If it is not big enough, then you can simply add more grapevine. Or if it is too big, you can trim it down. And you can also add ornaments and other decorations on it.

    Other uses that can be given to this accessory:

    Grapevine wreath can be used as a lamp base. If you want to accentuate the base of your lamp base to make it look more interesting, you can make use of the grapevine wreath. Buy wreaths that would be used to cover up or conceal that rustic look of your lamp base. You can make use of a glue gun or twine the wreaths together to secure it to each other. Then decorate the wreath with flowers or anything that may be fit the theme of the room your lamp is in.

    Grapevine wreath is also perfect for your table’s centerpiece. With a little touch of your artistic talent, you can have the perfect centerpiece less the hassles. All you have to add is some fake or dried flowers and you can have your perfect centerpiece. These are just some ideas that you can have making use of grapevine wreaths. This would surely add a color of life to your room.

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    Scaffolding for Do-It-Yourself Jobs

    Naturally, scaffolding meets the wide variety of requirements in maintenance and construction, as it is expandable and flexible. The building blocks called jacks which supports metal and are built of heavy tubing. It has telescopic adjustable feet that lock into position with steel pins. All scaffolds set-up requires at least two scaffold jacks.

    Due to scaffold’s expensiveness, it is available for rent for homeowners who cannot afford to buy. It is used for most large home-improvements, which made scaffolds more feasible now as it make any jobs easier and safer as well.

    What is a Scaffolding?

    A scaffold is a temporary platform used by construction workers for the purpose of working on the roof, wall or floor of a building. It is usually made of wood, metal or plastic and can easily be assembled and disassembled.

    If you’re going to use a scaffold, you need to be sure that it is sturdy enough to hold all your weight. You also need to make sure that it is stable enough to support the weight of the workers. There are several factors that you should consider before using a scaffold. For instance, if the scaffolding has no proper locking mechanisms, it is not safe. 

    In addition to this, there are many other things that you should look out for. The height of the scaffolding should be adjusted according to the work that you will be doing. If you’re working on a high roof, then it is advisable to use a scaffold with an extra height. The most important thing is to make sure that the scaffolding is safe and easy to use.

    A scaffold is an essential part of any construction project. It can be used for several different purposes. For instance, scaffolds can be used to build a roof or to fix walls. You can also use them to work on the floor of a building.

    Scaffolding as a tool to consider when renovating your home

    If you have your own house or you are planning to have one, in the long run, you will encounter house problems like replacing rotten boards, repainting or installing new features, which are simple problems that you can do alone. Ultimately, you will work on higher parts of your house. Nowadays, it is very convenient to have ladders that can help solve this kind of renovation. They are available in a variety of configurations and they are designed to lean on the wall. This type of ladders maybe all some homeowner’s asking for, but for special situations, it is not as suitable as scaffolding is.

    Although scaffolding is a type of rolling ladder, ladders are different from scaffolding. Scaffolding is ideal for construction as it is safe because of its ability to operate and stand alone, adjustable height, lockable wheels and the capacity to hold multiple persons and materials as well. It is used temporarily and it is elevated framework that supports workers and materials in construction work. Particularly, it is used for building or other large type of structures.

    Here’s an example of benefit of using scaffolding in do-it-yourself job:

    Assume that you have a two-story or three-story house, and the ceiling in the main atrium and great room soars up to the upper level. You want to install crown molding but you don’t want to damage the walls by leaning tall extension ladders against them which are sheetrock. This kind of job calls for help from scaffolding. You can measure the length by simply assembling scaffold jacks accordingly. You can also use it or painting in high-ceiling rooms and for installing ceiling fans or other fixtures in such a room. Even though ladders are the most essential tools homeowners have, the availability of rental scaffolding opens a new range of do-it-yourself jobs that are higher above the ground. Always exert an extra carefulness.

    About the risks

    On the other hand, despite the fact that scaffolding is effective and safe, there are still some risks in using it for construction work. Accordingly, knowing how to use scaffolding properly and careful maintenance is required to ensure its good condition, prevent scaffolding related injuries or accidents and promote overall construction safety.

    The following guidelines are suggested for using scaffolding safely: Avoid using scaffolding in places where it is not appropriate. If you’re building a home, you must first check with local codes and regulations before you start. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using scaffolding. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly before you start. If you are using a scaffolding platform, make sure that the platform is stable enough to support your weight and avoid standing on it if it is unstable.

    Also, make sure that the platform is level. In addition, if the scaffold is in a place that may be affected by winds, always wear a hard hat. Don’t climb on a ladder while the scaffolding is in use. Always take precautions to protect yourself and others from falling. Make sure that all work is completed before you remove the scaffolding. If you have to use scaffolding on a busy street, always keep it in a safe place. Never use scaffolding if there is any chance that the work will be affected by rain or snow. If you’re using scaffolding for construction work, then it’s important to keep safety in mind.

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    Grapevine Wreaths

    What are Grapevine Wreaths for?

    We often appreciate grapevine wreaths when we see how it uniquely adds beauty to where you like it. Mostly, they are placed on the doors on Christmas Eve; because it is closely linked to the religions and the birth of Jesus.

    However, can you decorate any moment of the year with one of them? Grapevine wreaths are actually available in stores with the varying sizes from 2 “to 18” in diameter. And there are more to grapevine wreaths for you to use artistically. Although undoubtedly; one of the most lugubrious occasions in which they are worn, is during funerals. But that only demonstrates the versatility of the same, however; today at Decorating Visita Casas, we bring you a little more of their history, how to make yours and what other creative use to give them.

    Because grapevine wreaths are not just for Christmas

    [one_half_first]They can be used as a window treatment. You can make use of the wreaths by placing it on the window. Have the wreaths be embellished with ribbons; and twine around them or make use of the dried flowers or even fake flowers, silk butterflies to add decors to your wreath. Then place hooks or long nails where you can hang your wreaths at the top of the window; placing one wreath at each end or if you have a wider window add another decorated wreath.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

    Have a ready-made, ready-made or from discount stores. You can use this fabric to drape through the wreaths and have the fabric hem along its sides; and with the use of hemming tapes, finish the edges. Measure how long you will want the fabric to hang and how wide your window is. After you have your fabric ready, you can now hang your grapevine wreath as a window treatment.

    And that’s just one of the few ways you can use it. But maybe we will go very fast; so, what do you think if we first talked about how to build your own grapevine wreaths from scratch; so you do not have to spend money unnecessarily?

    Make your own grapevine wreaths

    Although it is obvious what we are going to tell you, it is equally important to point out; and is that the larger the grapevine you use, the more voluminous the wreaths will be at the end. The smaller ones are great for decorating the interior doors of the house. The doors of the bedrooms or even the top of the mirror in the room.

    The more grids are those that we can use for the treatment of windows. But now let’s learn how to make a circle with a medium-sized grapevine. The secret is in letting the grapevine dictate how the wreath will be; for this you will need grapevine that is still “green” otherwise it will simply break into your hands as you fold it.

    Just keep in mind that even if you use a noble grapevine, though there may be branches that will break; so do not worry and just start to shape the circle. Once you have completed the first circle, you only need to take one of those branches and wrap it around. In that way, the circle will maintain its shape in a natural way.

    Keep in mind that you are not looking for perfection, that is; a circle lacking in character. And that’s what we mean when you say you should let the grapevine dictate the rhythm and final appearance of the wreath.

    You will notice then that the grapevine begins to be easier to manipulate and; when that happens, it’s time to start giving him that twisted look that we all like. Remember that this is a job with a simple grapevine, thin and not very long but; what if we want something more complex?

    Making Great Grapevine Wreath

    For this type of Grapevine Wreath you will need elements of gardening safety and some tools or materials; but the end result will definitely be worth the effort.

    Materials to Make a Larger Grapevine Wreath:

    • Pruning shears
    • Wire
    • Gloves

    Defining the size of the Grapevine Wreath

    This is the most crucial step; you should choose the thickest grapevine but be able to bend without breaking it. Learning to choose the right one may take some practice; many people do not take a single piece but two or even three, then the joints using the wire. But the true desired result is achieved using a single large piece.

    Once you have defined the size you will have, it is time to make use of wire and pruning shears; not an easy job but never try to fight against the grapevine. However, tighten it firmly so that it does not come loose while you are placing the rest of the branches.

    Winding and Tucking

    The key is to always use the longest vines first; you will even notice that some elements are thicker than your “base circle” but okay. Remember that size was defined with one that did not threaten to break.

    It is very important that you use gloves for this process; from your own experience I tell you that, the chips can be very painful. And a very important detail is to try to use as little wire as possible at this point.

    Decorating Your Grapevine Wreath

    The final details are the most crucial. They will define what type of Grapevine Wreath you will have. Being so linked with the different religions of the world; some may seem a little out of place depending on your decor. So keep the following guidelines in mind.

    Placing Candles in the Grapevine Wreath

    The circular shape symbolizes heaven and eternity; this form is reinforced with the placement of lights in the four cardinal points of Grapevine Wreath.

    This decoration is used mostly in Grapevine Wreath which is not vertically placed on a surface; but lying on the ground. Had you ever thought of placing a Grapevine Wreath on a table? Well now you know what is possible and what you will transmit with that decorative concept.

    Heaven and eternity; a decoration very useful for a romantic dinner or a family reunion; which does not have to be associated with Christmas.

    For this you must also implement candles of certain colors and place them on the Grapevine Wreath; although it can also be used according to the Catholic traditions of the sixteenth century.

    In that sense, the candles should be lit progressively every Sunday; the candles in this way signify the light of hope brought by Jesus Christ, and for this purpose the Grapevine Wreath may even be blessed by a priest.

    The meaning of the Grapevine Wreath

    The symbol of the Grapevine Wreath as such is divided in both shape and color; seen in detail we can say that:

    • The circle: It represents eternity in having no beginning or end.
    • The green branches: They represent hope and life.
    • The four candles: The light of hope that Jesus Christ gives to every person in the world.
    • The Red color: It represent God’s love for humanity.

    The meaning may vary from one religion to another; but the use of the technique with which they are created, is currently being applied to windows as a source form of protection and decoration.

    We would like to see the results of your decorations with Grapevine Wreath; so do not hesitate to send us a photo of your work!


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    Soap Dispenser

    Install a Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser as Wish it

    Many people happen to lose their patience with the use of bar soaps. Especially when there are several people who share the same bathroom; which implies that they share the same soap. Remember the phrase “the next time you use the soap think about this, what is the last thing I wash, and what is the first thing you wash?” Since I heard that phrase, I decided to install a soap dispenser.

    The point is that they are much more hygienic, elegant and help us to keep the spaces tidier. Of course, we cannot ignore how practical they are. And although they are not perfect, in Decorating Visit Houses we think they are the best option; Accompany us to discover a little more of them, maybe so you decide to install yours.

    From the Bar to the Dispenser

    Soap Dispenser
    Soap Dispenser

    [one_half_first]The first step to leaving behind the bar of soap is to make the transition from the liquid soap. Many well-known brands maintain their anti-bacterial properties despite their liquid presentations. In fact, if we judge them at the chemical level, we can conclude that liquid soaps are much better than bar soaps.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

    Why? Well, let me explain. Bar soaps are made by combining water, surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, dyes or pigments and special ingredients such as moisturizers; All combined with an alkaline base and a fatty substance. This is how the final product of detergent characteristics is born.

    Soap DispenserHowever, it is due to the nature of this same chemical reaction; that bar soaps have a PH which always rounds a value equal to 10.

    A PH of 10 is not the most act for the washing and care of sensitive skin, and I am not just talking about babies; Children, young teenagers and especially girls have very sensitive facial skin.

    The liquid soaps due to their consistency, allow a handling of the elements in their elaboration much more versatile; just for that detail, liquid soaps can have a pH value of 4, more than suitable for the care of sensitive and delicate skin.

    In addition, you cannot deny that the bar soap, as it is finished; It becomes so small that it simply slides out of the hands. When the bar soap is already too small to hold it comfortably, one of two things happens:

    • We get a new one and that small piece is there on the bathroom shelf and sticks to the sanitary slab.
    • We let you free to navigate the shower and go down the drain; which then causes obstruction problems in the pipes.

    Liquid soap does not present either of these disadvantages, however; brings us a new challenge that we must overcome, but once we do, then we can say that it is perfect.

    The Great Disadvantage of Liquid Soap

    Soap Dispenser
    Soap Dispenser

    Obviously, the major disadvantage of using liquid soap is the accumulation of dispensing containers. Even if we are people who live by applying the rules of recycling at home; the real solution is to minimize the consumption of such containers.

    Also, if we buy the larger dispensers, then we face another problem; and is that their bases are very wide and may not fit comfortably in the sink. This is a problem that mainly affects people with little space in the bathroom.

    This is where the definitive solution comes in and what makes liquid soaps the best alternative; the fixed soap dispensers.

    They not only minimize the accumulation of plastic containers because some use dedicated soap bags that come in a standardized measure according to several models.

    They are also great decorative pieces that add a level of elegance far superior to our bathroom; And not only to the bathroom, we can fix them in the kitchen and also in the garden area.

    At present there are simple, minimalist and yet very beautiful models in which the liquid soap is poured directly from the container.

    However, there are also electronic or automatic; which have a proximity sensor which activates the mechanisms of the dispenser to release the soap.

    Both are perfectly functional options; which one to choose will depend on your availability of money and the nature of your decor.

    I only advise you not to buy the electronic if you are an impatient person; this model takes between 2 and 3 seconds to apply enough soap when you close your hands.

    Installing the Soap Dispenser

    The installation is very simple, although it is good to consider the amount of use that will give you daily to choose the best method of installation.

    Screws or glue? It is the question, because it is always better to choose screws. Although opening more holes in the wall is not something you like to do to anyone; when you have children that will be using the dispenser, it is best to use the screws.

    Even if it is a dispenser with proximity sensor which do not have to touch to be able to use; it is best to use screws since you will want to protect your investment, remember it was not free.

    Of course, there are also dispensers that can be placed directly on the sink as if they were an additional faucet.

    But if you are going to install a wall that children will use, always use screws; especially if it is one of the models that also allows dispensing toothpaste and has a space to place the toothbrushes.

    Where should I install my dispenser?

    Soap Dispenser

    I guarantee that when you install your first liquid soap dispenser you will want to have one everywhere!

    They are very practical, and if you used the luxury dispenser which is also a decorative piece; then you’ll want to bring that elegant look to the rest of the house.

    Although I must say that there are places in which it is not convenient to have them because they will not really look good; not to mention changing the dynamics of the room.

    It is not about turning your house into a hospital-like place, but about adding comfort and hygiene to the most critical areas.

    Therefore, the places where you should install one are:

    Soap Dispenser
    Soap Dispenser
    • The bathroom next to the sink, a soap with a low pH and that is dedicated for the face.
    • In the shower, a more consistent, anti-microbial soap; you can also buy the double or triple dispenser, so you will have soap, shampoo and rinse in a single dispenser.
    • In the garage or workshop, it is good that you have a dispenser for these areas where you do work; Make sure it is a strong soap so you can easily remove the grease. Do not worry too much about the presentation of this dispenser.
    • In the garden. If the children are playing or if you are working on the plants and you must attend visits; a dispenser in this area will allow you to be more efficient. When you tell the children to come and eat, wash your hands first! You can see that they actually wash them.
    • In the kitchen. A soap that takes care of your hands and is anti-bacteria; so you can avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen.

    All these dispensers are best to always fix them to the wall; we really recommend this feature because they will look smarter than on a table.

    And what if I want to make my own dispenser?

    Soap Dispenser
    Soap Dispenser

    That is also a valid alternative!

    Although we leave it to the last point because we prefer to use the finishing dispensers in silver or chrome; you can make your soap dispensers at home using glass jars and the dispenser of an empty liquid soap bottle.

    It is a simple mechanism that works by suctioning the air, so you do not have to worry about using a specific container. A little hot glue, some decorative elements and ready!

    I recommend that you also use hot glue to attach the dispenser to the sink; that way you should only open the lid every time you want to pour soap and, if you used glass, it is best to take care of your work.

    Soap Dispenser
    Soap Dispenser

    Although one of the disadvantages of making your own dispenser; Is that you are limited to building it oriented with the base down and fixed to a horizontal surface.


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    When and How Will You Use a Scaffolds

    “… Yes, those things that are like stairs and that are used to get up …” This is how most people usually refer to a scaffold; and are not completely wrong. Scaffolds are nothing more than a structure made of tubes; which fit together to provide you with a much more stable platform than a simple ladder. They give you much more comfort and facilities when doing some work in the higher parts of your home.

    Because they allow you to have many tools at hand for the shape of their structure. The  Scaffolding is a must when you are remodeling ceilings and walls in very high places, both indoors and outdoors. Its structure even allows you to use more than one scaffolding; as the models are usually of the standard type and can be stacked on top of each other to climb in the work you will perform. Here in Decorating Visita Casas we are going to teach you when and how to used it.

    How many types of scaffolding are there?


    [one_half_first]One of the amenities provided by the scaffolding when it comes to remodeling your home is to have what you need. They are roomy enough to have paint cans for ceiling and wall covering work; as well as materials for heavier jobs such as bricks and cement for building walls. In fact there are several types of scaffolding depending on the work to be done. The most common are:[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

    • Frames
    • Gondolas
    • Predominate multidirectional
    • Mobile towers
    • Towers of Cimbra

    The frames

    Also called European style. Are structures that are usually used when restoring a facade and simply lean on the floor or some other structure.

    These can be connected to each other by bridges, and are useful for wide works of facades and whole walls.


    The so-called “gondolas” are a type of suspended scaffold mostly used in buildings that require maintenance, restoration or cleaning of their windows.

    They are fastened through cables long enough to reach from the top of the building to the ground floor.

    We need to talk about the frequency


    Depending on whether they are required with relative frequency, they can be part of the same building structure, to facilitate cleaning and maintenance work.

    Many skyscrapers are built with supports for this type of structure; so that they can be assembled and removed relatively quickly.

    There are some that have wheels to facilitate their transfer from one side to another as are the scaffolding of mobile towers, they are also known as access stairs.

    Other types of scaffolding are those that form part of the others and are mostly used to support weight, rather than providing work space.

    There are light and heavy, mobile, zipper… well, there are so many models and so different uses for each one; but it’s better to focus on what you need in your home.

    The house needs a change, but what do I do?

    You will need a scaffold that will allow you not only to reach up to where the roof begins; but also to give you enough space to have all those things you need. Because it would be very exhausting to be going up and down every so often and take with you those brushes and cans of paint that you bought.

    A light scaffolding would be your best option for the exterior; those what are used for cleaning facade and restoration.

    The idea is to raise the tools and be there long enough to replace that piece of wood or lining that deteriorated.

    And, What if we need an indoor work?


    Well, here it is a bit different. Indoors, the first thing you think about is the roof. One with the particularity of being mobile will work great.

    One that you can move in any direction with just a little push and roll you to that part that needs a paint job; and if you have someone to help you when repainting or changing that already worn color of your ceiling that’s is even better!

    And sure you thought a ladder would be your first answer, but think of everything you need: the paintbrush, the paint can, a roller, also at some point you will need to rest. It would be very dangerous to leave the ladder there in the middle of all.

    They are somewhat unstable and things can fall into the slightest stumbling block; and you cannot be going up and down everything at every turn.

    The comfort of the scaffold comes in the quantity of tubes from where you can place a small table as a shelf to leave things to one side without even moving the feet.

    Safety tips with scaffolding


    You should always think about safety first and foremost. Scaffolding is better in this respect. A well-rigged scaffolding system has a characteristic cube shape and that makes them very stable and wide enough for your work.

    • Make sure that the mobile scaffold does not move on its own: Place brakes on the wheels.
    • Tighten the nuts: Although the upper parts of a scaffold insert into the lower ones; they usually have holes where small metal rods or a screw with their nut are inserted to prevent them from being detached and released.
    • The scaffold you use is not for play: Children love to climb things; but the tubes are too far apart to use as a ladder even for an adult. In that case some come with a ladder that will help you get higher.
    • Beware: The old scaffolding was made of wood; but now, they are made of metal. A cable with a little hair up to copper could be disastrous.
    • If the scaffold is very low, it will be difficult for you to reach the roof: if it is very high you will get a good blow when standing up. That’s why there’s so much pipe. Adjust the height of the shelf where you stand.
    • Check that pipes are not rusted: bent, or fractured prior to arming. Even after assembling your scaffolding check that everything is well fixed where it should be. Follow the instructions.
    • Always wear protection: gloves, helmets, and non-slip shoes. You will not want to fall from above.
    • Check your moves: If for each movement you have the reflection of holding the structure when you are in the highest part, then something is wrong. Make sure the ground is level first, or at least do not move too much before climbing.

    Do research before you buy your Scaffolding


    Like everything, they have their limit. Do not use scaffolding for remodeling and painting for building or masonry. The scaffolding system does not withstand unlimited loads.

    Each country certainly has regulations for the use of scaffolding, so investigate a little first, before using one on your own. Remember that in every remodeling process of your home you need the right implements.

    These are, of course, just some of the tips you should take into account. Use common sense.

    All work at home, however simple, carries some risk and more if they are high work; use the appropriate protection and clean your workspace at the end.


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    Dash and Albert Rugs & Carpets for Your Home | Decorating Visita Casas

    Carpets, especially the modern ones for decoration; are nothing more than flat pieces of any material, shape and size that are used to cover the floor. Some are fabrics, some are made of plastic, some are intricate patterns, printed or simple monochromatic, but all are designed for the same purpose, covering the floor where you step.

    They originated thousands of years ago, when ancient tribes of nomads needed protection that was more effective than simple animal skins when making blankets, and were also easy to handle and move. But nowadays they are so linked to utility as to decoration, and can be purchased as large as the floor of the room where you wish to place it; And for them will have to resort to people who know the matter and go to another establishment to find the one of your preference depending on the use you want to give.

    Textures and materials of carpets


    [one_half_first]If you get tired of that cold floor, or with each step you hear the creaking of the wood, or the heel in the cement; maybe a carpet is the best for you. It will give a soft surface to the touch and bring some elegance to the room; something that for many people is important when it comes to receiving visitors. The carpeting of a room will have to decide depending on your taste as there are many designs; but size is much more important because if you install it will be a great feat, replacing it will be more.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

    Carpets can be found with an almost infinite variety in designs and textures; and will be made of many materials that will suit you very well if you decide to have it, so cheer up.

    And for that it takes into account some of these data:

    • Textures and Materials
    • Designs and Colors
    • Dimensions

    You will find them as soft as wool, and as rough as the wicker, and that will depend on the utility you will give it.

    Usually, the rooms are used with a very soft texture; so that when you get out of bed the first thing you feel is not the cold floor on the floor of your feet.

    Cotton carpets are perfect when installing inside the room, this is because they do not accumulate static, are very hygienic and easy to clean; But they are not very resistant to the transit of people and for that reason they are the most common to place in these spaces.

    Wool carpets are more resistant to the passage of people, you can place them in places like the living room, study or office, the corridor, or in the dining room.

    They are antiallergic, although paradoxically not very recommendable for asthmatics as they accumulate dust mites.

    But there are treatments for the care, and so solve that small detail

    Short pile carpets are excellent for warm temperatures, as they do not contribute much more than the already existing ones.

    But in cold winter climates it is advisable to have longer hair to give better insulation at low temperature.

    There are carpets of very rough textures, like jute that need daily maintenance; but they have the advantage of being pleasing to the eye, and give you a sense of tranquility.

    These can also be installed in your room or in the living room … everything will depend on your tastes.

    The variety of designs and colors is amazing


    Since the first carpets were created, they were stained with natural compounds, seeds, and insects to give them different colors.

    Some of these techniques have lasted over time; especially in places in Asia and the Middle East where most of the most beautiful carpets in history are found.

    When installing one in your home, be sure to turn to an expert for this type of detail.

    This will help you according to the rest of the set, the combinations, your preferences; and the environment you want to give to that space.

    Play with dimensions

    The carpets can cover the whole room where they are installed or only a small space of this; the largest in the world is located in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

    If you decide to install one that occupies an entire room; this may involve a greater expense than a simple and small.

    There are good prices in the market and all you have to consider is the durability of the materials with which the carpet is made; as the transit of people will never be the same in the room as the dining room.

    Maintenance of carpets in your home

    However, the maintenance of a carpet assumes a concern for the person in charge; because depending on the matter with which it is made and the people who live in the house it’s how this process is performed.

    Chemicals may end up being harmful to allergy or asthmatics, so special care must be taken when doing so.

    Some rugs are much easier to clean than others. There are some techniques that you can use on your own and then you will have a few tricks.

    • Vinegar: Ideal for long-haired carpets when they need cleaning, as it disinfects them; In addition, it does not leave residual odor because when drying this it is dispersed in the air.

    If it is manageable, hang it outdoors, tap it to shake the dust and then mix water and vinegar, use a spray and spray the mixture without soaking completely.

    3 hours later it will be ready to be placed again

    • Salt: Excellent for old carpets that have some bad smell and some moisture. Just spread the carpet and spread the salt over the entire surface.

    Then roll it tightly and leave it at least one day. At the end you just have to unroll and vacuum, taking the salt, dirt and bad smell.

    • Oxygenated water: Very good for wine stains. Only mix hydrogen peroxide with a trickle of liquid dishwasher, sprinkle with a spray and let it act for a while. Then wash it as you normally would.
    • Bicarbonate: Bicarbonate is used for accidental oil stains that may be present on your carpet.

    Immediately to drop the oil, sprinkle the baking soda all over the stained surface and let it act a good while. Then just aspire it with you and ready, like new.

    Last recommendations


    It is always recommended in case of having pets; leave them out to avoid that small accident that involves having a dog, cat or any other pet.

    In such cases you have to be quick and proceed immediately to clean to avoid getting both stain and odor.

    There are many methods and formulas for it; just choose the one that best suits your type of material.

    There are many agencies specialized in everything that carpets are concerned, there will be some of these agencies in your city.

    Just go to them and they will be able to advise you on everything you need regarding them.

    Having a carpet should not mean something laborious; you just have to know a little about the installation and its prices.

    In the agencies and shops that are dedicated to the world of carpets to decorate your home; they will show you many models, sizes and shapes, as well as textures, materials and endless designs that will surprise you.


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    Rope Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug | Dash & Albert

    Diamond Black/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug | Dash & Albert

    Dash and Albert Indoor & Outdoor Rugs You’ll Love

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    14 Ideas for Slipcover Fitting Sofas and Furniture

    Loose fit slipcovers or sofa slipcovers that claim to be “one size fits all” things seem to be the best solution for sofa and chair decoration.  They are usually very affordable and available in various colours, styles and sizes, and once you understand how to put them on correctly are very beautiful to look at. However, they often seem to refuse to stay in place and so may look wrinkled, rumpled, or just plain askew, especially when someone decides to jump or hop on them… making you very frustrated. To solve this problem, here are 14 ideas and tips to help you in the difficult craft of slipcover fitting.

    Washing the slipcovers before using them


    It may be useful to wash the slipcovers before putting them on the chairs or on the sofa. Remember to dry them carefully, as this will help reduce the wrinkles you may see on them. If necessary try to iron them, after making sure that the slipcovers material will not be damaged by the heat.

    Then, you should place the dry slipcovers on your chairs or sofa making sure to put them at the centre. Once you have done so, try to arrange the cover while tucking and smoothing it until you are satisfied with the result.

    Washing the slipcovers before using them, but leaving them damp

     On the contrary, some say that it is better to wash the slipcovers and trying to place them on the chairs or sofa while they are still damp. This will also help reduce the wrinkles, and it would be easier to make the surface of the slipcovers smooth. However, it depends on the fabric they are made of; so, think about your own slipcovers and choose the best solutions that may fit them, this one or that explained in the first point.


    Adding ties to the slipcover

    Even if it could seem obvious, adding ties to the underside of a slipcover is the best way to secure it to a chair or a sofa. The method is very easy and simple: just attach two adjacent ties to the underside of the slipcover, and then tie them under the legs of the chair or of the sofa. Once you have placed the slipcover on the chairs or sofa, it is better to use a chalk to mark the area where you need to sew the ties. For your ties, you can use various materials: fabric, twill tape or strong cord, also according to your personal taste.

    Adding zippers to the slipcovers

     To make your slipcovers fit perfectly, you can try to add zippers or other closing devices to your chairs, cushions or to the corners of your sofa, especially if your furniture is larger on top than at the bottom. If you decide to add a zipper, make sure you extend it from below the top of the slipcover down to a 1/2-inch above the bottom edge. Measure the zipper carefully after putting the slipcover back on the chair or on the sofa, and remember to pull the open seams together while doing it.

    Adding snaps or Velcro to the slipcovers

    Using snaps of Velcro may be the best solution if you do not like zippers or find it difficult to apply them on the slipcovers. You can possibly use also some snap tape, as it is only snaps sewn onto a strip of fabric. Velcro is another easy and simple solution to secure the slipcovers. If you think that this is the best solution for you, be careful when treating the slipcovers with snaps or Velcro, because you could slightly damage them.

    Adding grommets and ribbons to the slipcovers

    Adding ribbons and grommets to your slipcovers may be a creative, lively and colourful way to close the flaps in the back or at the sides of a chair/sofa slipcover. Lacing them together with a nice decorative ribbon running through grommets is a wonderful idea if you feel particularly inclined to pretty decorations.

    Adding frogs to the slipcovers

     Of course, these frogs are not the animals you can usually find in ponds, but two-piece decorative cord closing devices that should be sewed on the face of the slipcover. To use them, it is necessary to place the slipcover on the chair or on the sofa and closing the frog, so as to make the two pieces joined as if they were one single element. You should the pin the frog on in order to make it close the fabric, and then attach it to the fabric itself with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine or by hand.

    Using a fabric made with Lycra

    Lycra is a useful stretch material which can be added to your slipcovers, helping them conform to your chairs or sofa. You can easily add some Lycra on the centre back of the slipcover or in other hidden areas, to make it fit even better. The best thing to do would be to find some Lycra that matches the colour of your slipcover. To use it, you can easily replace a part of the back area of your slipcover with Lycra sewn to the other panels.

    Using a flat wooden piece to place the slipcover

     If you are having many difficulties even in merely placing the slipcovers on your chairs or, more probably, on your sofa, using a flat wooden piece may help you a lot: In this way, you can easily insert the slipcovers even in the most unreachable parts, and make them smooth, with no ugly wrinkles. Also consider asking your husband or son for help, it may be unexpectedly useful!

    Trying to best arrange the slipcover on the chairs or sofa

     It may be obvious, but it is necessary to remind you that it is important to make the slipcover go over the entire surface of the sofa or of the chairs. You should arrange the length of the slipcover all around them, and once you are satisfied with the look of the sides, you should try to make the back and the arms smooth. Remember to push into the crevices as much excess fabric as you can, so as to avoid wrinkles.

    Wrapping rubber bands around the chairs

    To keep a slipcover from moving and sliding all around, you can also try to wrap rubber bands around the surface of a chair, the one that goes underneath the slipcover. This can easily prevent it from slipping away every time one decides to sit on that chair.

    Using twist pins

    Twist pins can be found very easily in any sewing store, or online. They can be very useful to hold the slipcovers in place and preventing them from going wherever they want- often on the floor. The most common twist pins are in transparent plastic, but you can also find them in various shapes, sizes and colours. This will undoubtedly add a touch of liveliness to your slipcovers, and you just need to screw them into the fabric of the slipcovers that you want to keep in place.

    Create your own slipcovers

     If you are tired of the “one size fits all” slipcovers that do not fit at all, you can also create them on your own. It may seem difficult, but if you take your time and pay attention to all the details it will be not so complicated as you may think.  In this case, make sure to carefully measure your sofa or your chairs, for example from the floor at the left side, up and over the arm, across the seat, up and over the arm and down to the floor on the right. Always remember to add some inches for seams and a margin for error. Carefully calculate the total length of fabric that you will need. It is advisable to wash the fabric, especially if it is made of cotton, as it will be more likely to shrink. If it is still slightly damp when you use it, you will not have to iron out any wrinkles. Start draping the fabric over the chairs or the sofa, keeping the printed side out and pressing it flat against all the surfaces of the furniture. Remember to cut away the extra fabric and pinning the rest of the fabric, so that it follows the contours of the chairs or of the sofa and cover each area of them. Then, remove the fabric from the sofa and baste it together, by hand or with the help of a sewing machine. Now put the basted slipcover back on the surface to cover with the printed side out and using straight pins make all the necessary adjustments. In the end, sew the slipcover together and do not forget to stitch the hems.

    Keep your children out of your slipcovers

    The last and best way to make your slipcovers fit perfectly is to keep them in place, very obviously. So, if your children or animals always make tem fall on the floor or damage them, try to teach them not to do so. It might work!

    In conclusion, with all the ideas listed above slipcover fitting will not be a problem anymore, and surely you will able to enjoy all the beauty and liveliness of your own chairs and sofas.

    It is a beautiful weekend morning. It is your rest day, and you don’t have any particular plans for today. The mood seems very perfect, the scenery looks very tranquil, and the glimmering sunlight illuminates the entire room harmoniously. Everything seems to be really pieced together nicely, until you one peculiar thing, your furniture doesn’t seem to be as radiant as the surrounding ambience.

    Single sofa slipcoverSlipcovers, transcending from its practical use as a protection for furniture during the summer season, has now evolved as a form of art, and as a common item in furniture decoration. There are specific themes for slipcovers depending on the preference of the owner. Fixing your slipcovers and making them look nice is not really a very difficult task to do, nor would it take a significant amount to time to accomplish. You can even amplify the slipcover’s intended purpose in design, provided that you can follow these tips in applying slipcovers on furniture.

    Classic sofa slipcover
    Since slipcovers come in a wide range of colors, themes and sizes, you should first find the appropriate slipcover for the furniture you intend to apply it on. You should also consider how a particular slipcover theme would blend in to the room where you furniture is, and should choose a theme or color that matches the ambience of the room. If you are on a budget, you can choose single color themes and ready made slipcovers. Most of them are affordable enough yet provides enough quality for your furniture. After choosing the right slipcover for a particular piece of furniture, it is now time to put them on the furniture, and here are some guidelines on how to apply them properly.

    Common problems of loosely fitted slipcovers

    For loose fitted slipcovers, you can already make them look sophisticated and stylish by simply adding layers when tucking them on furniture. The extra area of the slipcover can be applied for designing or “sculpting” the slipcover to the furniture. Simple designs like overlapping the slip cover two to three times at each side of the furniture can already provide the artistic touch that it needs. You can also add casual ambience on the furniture by draping the extra area of a loosely fitted slipcover on the sides of the furniture.

    Sofa slipcoverOne of the common problems of loosely fitted slipcovers is that, for example, the sofa slipcover is not tucked properly throughout the furniture, and it becomes a problem once the furniture is used too often. This problem can be solved by tucking in other objects into the crevices of the furniture, such as old newspapers or old magazines bound together with rubber bands. By fitting them properly, your slipcover will now be more durable and would be kept from being easily disorganized.

    In fitting slipcovers, you can also apply techniques that are not only practical, but provide style as well. Draped fabric on the bottom can be either plain loose or pleated, depending on your preference. If your furniture gets used all too often, it might be better to slip in slipcovers with more durable fabric, but not too durable though, just enough for the slipcover to last out getting used often but is still easy to clean and maintain. If you’re still on a budget, you can still put more creative ideas like creating a general theme for the whole room, not just by matching the color combinations of the furniture slipcovers to the room, or by fully tailoring the entire room to suit a particular theme, but by trying to imitate the look and feel of the room onto the slipcovers.

    Modern sofa slipcoverThose are only some of the general ideas and tips on how to maximize your home furniture design by fitting them with slipcovers. Remember, you don’t need spend a lot of money just to make your furniture look nice and good.

    Making Your Very Own Loveseat Slipcover

    If you are looking for an article on how to make your own slip covers for a loveseat, then keep on reading. As slip covers go, the fabric that should be used must be a medium-weight fabric. First, sketch your loveseat with paper and pencil. Write down the measurements on the corresponding sections of your loveseat sketches.

    Original jean sofa slipcoverStart measuring for the slip cover’s main section by measuring the back of the loveseat, beginning at the floor. Remove the cushions, letting the measuring tape traverse the length of loveseat from back to front. End the measurement at the floor when you reach the front part of the loveseat. Reminder: give an additional six inches to the total length of this measurement for the hem of the slip cover. Next, measure the loveseat’s width. Set aside two pieces of rectangular fabric cut in this size to be sewn together. Once sewn together using a seam that goes down the middle of the loveseat, insert the excess fabric into possible nooks in the loveseat. Let the material fall towards the floor after most of it has been gathered on the loveseat’s sides.

    Spread the material over the loveseat while wrapping it around the sides. Let the edges overlap, then secure with pins. Use strips of matching material to secure the gathered fabric by tacking one end close to the front of the seat and the other end close to the back. Draw the ends together and then tie. Machine stitch the fabric’s hem once you’ve marked the hem on all sides after tucking the fabric into every nook and cranny of the loveseat.

    Single sofa slipcoverMeasure the front of the loveseat’s armrest’s height starting from the floor to the top of the armrest. Move to the side of the seat next, measure from the floor up and over the armrest to six inches below where the cushions lie. Allow room for a hem. Measure the width of the armrest starting from behind down to the front then add the measurement you took earlier from the armrest’s height. Make two rectangles of material with this size; lay each rectangle over an armrest, pulling the excess fabric into a gathered cluster on the armrest’s front. Let this hang towards the ground.

    Like in the main section, the gathers should be tucked in and secured. As for the cushions, sew casings for them as you would a square pillow except that allow for a strip of fabric that is as thick as the cushion to be sewn between the upper and lower parts of the cushion casing. Finally use hardware store purchased screw-in pins to secure the slip cover to the loveseat.

    Sofa Slipcovers: Instant Makeover for your Home

    One of the easiest and affordable way to change your home décor is to fit your worn out and dull looking sofa with charming and bright hued slipcovers. In addition to sofa slipcovers there are various covers for all kinds of furniture in numerous styles and designs that are available at affordable rates. Specially designed stretch slipcovers are available for easy and comfortable fit with which you can change the look of your home in minutes. Warm and bright colored slipcovers can camouflage your torn or worn out upholstery of your sofas and furniture instantly, to give a stunning new look to them and to your home décor.

    Classic sofa slipcoverToday, slipcovers are available in a wide range of colors, designs and patterns, from which you can very easily choose one to suit your existing home décor or the theme of a room. The colors and style range from country patterns that come in checks and floral designs to contemporary lines and prints. Fabrics with attractive patterns are available in leather, denim, linen and much more. There are also a wide selection of textures and fabrics that are made to be durable, machine washable and to withstand every day use. This feature is greatly appreciated, especially if you have kids and pets at home.
    To get a uniform and coordinated look, it is best to cover all the sofas, chairs, furniture seats, recliners, ottoman and anything else that can be covered with carefully selected slipcovers. The most important benefit of using slipcovers instead of going for re-upholstering is that it is very easy and affordable to replace or change the slipcovers whenever you want to, whether due to necessity or just to have a new look.

    Sofa slipcoverFor example, with the huge range of colors and patterns available in slipcovers and because of their affordability, you can even change the look of your home in accordance with the seasons. Or you can change the look for a special occasion or just because you are tired of a particular look. If you are looking for an instant makeover of your home that can be done without putting a dent in your pocket, then purchasing a few slipcovers can do the job.

    Application of the slipcover is also important

    Application of the slipcover is also important, as it is the process of actually designing your sofa to a custom fit that matches your preference. You don’t just drape the entire fabric onto the sofa. When tucking your slipcover into your sofa, remember that most ready made slipcovers are usually larger that what actually fits the furniture, you’d have to tuck them snugly in or they would wear off easily. Wrinkles should be taken care of before your sofa turns into an old hag, simply put them in the dryer, set it to warm, place a damp washcloth in, and set it for around 10 minutes.

    Single sofa slipcoverYour final priority would be the process of placing your sofa with a fitted slipcover with a theme of your choice on the living room to check and see for yourself if the theme of the slipcover matches the room’s feel. Does the room emanate with nature spelled out on every corner of the room? Then try making a forest theme for your slipcovers. Certain colors like forest green or deep burgundy would be perfect to suit a room with nature as its main theme. How about summer themes? Sprinkling brightness to your room with sofas fitted with brightly themed slipcovers can create the total summer ambience that the room needs. Just remember one thing in choosing the proper theme for your sofa. It’s not just the sofa that should be taken into consideration, but the entire area or surrounding that the sofa will be placed into.

    Furniture Slipcovers for Added Appeal

    Nowadays, furniture slipcovers have acquired an entirely new look with all kinds of imaginative and fun filled shapes filling the stores. You can see wing backed chairs, loveseats, ottomans and even sectional sofas. You can give your existing furniture anew appearance with these slipcovers. They give a new look and add charm to your entire set up. You can either get ready made ones or custom made ones according to your budget. But custom made ones are not much expensive when you consider the cost of changing the entire furniture arrangement. Moreover these have the added advantage of being easily changeable and also can be maintained easily.

    Modern sofa slipcoverSo where to use these slipcovers? Almost every room in the house is in need of slipcovers. The sofa in the living room, the cushions in the bedroom and many other areas can be spruced up with these slipcovers. They give a shielding effect to the existing pieces and at the same time manage to give the furniture a new and alluring appearance. Try to keep some spare slipcovers [you can buy a large load at discounted prices] in case of emergencies which are a sure thing if you have a set of unruly kids at home. The slipcovers available at the stores are durable and can be machine-washed. Get some long lasting cotton ones that will survive the daily use.

    Original jean sofa slipcover
    For the dining and kitchen you have a variety of stretch slipcovers which deck up your dining chair or your kitchen equipments. They prevent the furniture and appliances from getting soiled by food and drinks that spill on them. You can get a daily use one and a decorated one for party use. These add color and appeal to your rooms and make them fresh and attractive and cost you a lot less than furnishing with new items. Moreover you can change these to something new any time you feel you want a change. Go ahead and splurge on new slipcovers if you want to give your rooms an entirely fresh and appealing air.


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    Decorating Sofas: Splashing Colors and Style into a Room using Slipcovers

    You will find Sofas in almost all living rooms across the globe; they can therefore not be left out on matters of decoration. One of the easiest and commonly used methods of decorating sofas and giving your living room life is through slipcovers. One of the issues that must be put into consideration even as you go to purchase the slipcovers is the issue of color. As much as slipcovers can transform your sofas, it is important to choose a color that is in line with the surrounding. In other words, the color you settle for should be your room’s theme.

    [one_half_first]Apart from the slipcovers’ color, you must consider the material of these covers. This is important not only because of the durability issue, but also because of sensitivity to sunlight. So, you don’t want to waste your cash on torn slipcover the next day. Go for something that will serve you for at least two years or even more. Do a thorough research first and you will discover that there are actually many affordable slipcover designs with authentic fabrics out there – don’t settle for less![/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

    Change the appearance of living room

    Since sofas occupy the biggest portion of your living room, you can change the appearance of your living room by addressing the slipcover issue. For easy fitting, choose stretching slipcovers and just in case your sofas are worn out, bright colors can help hide these flaws. But basically, slipcovers come in different patterns, colors, and designs. The style of course depends on the country of origin. Even as you choose durable fabrics and textures, make sure they are machine washable and can stand everyday roughness from children and pets.

    To achieve a coordinated appearance in your living room, it is advisable to find covers for recliners, chairs, and furniture seats as you find some for sofas. One of the advantages of slipcovers is that they can easily be changed whenever there’s need to, and they are affordable. If you intend to have a makeover in your living room, but at a low cost, then buying slipcovers will work magic.

    Slipcovers have come a long way, and thanks to creative designers, furniture slipcovers have more classical look. Depending on your budget, it is possible to give your furniture a transformation with either custom or readymade slipcovers.  When you consider the costs that come with changing all the house furniture, the custom made slipcovers are much cheaper.

    Slipcover Buying Guide

    Buying the correct slipcover can be a confusing affair. The following tips will help you make the right choice when you go buying slipcovers.

    1. Buy the correct size

    Slipcovers out there in the market vary in size, it is therefore crucial to have your sofas measurements as you head to the store. Most designers advise you have the longest measurement of your sofa as you go to the store. For instance, Sure Fit slipcovers are suitable for sofas that are between 83 to 96 inches long. Some slipcovers come with a ruffled bottom and it’s therefore important to measure the distance from the ground to the sofa bottom. If you are looking forward to a custom and more fitted look, then search for a slipcover that exactly fits your sofa measurements.  For accuracy purposes, you should consider taking the measurements twice. Or else, try loose-fit slipcover; you will still attain a similar casual effect.

    1. Choose a Style

    In the past, slipcovers received a bad reputation as unstylish and unsightly pieces of fabrics that were put over the furniture. But this perception has now changed; it is no longer about their function but fashion as well. Slipcovers have come a long way compared to what they used to be back then. Go for a casual and inviting style. You should be able to put up your feet and relax.

    Surprisingly enough, there are many options out there in terms of the right fit. For sofas that have rectangular and rounded cushions, traditional covers are recommended. But there are specialty shapes also available for recliners and wingback chairs. In other words, it is possible to get a slipcover that fits with almost all décor styles, from traditional to the modern look. It is actually possible to give your living room unique and stylish with the right slipcovers.

    Try and fit slipcovers with formal furniture and see how it goes. Like they always say, it is juxtaposition that will make your living room sing. Other details like decorative trim and contrasting welt will add accent and visual interest to your piece. Also remember to look for details such as zippers and tailored skirt when searching for covers. Some covers are made in search a way that they tuck inside the cushions and can also tie in the back. Such slipcovers are usually more affordable. Bottom line, as much as seamless styles are modern and clean, ensure they can easily be slipped in and out for the sake of swapping and cleaning.

    1. Choose a Material

    The style is defined by the slipcovers’ fabric. Heavy canvas, cotton duck, or a twill blend is ideal for sofas with a lot of traffic. Such fabrics are comfortable to sit on, inviting and normally fit looser. Form-fitting slipcovers give a more modern and customized appearance plus they are made from stretching fabrics like spandex blend, micro-suede and polyester. Silk, linen and wool may be soft and elegant, but they require dry cleaning. So, if you are used to cover occasional sofas, such as a bedroom couch, it will be worth investing in.

    Heavy fabrics like velvet and chenille are really heavy and may not conform to your sofas shape. Denim, cotton and canvas are machine washable, and they normally come in different patterns. Since they are of medium weight, it is easier to lay them nicely. Also, remember to select deeper colors during the fall season. The issue here is to change your beach white colors for deep eggplants.

    Try Decorating with White Slipcovered Sofas

    White interiors normally look magnificent. A white slipcovered sofa is a good inspiration especially for shabby chic design. For homeowners who love a white, clean and vintage-inspired look, then they can choose ruffled-edged covers and probably add a number of feminine design layers ranging from elegant lighting to romantic elegant decoration. Through primarily using monochromatic color themes with touches of blue, pink and green creates a family room, living room that has shabby chic style.

    1. Color Palette

    Use different values of white to come up with a monochromatic color scheme. Paint the walls a cream, soft color in order to accentuate your white slipcovered sofas. To drab the moldings and ensure they visually stand out, apply a fresh gloss coat. Apply a cream hue on the ceiling for better complementary. Make sure there is a shabby chic kind of décor in the entire living room by bringing in more tones blues and baby pinks in order to enhance the slipcovered sofas.

    1. Distressed Furniture

    Add weathered, vintage furniture pieces to your white themed décor. Incorporate more white furniture into your living room to highlight the white slipcovered sofa. For a feminine appeal, shop for items that have curved lines in vintage shops. Give all of them all a white shade, sand its edges gently, and ensure they are all related to each other visually. If you need to create a distressed look, apply a faux finish to the wood, through wiping a damp cloth that has an antique solution.

    1. Elegant Lighting

    To accentuate the shabby chic appearance, you can use vintage-inspired lighting. Add weight to the room by hanging a large crystal chandelier suspending from the ceiling. Use mercury glass-based type of lamps, and then top them with cream-colored lampshades. On both sides of the mirror or painting put crystal candlestick scones. All these will add a touch of light above seating area. You may want that soft glow in the whole living room and you can achieve this by placing the candles on white plate, finally, put them in a mirrored tray on your coffee table for that soft glow.

    1. Time-Worn Accessories

    Finally, add more touch to your feminine white interior themed decoration with more decorative accessories. Use a white-framed kind of antique mirror in the living room wall space so as to reflect light. Back to your white slipcovered sofas, add a couple of pink, baby ruffled pillows. On both sides of the table, you can place at least three black and white or silver-plated photos on both sides of the table. Roses come in handy in shabby chic living rooms, so, bring in a pink-hued rose painting just above your white slipcovered sofa to clearly define the room’s focal point. Complete your décor with a bouquet of pink rose preferably in a silver vase. Finally, set up your coffee table to the elegant romantic design of your living room.

    In conclusion, people see interior decoration as an expensive affair but it isn’t. Simply change the slipcovers first keeping in mind that sofas occupy the largest space of the living room.

    Sofas have always been the main article found on many living rooms of homes worldwide, and if it is part of a room then it is also one of the things to be given emphasis when it comes to interior decoration. Slipcovers are about the most common and the easiest way of breathing life to a lifeless sofa, adding that finishing touch that would give a sense of completeness to you living rooms.

    Classic sofa slipcover
    Color or a color scheme is one of the primary aspects of slipcovers. Choosing the right color for your sofa is one thing, but you should also consider the immediate environment in which the sofa will be placed into. Does the theme of the slipcover for my sofa match the theme of the room? Do these colors compliment well with the surrounding colors of the room? Would it get the right ambience that the room needs? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself when choosing a slipcover for your sofa.

    Original jean sofa slipcover
    Figuring out the right fabric to use should be your secondary priority. This applies not only to the durability of the fabric that you are going to choose, but also to its sensitivity to light. Generally, shiny fabric is not recommendable on certain sofas, but this may not always be the case. Regardless, the fabric to be used would still have to be of considerable durability, nobody really wants designing a sofa only to find out that it was ripped off the next day by your dog or by a hyperactive toddler.

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    A Piano

    A Piano for the Spacious Living Room | Decorating Visita Casas

    When we learn to decorate intelligently, we always end up leaving space. We do not need a minimalist decoration to take full advantage of all the square meters of our room, but then the question arises. What could you add? Well, here we will tell you how to use one of the best alternatives for that spacious room, a piano.

    That is; the piano as a decorative element goes beyond any other musical instrument. Even as a musical instrument it is beyond the others because of its complexity.

    However; it is important that you know how to integrate it into your décor. So pay attention and admire the following photo gallery that will surely fill you with creative inspiration.

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    Fireplace Mantle

    A Guide to Buying Fireplace Mantels | Decorating Visita Casas

    Fireplace Mantels are one of the most important decorative factors of our house, but not for the visitors who come to admire our decoration; but for the members of our family who observe it day by day.

    The fireplaces are by themselves one of the places in the home that most lends itself to share a moment of intimacy and reflection. All together around the heat of the fire, or just one staring at the flames; that kind of moment can not be had in another part of the house in such an intimate way.

    Today we show you how to decorate that beautiful place in your home.

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    Stick It, Plaster It, Hang It: Wall Accents for Your Home

    Just like painters have canvas as their creativity outlet, home owners can utilize their empty living spaces to express their art ideas. Your interior walls are ideal places for putting awards, things that have sentimental values to you, or anything else that is appealing to look at. Anything hanging on your wall is normally a great conversation starter with your guests. Wall accents will also tell people about who you are in terms of style.

    [one_half_first]For wall accents to be appealing, there are two things that must be put into consideration: the owner’s personality and the home style. In order to minimize mishaps as you decorate your home with wall accents, it is important to de-classify your home’s style. Keep in mind that, the wall accents should always complement with your house and at the same time reflect you.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

    The renaissance paintings are ideal for Victorian kind of houses. Detailed gothic pictures in huge frames will give out that elegant and classic touch. In case you’ve got small rooms, you can use a huge mirror to channel the paintings in the kitchen and living room and thereby making the room appear bigger than it really is.

    How do you find your decorating style?

    Even as you go out there to decorate your home with wall accents, it is important to know your preferences and style. The truth is, majority of the people are not aware of this and actually know what they want when they see it. For instance, you may have been attracted by a yellow and brown paint combination that you saw at your friend’s place. The next thing you do is to copy paste it in your home. The following tips will enable you to find out your decorating style.

    1. Come up with a list of questions that will lead you towards discovering your tastes and preferences. Ask yourself:
    • What is my favorite color? This will enable you to know your color taste, balance, arrangement and form.
    • Is there sufficient space for you to make the improvement and changes that you want to make?
    • What is that one thing about the house that appeals to you the most? It is basically similar to a dress; you’ve got to think about the most appropriate one for certain occasion.
    1. Research online or go out and observe.
    • Do a thorough online research on the various unique decorating styles out there. You will obviously learn these techniques after a number of clicks. But if you are an outgoing person, it is actually better to go out there in the field and see for yourself. This way, you will have an opportunity to personally observe the various interior decorating styles. You can thereafter apply whatever you have learned in your house.
    1. Come up with a reasonable budget for your wall accents.
    • It is very important to budget before implementing your plan. This enables you to come up with a sizeable plan that will eventually lead.
    1. Keep your house space in mind.
    • Before you move out there to purchase the various house appliances and furniture, it is important to think about the size of your house. This is one factor that majority of the people take for granted. They end up buying huge appliances and furniture that’s beyond the size of their space.
    1. Have confidence in implementing the things you have on your mind.
    • The biggest setback here would be the fear of outcome. Don’t be afraid of trying and failing. Do whatever you have in your head and you won’t go wrong.

    The above tips will be a great guide in helping you make a decision as you choose a wall accent. Doing something you love just by yourself makes you feel better.

    Best Wall Accents

    Once you have followed the above tips, it will be very easy to choose a personality that will change your home appearance. Putting a cutting-edge or old masterpiece in your dining room or living room allows you to brag off about your artistic prowess to your visitors and friends. The following are some of the choices and tips on how to use them.

    The Great Painters

    If legendary artistic work is your taste, then you’ll definitely love the great work of timeless masters like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Claude Monet. They surely add an artistic touch to your home. Use the works of Michelangelo, da Vinci, as well as other masters to beautify your personal library or living room and probably grace your living room with the beautiful work of Monet. In case you have a taste for the modern trends, you may probably add Kandinsky or Picasso.

    Since not all paintings are meant to last forever, you may consider buying purchasing paintings that have come with fade-resistant and other preservation techniques.

    Children’s Wall Art

    You can improve your children’s room by adding children’s wall art. It should not be something complicated, basically anything relating to children. This may include things like simple shapes, bright colors, and fun figures that may impress the young generation. To help customize your child’s bedroom, hang a gender-themed photograph or probably a gender neutral piece within the playroom. Motivate your children by hanging motivation pictures or one with a variety of sayings.

    Wall Photography

    Do not limit yourself on paintings alone, there is a lot you can put on your walls. You can diversify the collections on your wall by acquiring any of the many artistic photographs that are out there.

    Framed pictures of intriguing figures or various images of nature can add a great touch on your hallway or home office. For a contemporary room, you can either use a canvas style photograph or a framed picture that complements the room color.

    Contemporary Wall Art

    This type of art ranges from city life pictures, nature or abstract pictures. Some concentrate on a small area and it’s a great way of appreciating the little things life and maintaining your color concept. To keep your room looking simple but with stark contrast, black and white will be the best. Other wall art pictures that have sharp colors in the midst of smooth, simple shapes of your contemporary décor can also be applied.

    You can also think about adding an impressive canvas on top of your bed or couch to create a modern type of bedroom or living room or probably a five-part piece in order to decorate a large living area.

    Vintage Wall Art

    If you have a taste for the good old days, make your selection from a number of wall décor in order to maintain the best moments of the past in the present. Printings of flags, vehicles can create character and personality of your bedroom, traditional kitchen, or workshop. You can even go further and create “nostalgia” room for purposes of entertainment.

    Metal Wall Art

    The metal type of wall art will add a variety and intrigue to your existing collection, and it helps you come up with beautifully customized displays. For contemporary kind of rooms, add metal wall hangings. These can vary from intricate trees and insects to interesting abstract shapes. Huge wall stickers create fun to game room, a garage, or entertainment room. For fast installation and removal, consider self-adhesive, vinyl stickers. Once applied on pure white walls, vinyl stickers will provide you with a paint appearance.

    Accent Wall with Wood Pallets

    As much as the wood pallet craze could be waning, this kind of accent wall is still unbeatable. Depth, visual interest, character, and warmth is what you get from this wall accents.

    Stone Accent Wall

    Stone accent walls are not only sophisticated and rich they also give that calming experience. It is rare to go wrong with stone materials in décor, but when used as accent wall, the effect is even more stunning. Flat cut stones are ideal for a relatively narrow but tall wall.

    Set up an Artsy Bookshelf

    Provide your blank wall with a museum-like bookshelf full of collected treasures and different reading materials. You can elevate this library in order to have custom made steel-and-oak leading you to the library.

    Hanging a Tapestry

    Also known as the Mexican tree house, this wall accent comes with a living room full of worldly charm, mostly differentiated from the rest by a tapestry made from traditional Bhutanese man’s robe and placed on the wall. You can create more charm by adding wild designer furniture from Knoll or Ligne Roset.

    Focal Feature Accent Wall

    For a living room that has a central point, like a fireplace, you can easily turn the whole wall into an extension this focal point through making it an accent wall. A different wallpaper, paint color, or lighting layouts will change this ordinary wall into the backbone of the whole space.

    The Staircase Accent Wall

    The space closer to the staircase is usually tallest in the whole house and should therefore be utilized to the fullest. Since the wall is too long, and you cannot decorate the whole of it and it’s therefore advised to create an accent wall of a standout color.

    If painters have their canvas as outlet for creativity, homeowners have the empty spaces of their dwellings to use as clean slate to express art. Interior walls are the perfect areas to put up things that might be any of the following: pieces that have sentimental value, awards, or pieces that simply look interesting to gaze at. Wall accents amp up your interior design.

    Lovely apple shaped kitchen accentsThings posted on walls are usually good conversation starters with house guests. Wall accents also reflect the style of the homeowner. Of course, to make wall accents “effective”, we should consider two important elements: the style of the home and the personality of the homemaker. Here are some things to consider when putting up wall accents for your home. To avoid making decoration mishaps, especially with wall accents, de-classify the style of your home. Remember: your wall accents must complement the style of the house; however, what you place on your walls must also reflect you and not just the house itself.

    Wall accents for the kitchen
    For Victorian type houses, Renaissance paintings are must-haves. Gothic photographs in large frames with lots of details will also give that classic and elegant touch. To make a room appear more spacious, a big mirror channeling the Victorian era places in the kitchen or living room (those with intricate carvings and details) will do the trick. Hanging candelabras will also provide the vibe of being inside a castle or a European manor. You can also replace an old mirror and convert it to a photo frame for a change.

    Wall accents need not be new or expensive

    Modern type homes usually have solid block colors and are perfect for movie posters mounted on crisp-looking frames. Wallpapers rob the walls of its openness for various designs so it’s best to stick to solid colors if you have a lot of art to hang. Large-print stencils with bold designs and complementary colors would also give that added oomph. For example, a wall painted white could instantly come to life by painting on black retro circle prints and pin-up posters from the 50’s. Get the kids involved by encouraging them to place handprints on the walls of their rooms

    Celing decorationWall accents decor need not be new or expensive and they should not be confined to visual art. If, for example, you’re the thirsty traveler, you can dedicate an entire wall to your souvenirs placed on wooden plank. For the musically inclined, your wall could have a collage of lyrics or old vinyl records. If you’re a student, combine fun and functionality by putting up decorated cardboard instead of a corkboard. Have fun and experiment. Wall accents, like the other parts of your home, reflect you. Let the walls do the talking with unique wall accents.

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    Tips on How to Hang a Heavy Picture, Shadowbox or Rug

    Hanging heavy objects such as large picture with frames, shadowbox, or a rug can pose some serious problems for the amateur room designer. However, there is no need to fret. If you are faced with this problem, there are a variety of solutions that you can use to solve it easily.

    The first thing you need to do is to understand the problem. Heavy objects can’t be hung easily because, well, they are heavy. The type of wall that the object is supposed to be hung on also greatly affects the outcome. Using the right tools and screws would not really matter if the wall they are attached to is the one that gives way when the heavy object is placed. You can’t expect that large, heavy mirror to stay in place either if you did not use the right tools to hold it up. To make sure none of your precious items fall and break after you hang them, you should pay close attention to the type you are hanging the item on and the tools you are using to hang it up.

    There are various tools used for hanging heavy objects. They are all strong enough to keep heavy objects in place even though some are made of metal while others are made of plastic. The key here is to use the right tool for the right job. These tools were designed to accomplish a specific task; thus, if you use the wrong tool for a job, chances are it would not hold up for long.

    If the object you want to hang comes with brackets, check to see if the brackets are right for the object. Although they are supposed to be the right ones, mistakes can always happen; and you would not want your mirror breaking into a million pieces or your brand new slim TV crashing to the floor because of somebody else’s mistake, would you? If you have any doubts about the capability of the bracket to hold your item, make a trip to the hardware store and get heavy duty ones that would put you at ease. It’s definitely worth the effort.

    When you have your brackets or screws ready, locate for studs on the wall that you want to hang the item on. Wall studs are the sturdy pieces of wood that were used to frame the wall. Finding these are important because these pieces are the strongest points available on the wall and it is here that you should anchor your screws and brackets. After you have located the studs, see if the brackets you have can attach to at least two studs. If they can, then you are ready to attach your brackets. Use a level tool to make sure that the brackets you install line up. Uneven installation of the brackets can also lead to objects falling off the wall.

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