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I love writing about interior design.

How to Detect Cat Urine on Carpet

Having a household cat can truly be nerve-wracking especially when you always have to take care of its mess around the house. With its unpleasant odor, cat urine not only spreads the foul smell but also affects your hygiene. While many cats tend to urinate almost anywhere, most of them love to do it on […]

How to Clean CD Scratches

These days, CDs have been replaced by a number of other more technologically advanced tools such as the USB and mp3 players. The trend of downloading movies, music and games has also reduced the popularity of CDs. Nonetheless, there are still some CD aficionados out there. To some, CDs have a charming and reminiscent quality […]

How to Clean CDs with Toothpaste

Despite the charm and old-time cool that CDs have, it is undeniable that they can be difficult to maintain. As they are made of a thin, specialized form of plastic, they are generally easily scratched. Unfortunately, as many CD owners probably already know, even just a single scratch on a CD can cause its contents […]

How to Combat Condensation

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, causing water droplets to appear. Though for some, the concept of condensation may be confined to long forgotten science books and notebooks, for others, condensation poses as a daily problem. In fact, statistics say that condensation is among the most persistent problems […]

How to Clean Cat Urine

Cats are lovable creatures that make faithful pets to a great number of people. Unfortunately, as many cat owners may already well know, cats tend to urinate in different areas of the house. While it is no real problem when a cat urinates on marbled, tiled or stone floors, it may become an issue when […]

How to Clean a Keyboard Laptop

It is often said that the dirtiest part of the human body is the hands, and this is most likely true. Our hands are usually the part of our body that comes into contact with the most number of items on a daily basis and hence hold the greatest variety of miniature foreign particles and […]

How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes

While true artistry is something people can only be born with, a good artist would be nowhere without a few good materials. Good paint and good paintbrushes are fundamental in creating artistic masterpieces but unfortunately, they may also be quite expensive. Although good paint can only last so long, good paintbrushes can last a lifetime, […]

How to Clean a Plasma Screen

One of the perks of a plasma screen TV is that it provides clear and quality pictures when watching different TV programs. Unfortunately, dirt and other foreign marks and particles on the TV’s plasma screen could compromise the high quality of the pictures. In order to make the most out of one’s plasma screen TV […]

How to Clean a Fish Tank

Keeping a fish tank does not end in buying one and setting it up. There is actually more to maintaining it to ensure that everything is safe for your fish. Once you have found out that your fish tank is in chaos, it is best to do appropriate actions. Wondering how to clean fish tank […]

How to Clean Vomit Out of Carpet

Many people consider the carpet as one of the main centrepieces of a room. It can compliment or contrast one’s wall paint and decor as well as provide a stylish surface for equally stylish furniture. Unfortunately, as important a carpet is to the balance and feel of a room, it is also one of the […]

How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

These days, air conditioners are more or less common place. They can be found in many homes and offices and are almost necessities in malls and other enclosed public areas. As they are not exactly cheap appliances, air conditioners must be well maintained and taken care of so that they may continuously be used in […]

How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Every laptop owner must know how to clean a laptop screen. Over time, the laptop screen may accumulate dust, finger prints and smudges. This can be an eye sore and hamper your view. Also, maintaining your laptop’s cleanliness will help prolong its life somehow. The first thing you do is get a lint-free cloth, distilled […]

How to Become Organized

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your room? Can’t find those keys you just placed somewhere above the desk or the drawers? Do you find that you don’t have enough time to do this and that? Well, it’s about time to learn to be organized! How to become organized could be easy, if you are up […]

How to Clean Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Isn’t it fulfilling to start each morning with a cup of coffee? Those who love coffee surely have made it possible for them to keep a coffee maker in the kitchen. But then again, much like any other appliance that comes worn and torn, a coffee maker deserves frequent cleaning. While many coffee lovers simply […]

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Being a fashion designer seems to be an overrated career. It seems to be a dream out of reach for some. There are people out there with the talent and passion, but can’t afford to go to prestige fashion design schools. If they really want to pursue this career, the first thing you need is […]

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

What is a day without some time spent in the shower room? But after having a good time with a fresher feeling and a cleaner body, you have to take note of that glass door that is full of residue buildups. Much like any rooms in your house, the shower room also needs attention to […]

How to Avoid Accidents in the Garage

A home accident does not necessarily have to occur inside the house for you to be cautious enough and take extra measures on improving your housekeeping. While, there are truly many accidents that happen inside the house itself, there are also accidents that happen in the garage. That part of your house that seems to […]

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