plastic hanger

Do you want to move your plastic hanger?

There is no doubt that plastic hanger is definitely the best ally to be able to hoist all our paintings and decorative elements of the bathroom or kitchen without opening holes in the walls. Whether plastic hanger strap or magic plastic hanger, it is thanks to this practical option that many people have been able to save large amounts of money on minor repairs after completing a lease.

But what would you do if I told you that you can still save more? Even the expense of painting can stop being a problem; you just need to know how to remove plastic hangers so they do not leave a trace. If you want to know how to do it, then, do not stop reading this article until the end.

First of all, why should not you use more nails?

[one_half_first]Small repairs are definitely a factor in every home that; when they pile up, can quickly ruin our budget. It is what is known as the snowball effect; where small things accumulate and end up becoming a big problem. That is why the need arose for an alternative to the nails and screws on the wall; especially on the more delicate walls such as the bathroom. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

plastic hanger
plastic hanger

And, although there are many more options as much or more efficient than the plastic hanger tape; the people found in it an almost perfect solution. This is because, although the repairs were not so expensive, and the job positioning them did not bother the neighbors with the sound of a drill. The traces of them were more visible than the holes; And much more horrendous.

But how could it be solved without ruining the painting and often the wall? For there are several alternatives; although we will tell you the two most efficient: First you will learn how to remove the traces, then we will explain what kind of plastic hangers you should be using today.

Everything with the final objective of you to stop opening more holes in the wall, we are in the XIX century; it’s time to modernize your techniques.

3 Options to remove plastic hanger

There are three very effective ways to remove remaining debris after removing a plastic hanger strap; but first let’s see how you can remove the tape more efficiently.

For this you will need the following materials:

  • Hair dryer
  • Knife or spatula
  • Olive oil

Many people use only a knife or spatula to quickly remove the plastic hanger. However, it is there that they comment on the first error; which often ends up meaning more repairs or a new coat of paint. The key is to patiently remove the plastic hanger strap and for this you can use two powerful allies in this task; one you get in your kitchen and the other in your bathroom or room.

Olive oil (although there are other more efficient oils) is excellent for sliding between the wall and glue; Works as a lubricant and, combined with the heat, you will get an almost perfect peel off the first try. The heat applied by the hair dryer is excellent for removing vinyl or stickers left by children; not only on the wall, also works on the wood of the doors or the glass of the mirrors.

So if you have a decorative vinyl that you no longer like, you know the most efficient technique to remove them! But let’s continue talking about plastic hanger straps. Remember to apply heat to the dryer very closely, and you will not need to use too much oil; maybe a small amount similar to 10 drops may suffice.

Remove Adhesive Rests with Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol tops the list because it is the most economical and easy to get when you want to eliminate traces of glue. In addition, it does not cause any damage to the paint and is not a chemical that requires special handling.

It is perfect for the walls in the bass and, if you have previously applied the technique of hot air and olive oil; then ethyl alcohol is the perfect alternative for those small remains.

Alcohol + Fabric Softener

The second option you will find is the same ethyl alcohol but this time in combination with another element at home: the softener. Although there is no exact portion of each at the time of mixing, a ratio of 50:50 will be more than sufficient.

This technique was discovered when we wanted to remove the wallpaper in a house; Thanks to this combination, we were able to get rid of all the paper on the wall with almost no trace left. Obviously it was necessary to apply the new coat of paint. But if you want a more effective solution because alcohol does not seem to turn out to be 100%; here is the one that may be right for you.


The third and last option, to remove all traces of glue on the walls definitely after getting rid of your plastic hanger. Turpentine is less aggressive than thinner; however, that does not mean that your painting will not be compromised.

This is why it is best to use it on surfaces where traces of glue remain after removing a plastic hanger; but not a surface covered with paint.

The walls of the bathroom or the glass are some of the surfaces that best serve as an example where it could be used. Especially in the internal glasses of the cars; since the traces of glue are difficult to erase.

Use plastic hangers that are easy to remove

There are several products that are designed not only for a firm grip, hold a lot of weight; and be invisible. They are also easy to remove. That is, although there is a clear trace after removing them from the surface in which they were; this debris can be easily cleaned.

There are many brands available of this type of products; one of the most recommended, are the products of the famous brand 3M. These are the favorites of many people because they leave virtually no trace; Of course they are not the cheapest alternative you can find in the market.

Final Tips

Although final objective is to save us the hard work of opening holes, disturbing the neighbors with so much noise; and avoid having to spend on repairs. You should be aware that not everything can be held by plastic hangers. It is true that some of them are so powerful; which can hold heavy mirrors.

However, before running the risk of a huge, heavy mirror crashing against the floor of the house; it is best to open two or a hole in the wall and place a firmer grip point.

After all, there are many ways to seal those annoying holes in the wall; here at Decorating Visita Casas we have several tutorials about it that you might want to see.

You do not have to spend so much money on repairs if you follow the advice we give you in our articles; so dare to read and let us know how you found this information.


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replacement windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows: Cutting-Edge Window Technology

Replacement windows are specifically named and are different from newly-constructed windows because they are not actually take the old window away; you just reinforce them with another material, either for an aesthetic finish, for added strength or endurance, or both (unlike newly-constructed windows, where you literally rip-off the old window and totally replace it). There are many kinds of materials used for replacement windows; but depending on the require finish, you may have to stick to one of the kind of material for you home.

Aside from wood, vinyl has been one of the most popular materials for replacement window use of as late; because of its structural stability and general smooth texture. It is also this apparent compatibility to replacement window use that makes it perfect; especially when you want to create a nice clean finish that is incomparable to other kinds of materials, such as aluminum. And you can install it by yourself; if you want to know how, just keep reading this article until the end.

Everything about the Vinyl Replacement Windows

[one_half_first]Vinyl used as a material for replacement windows has been known as one of the most efficient in terms of noise and energy reductions; again compared to most other materials used on windows. The plastic-like structure of vinyl also keeps the room warm during winter and cool during summer, when combined with an air conditioning unit. But you have to be very alert when acquiring one; there are many scams to the order of the day and it is very easy to fall into them. Also, before you spend money on asking a “specialist” to install a new window; you should consider installing it yourself. So let’s start by identifying a quality window.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Keys to Buying a Real Vinyl Replacement Windows

Already stop buying white windows

Most people when they hear the words Vinyl Replacement Windows think “a white window would look perfect here”; It is true that white is the color of minimalism par excellence, but white windows look really cheap and poor quality.

Vinyl can sag

A lot of vinyl windows will tend to sag and heat, so be aware of that.

Beware of bait and switch

Advertising flyers would say “Windows installed from $99”; but once you go to them, they will tell you that the window they speak of is a 1’X1 ‘which can look good in the bathroom.

Once you ask for a more normal size window, they will tell you that the price is $300. So, it is best to note that no one has bought one of these windows for $99; but do not fall into that kind of baits.

Single hung is a step down from double hung

Many companies will tell you that a single hung window is more expensive than a double hung window; it may be true in that store, but it is not the absolute truth. Study the offers in the market before making a decision.

Mechanically fastened is lowest quality

A lot of these Windows are welded in the corners while others are mechanically fastened; but these last ones are always a bad option when it comes to quality. That is why you will always see offers from them.

Low E is good, but be aware of the price

It is good that you have low E in your windows, but do not let them overload your price in an exaggerated way; the same goes for Argon.

Beware of aggressive close tactics

Once you say “okay, thanks for your time, I’ll think about it”; Most marketers will jump like a tiger and tell you something like “if you buy it today, you will get an additional 10% discount.”

Depending on the initial price, it might be worth it. But remember that the installation price starting 2000; was around $200 – $230. Today, there are unethical companies that will want to charge you up to $ 1000 for a double hung window.

In addition, you can have sellers lower their prices even 6 times; so the key is to be as aggressive and subtle as them.

Installing the Vinyl Replacement Window

The first step is to measure the window in different spots; so you have a good idea of what you are dealing with. Just remember that houses that have been built in the ’50s or even’ 60s; they may have three-quarter inch plywood on the outside instead of half-inch plywood, which is the standard measure nowadays.

The vast majority of windows come with an installation kit; but obviously you need some materials not included. The most important element of all these is polyurethane foam.

If you are replacing a solid wood window whose fence is in good condition; then you could reuse that same element for the installation of the new window. However, if it is fixed very uncomfortably or if it is very heavy; you can use a saw to cut it several times and be able to remove it more easily.

Once the picture on the wall is clear of debris and clear; you can continue with the installation of the window. And the most important step before starting is to place the handles in the window but without screwing them.

The window technology will determine what the installation process will look like hereafter; you may need to screw in the structure, or perhaps you have elements that allow you to place it under pressure. At this point, you may need the help of another person while you take care of leveling the window; everything will depend on the size of the window you are installing.

Now you only need to moisten the edges of the window so that the polyurethane foam has better adhesion; the drying time varies by manufacturer, but usually is one hour.

Do not skimp on foam; remember that it will also work as a sound insulation.

Final Tips

Although not strictly necessary; it is a good idea to use the small pieces of vinyl to seal the holes left in the frame after using the drill.

Remember that you must insulate the edges of the frame when making the last repairs to the wall; all this in order to have a good conservation of the temperature and to isolate of the external noises.

So it is good that you cover every opening, only then you can say that the final work is ready. Always perform the sealing process first on the inside, then on the outside.

If the replacement window allows you, then make it as light as possible; remove all parts you do not need at the time of installation. Just by applying this little trick you can even turn a two-person job into one-person work.

Always use masking tape when applying sealing foam to the new window or any other element; especially in the outer zone. If your outer wall is made of bricks, you will notice that several types of sealant will be needed; so you need to cover the window frame, otherwise you will spoil the frame and aesthetics of your new window.


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Hallways of most homes are usually left undecorated

Sadly, in Western culture the detail of decorating the hallways is completely ignored; many people spend their time, money and creativity on large or significant stays. However, it is obvious that however small the space of the entrance corridor may be; there is always space for beauty, and to create an atmosphere that prepares the guest both to leave and to enjoy their arrival.

How are you going to decorate your hallway? Of course, you do not really decorate a hallway near a room that does not really have any general design or motif, like for example; Hallways leading to basement rooms or closets. But decorating hallways can be just as rewarding as the decorating rooms themselves. Artworks depicting sceneries and landscapes are some of the best artwork to use to spice up you hallways; and if you want something more than wall candles and framed art, you might consider going for the most unusual type of decoration. We have tons of ideas for your hallway; would you like to know some of them?

Learn how to have a beautiful home from start to finish

[one_half_first]Small metal sculptures, which can easily be drilled onto your hallways’ walls can give that style and elegance that wall candles can provide; and sometimes even better. Motifs for metal sculptures like flower or botanical life are the most commonly used metal sculptures. Just do not forget to blend them into your rooms’ general theme. Special techniques on decorating by means of playing on an area’s focal point can also be applied to decorating hallways.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]


Techniques like the wainscoting effect; Where you put your observer’s attention to the bottom half of the hallway’s walls rather than the entire wall itself, can be applied to further give style to your bland hallways.

But which technique is the best to choose? That is the most frequent question people ask; the second most frequent question is how much will it cost me? As we at Decorating Visita Casas we are accustomed to working with a tight budget; so do not worry, here we tell you all the secrets you need to know. Just remember the following: the hallway is the cheapest part of the house to decorate.

Identifying the type of aisle we have

The influence of form on decoration is something we cannot ignore; if we are in front of a straight corridor it could produce an overwhelming feeling of length. It may also be a corridor with an “L” end; In this case we do not have to worry about the depth unless it is very long, but the angle of rotation. This will be the one that attracts attention, so we must think of an element that allows you to appreciate it well from both directions.

The width is also important, if it has more than 1.2 meters; then we can place some furniture that allows us a space of at least 90 centimeters to walk freely. If you have a wide enough aisle, then you should consider recycling decorative elements; That is to say, to apply a decorative element of a stay to your corridor, thus you will maintain the harmony.

Some of these elements are:

  • Chests
  • Shelves
  • Shoemakers
  • Low Furniture
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Artworks

But remember that the corridors do not need furniture, their function is to communicate rooms; therefore, although the furniture you add may be functional, your main function will always be to decorate.

Lighting instead is very important in the corridors, there are many decorative possibilities that this gives us; but we have a point later focused solely on that aspect.

Optical illusions

The main problem when decorating a hallway is its length; greatly reducing the space to move you can create a feeling of suffocation or suffocation.

To avoid this, we must take into account some decorative tricks. The first one is to avoid the use of horizontal lines. Many people turn to wallpaper or other decorations on their walls; in the corridors it is necessary to take care of the subject of the orientation of the lines.

This rule also applies to lighting. If you choose to use fluorescent tubes, it is important not to place them in the direction of the corridor, this accentuates its length. Instead, if you place them perpendicular, you will make the corridor look brighter and shorter.

Wall fittings

Do not forget that any decorative element you place on the wall will be appreciated from a very short distance; to avoid a visual shock to anyone who admires it; you can use elements smaller than a painting.

In fact, you could skip the use of pictures and instead place small photographs; Items to hang things or the aforementioned chandeliers. Thus you will divide the distance of the corridor in different points of interest.


Although colors are a key element in decoration, the intensity of the tonalities will directly affect the spatial feeling. An intense color ceiling will appear to be located lower than it actually is; that is something that seldom interests.

Long walls should always be clear, so they will appear to be more separated; however, the end walls should be darker, or at least have darker complements.


The lighting should accentuate what we want to convey with our decoration. If we want to make a hallway look shorter, longer, taller, or have several points of interest; Lighting should reinforce that goal. If the bulbs illuminate towards the ceiling, you can create the feeling that the ceiling is actually higher; a very useful technique when you have a low ceiling.

Although applying the above concept to the inverse would make the ceiling look lower; the real way to deal with a very high ceiling is by placing a hanging lamp. Although you must take care of the width of the lamp, it is important that they always light down; so it will appear that the ceiling starts where the lamp is and not where it is fixed.

These lamps also help the corridors look wider; all you have to do is make sure they light up the walls. At this point we must talk about the candlesticks, it is true that they have the ability to “alter the ceiling height” but also the width of the hallway.

The less they protrude from the wall, the more efficiently they will fulfill their function of creating points of interest; since they will not be detracting from the corridor.

If you are lucky enough to have a natural light source that points directly to the aisle, take advantage of it! It is the perfect tool to create a good spatial division.

Place a plant, a chair and a reading table; Even if you will not use it, you will create a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere, as well as worship. All with a little natural light that can be reinforced at night by placing a lamp on the reading table or a lamp just above a candlestick.

What style is the most popular to decorate the hallways these days?

Nowadays the style is used a lot with minimal elements. Picture frames with thin black frames on a white wall. White and bright lights pointing from top to bottom and towards the walls. A long but not very wide table and, on the top of that, a plant with a message of welcome. It is the most economic and popular style, stands out for its versatility in allowing play with the tonalities of the decorative elements; and is characterized by being modular.

In any case, you should not bow to the most popular of the moment; Take advantage of the natural aura of your home and design a space with little money but with much love and hospitality.


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Hallway Makeovers: Introducing Design to Your Old, Boring Hallways

The Hallway of most homes are usually left undecorated. Not a strange fact, because their main function is to provide a way to other rooms in the house. But are they just limited to that purpose? Just being a passageway doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorated. Hallways also warrant proper decorating, just like any other part of any home.

The simplest way to decorate any hallway is to apply the same decorating theme of the adjacent rooms to the hallway itself. This could mean coloring the hallway to match the adjacent rooms’ theme or design. Common articles such as plants can also be put on your hallways, just make sure that they don’t get too much in the way. You can even paint the hallway walls with a different color than the rest of the rooms; but be sure that the color compliments the other rooms’ decorations nicely.

The entrance to your house also deserves to be beautiful

[one_half_first]Many people choose not to decorate the facade of the house or not to give much importance; either because of the weather or to maintain a low profile, the facade (including the door) is sometimes left out. However, what comes after the main door can no longer be considered facade or surface content. This is where most people misunderstand the hallway / hallway that precede the rest of the house.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

In fact, an undecorated hallway is the anteroom to a house; one well decorated is the antechamber to a home, and you already know the great difference that exists between a house and a home.

So if you want people to feel the aura of your home and feel welcome; here we will present several tips and tricks to decorate that space so far “dead” of your house.

Long, wide or small hallway?


Dimensions matter when decorating the hallway that precedes the rest of your house. It is very important that the free transit of all who arrive or leave is guaranteed; but without leaving the space empty.

Many times, we are not even talking about a true long hallway but rather use a 5 ‘square zone species. That allows us to include more elements, not only decorative but also functional.

In any case, what you should always try to have in the hallway of anteroom to your home; Are a series of functional elements that allow the guest to feel from the beginning, like at home.

A thin but ample table where to store the belongings is very well seen; while a place destined to leave the coats, umbrellas, hats and scarves, will add a touch of incomparable hospitality.

If you have enough space to place a table, then do not hesitate to add a plant on it; the green tone and the contact with nature will make you feel more welcoming the place.

And finally, another very important aspect is the intensity of the lighting. Try to be light; a warm light will allow them to talk for a few more minutes before saying goodbye without feeling uncomfortable.

Choosing a Style

If just copying the other rooms’ theme is not enough for you or if you want a more functional way of decorating your hallways; you may want to try putting small decorations on the walls. Objects like wall candles add that stunning elegance and beauty, and with that faint flickering light; Adds an ambience that you can never feel with any other decorating style in your home.

On the other hand, if the decorative style of your house is a minimalist style, then you could make an aura of Genkan; Taking the Japanese style guides, you could create the perfect multicultural and minimalist environment.

Economic elements to decorate the hallway

The economy is something very important to consider, you can have a cozy and elegant space and at the same time save. Or at least not overspend.

When we think about economic elements but that continue to cause a great visual impact, we have to take into account mainly the illumination.

Beyond the intensity of illumination; the quality of the main hall lamp could immediately define the feelings we want to convey to our guests.

It is important that you take into account the height of the ceiling and the distance from the light output to the main door. A very ostentatious lamp will make people feel oppressed just entering the house; while a very small one will simply go unnoticed.

But if you invest the most of your budget in the decorative aspect of lighting, you will immediately notice a change in the hallway; and from there you can choose what other items to add.

As always, plants are very economical and decorative. You can also consider adding a mirror; As long as it is not directly in front of the door, it should not be left behind when the door is opened.

Does the dynamic change if it is an apartment?

The short answer to this concern that many people usually have is yes, yes it changes. Why exactly? Well, having an apartment, you must consider another very important aspect: the panoramic view.

The apartments have an additional decorative element, and it is a bird’s eye view. Whether it’s in the city, neighborhood or a natural landscape.

The detail is that, if the aisle has as a purpose a window from which you can see the view as soon as you enter; it is important that the decorative arrangement you implement is in harmony with that view.

This can be really complex, especially when the colors of the view change at night. At this point, you should not only take into account the corridor only, but that point that people observe at the end as they walk.

A good way to maintain harmony is by combining the colors and shades of the furniture or other decorative elements that you have placed; with the curtains that dress the windows that people see when they arrive.

Creating this harmony will make it easier to tolerate transition, not just from the moment the person leaves the elevator to enter your apartment; But from leaving the hall to enter the room.

Final details to beautify the hallway

The decorative elements to take into account and that will give a beautiful aspect to your corridor is:

Wall cladding: These will add character and better plot the way to decorative level; People will feel welcome and guided by the same walls.

A table with drawers: Allow your guests to leave all their belongings in a safe and invisible place. That way you will forget about them and you will really enjoy them.

A place for coats: Even if your guests do not wear coats; having a place of easy access to them and to the umbrellas will allow you to offer them one in such case that the climate requires it. They will feel well taken care of until the end and will have one more reason to return.

Pictures or photographs: Being able to appreciate art as soon as it arrives will create a sense of calm and tranquility in people’s minds. Just be sure not to overdo it with the frames, especially if the hallway is not very wide.

A plant: As with frames, try not to be too overwhelming in size, especially not to avoid walking freely. But remember that, however small the plant, it will always invite communion and help create an aura where one breathes life.


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How to Trap the positive energy in your home

A home is not just a roof over your head, home roots deeper than a mere place to shelter your family. How you make your home reflects the motivation that you choose to live with, that life provides you with your daily living. Before you disagree and think this to be a narrow thought, a biased perspective learning for the people who can afford the necessary materials to create a well-designed home, how you make your home goes further than the right furniture for your dining table or the right painting to purchase for your living room.

What are sources of positive energy?

[one_half_first]How you make your home reflects the motivation that you choose to live with. Are the things around your home decorated according to you? Do they satisfy you? If not, what did you do about it? Did you leave that spill of soda on your ten-year-old rug? Did it take you long to clear the fridge of food spoiled for weeks? Yes, the fridge counts.

A home is a mural for you to create. How much you earn does not get in the way of a wonderful home to live in. What is important is your power to create. The essence of the home is that it is the place where we reset the day, a fountain of restoration and rejuvenation. Since you can choose to create a home, you have the power to provide yourself the energy you need every day.


Tips to create the positive energy in your home

To provide you with the ideas of creativity, the following are thirteen (13) humble suggestions not just to create the energy you need every day but also to keep it.

Provide your rooms with more of daylight

There is nothing more vibrant than a bright and well-lit room. The reach of sunlight is immensely far that it can make every detail of the room stand out, even without the right angle. Light from the sun is a cost-effective source of energy that can lighten up any mood.

You can provide your rooms with better daylight by having wider windows. Use different sizes of windowpanes for a more creative look. Another tip: You do not have to follow the shape of a box for the whole window

  • Make parts of your roof see-through. However, be careful not to use entirely transparent materials because they can be annoying during sunny days.
  • Display at least one mirror in every room. Mirrors are effective decorations that reflect light efficiently, which can provide your room with more light, day and night. Another tip: Vary the size of the mirror according to scale

Separate your rooms with curtains or other material that are not walls

Every room can be connected in a profound way. The energy found in one room can resonate to another. It is at your discretion to include your bedrooms. If you think this idea can breach your privacy, then do not follow it.

This idea is highly effective in houses with more than one living room, or with other customized rooms. Not only that it widens the illusion of space for every room, but it also provides the idea that a room can be and can have more than one room. Another tip: You can have a library in your living room, but cover it with a curtain when not in use

Fill everything with anything

Do not leave a single wall blank. Put even the smallest surface areas to great use. Literally display your story by decorating your walls with pictures, your best moments and memories. This way, you can recreate and relive the energy that was before.

A picture can write a thousand words, but a few words can also paint a thousand pictures. Chalk your way through your walls and write your favorite quotes. A single glance at any one of these quotes can remind you of what you believe in and what you hope for in your life. Use chalk with creative fonts, and you will see how this can be very refreshing with every glance.

Be a friend of nature

There is nothing more Zen than nature. Display at least a single plant on each table, preferably of different species. Have some parts of your ceiling with vines hanging. Another tip: Take these plants and vines as center points of each room

Your home is a place of tranquility. What more to make it as effective as it is with nature?

Decorate your source of light

Choose lamps that protrude far from the ceiling and decorate them with anything. Place your lamps where light matters the most. You do not have to emulate the light from the day to the mood in the night. Every night has its purpose. Every night has its own source of energy. Sit down and relax from a hard day’s work and you will find what the night has to offer.

Have pillows with different sheets

There is always that one pillow which you always hang on to. However, you can always create the illusion of variety with pillows with different sheets. Hang on to a pillow, and maybe tomorrow you will hang on to another pillow depending on your mood. It might be reasonable to ask how hanging on to a different pillow can mean having a different mood, but this exercise can reflect your ability to be flexible on your energy.

Have the power to create your own mood, and you can let your energy flow freely anytime.

Use glass jars as a creative alternative to containers

Discard the original containers when you bought those goods from the store or from the mall and transfer them to glass jars. The alternative is a great way of creating the idea of purity in your goods. They look presentable and cleaner this way. Another tip: The jars do not have to be colorless.

Pattern your colors for every room

Have a common base color for your curtains, sofas, sheets, and rugs, etc. but with different designs. Having a variety of colors is reasonable as well, but here, the point is from a variety of patterns. Variety in any way is a great way of making a simple room look vibrant.

Have a higher ceiling for your living room

There is much value in space, whether horizontal or vertical. A bigger living room can resonate more light. It provides you and your guests a comfortable place to breathe, and in turn, you can share the energy of your home to them.

Smooth and clean rugs for your rooms

If it is a dirty or an unattractive rug, then do not display it. Do not underestimate the space that a single rug can cover and the emotions it can stimulate. The point of a rug is to have a sense of intimacy in the living room, and if it does not help in that intimacy, then you is better off with the floor.

Use ceiling to floor curtains

The purpose of curtains is not just to cover the window. You can use the curtains in the way that theaters use them; they serve mainly as backdrops. A short curtain can awkwardly leave a part of the wall hanging like it seems to lack something. Energy must not lack to be efficient. Long curtains fill the gap in a way that is soothing to the eyes.

Have a collage of paintings

As was mentioned before, a home is a mural you create. What more to realize this idea than an actual mural on the walls. A painting can stimulate emotion the same way pictures, and quotes do. The main difference in a painting is that it is someone else’s work. Emotion is energy. You derive a sense of borrowed energy, and you make that energy your own.

Have a different living room for personal uses

A personal living room can be smaller, and it provides the hobbies you enjoy. It might be a family room with a mini theater, a gaming area, or a library, etc. There is intimacy between yourself and the things you enjoy doing. It is where you expend energy, but at the same time, you let it rejuvenate yourself.

Whether your own sense of creativity and resourcefulness is abundance or minimalism, genuine creativity are the ideas and things you choose to create, and you choose to enjoy. Life is found with the things you made an effort to do, and the purpose of living is to immortalize your effort into things that grant energy to the next, that maybe a visitor or yourself the next day.

The essence of the home has a point to reset your life day by day, a place to go back to when everything seems to all go down. We always long for home, and the emotion it provides to us. Emotion is energy. There is no place like home.

Next, try to “trap” the positive energy in your home by covering windows and doors at the rear side that directly aligned with your front doors and windows. This way, you are preventing the positive energy from instantaneously leaving the house as soon as it enters.

Feng shui elementsBalance the flow of chi energy around you by balancing how the elements are present around you. If you have a strong yang field around you due to a strong affinity to the water element, you might want to balance it by using articles that are attributed to the fire element and articles attributed to wood. Having too much positive energy can make chi energy go out of control, so balancing them is very necessary. Using the articles attributed to the earth element can also help contain excess energies that the water element expels, as the earth acts as the water’s container to give it form. Metallic objects should be kept at a minimum, as it acts like magnet to the water element.

FengShui kitchenAfter you have established the flow of energy to move into you house through the front doors and windows, you now have to make them flow freely all around the house, much like a streaming body of water. Remove or rearrange articles of your home to make sure that the “stream” of chi energy does not get disrupted. Think that chi energy is actually a body of water that flows around the rooms. Check if there would be certain turbulences that would hinder its flow, and rearrange these hindrances to make the flow of chi energy flow freely again.

Hang Feng Shui chimes that invite positive energy

If there are furniture that are wrongly placed in terms of Feng Shui practice must be blocked to keep the negative energy out of the kitchen. You can do this by blocking it with the use of all types of barriers such as panels or curtains. Sharp objects must also be covered with mats or with cloth so as not to invite negative chi. You should also buy appliances or furniture that are of good quality because this brings positivity in the atmosphere. Things that are always broken or dysfunctional poses negative energy so better choose your things well. This will also affect the health energy in your kitchen so buy only those that are working properly.

Golden feng shui chimeHang Feng Shui chimes that invite positive energy. Better hang these chimes on the doors, windows, and other pathways because these are where positive chi pass by and stay. If possible, place fortune plants around your kitchen that will bring fortune not only as wealth but also in the family’s health. These are just some of the Feng Shui principles that you must consider when you arrange and decorate your kitchen. Just follow these Feng Shui furniture placement ideas for the kitchen to always be surrounded with positive energy and bring the best effects for your beloved family’s wealth and health.

Positive Energy for your Kitchen

Many people, whether Chinese or not, still believe in Feng Shui. It is a continuously practiced oriental art that focuses on where to correctly place things for maximum energy. It lies on the belief that there should be harmony between nature and mankind. That is why even in the positioning of furniture or appliances at home, Feng Shui, for most families, must be consulted. As for the Feng Shui teachings for the kitchen, there must be four things to consider and these are Earth, wood, warmth, and plant. These are very essential to be considered because the kitchen is a key point for the families health and wealth.

FengShui kitchenNow, here are Feng Shui furniture placement ideas for the kitchen:
Focus on round. Yes, make everything in your kitchen round like your tables, countertops, couch or chairs, and even your sink. Everything in your kitchen must have something round in them. It is better if you avoid other shapes such as rectangle or shape but be sure you still have something round in them. Avoid pointed edges as much as possible. If it would be better if all the regularly used things in your kitchen would have arms. For example, chairs that you use for cooking must have arms so that you would feel comfort and convenience while doing your chores. Having a chair with a hard and solid back invites energy or the so called chi to remain in the entire kitchen.


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Cabinets Could be Recycled and Redecorated | Decorating Visita Casas

Many people consider that renovating the decor is somehow just moving forward. It is true that we are now facing a new concept. Something totally different or a better version of the old decoration; however, a decoration can be made from recycled elements, like cabinets.

Vintage style, Retro style and Hipster style. None of them was born from something new, but from a new conception of the old.
Here we will show you great ideas and techniques for redesigning your bathroom decor using old cabinets. Get ready to be amazed because what you will see below includes the use of many great recycling and DIY techniques!

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Window Decoration: A Look at some Window Treatments

Your windows can tell a lot about your house. Imagine a beautiful home but with crappy window. Now does that seem like a nice home to you? No, it doesn’t. You need a nice looking window to go with your nice house. Having a nice window can really liven up the joint. A window is somewhere you can get a nice view from. So if it looks nice, it a makes whatever you’re looking at even better. Your beautiful home deserves a beautiful window. You can think of it as a jewelry for your home. So, here is a look at some window treatments.

Something Organic

[one_half_first]One of the most popular window treatments is the natural woven shades in bamboo and matchstick. This type of window let in diffused light so that you can behold what’s going on outside. But it’s not just and open window, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

It works really well on different environments. It looks very nice and natural. So it can give you that outdoors feeling you have always wanted. A very nice option indeed.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Simplicity and Elegance

To match the scale of the formal dining room, heavy brocade curtains are hung right below the tray ceiling. A simple ring heading balances the luxurious fabric very nicely while silk ties hold the draperies back to allow natural light into the space. It’s beautiful. Imagine this in your home while you’re taking a nice cup of coffee. Life couldn’t get any better.

So many Colors

A beautiful piece of work. Just think how nice it’ll look in your house, the white is paired with navy. This sort of design is on the rage in the window treatment agency. So you can give this look a try, it will probably impress. It’s especially nice if you do this decoration in your living room window. So wow the guests, with this unique design.

What a nice breeze!

Window treatments aren’t only for indoor rooms. You can try them outside as well. It can really give you a relaxing indoors feel. Try this at your backyard. Of course you should pick outdoor proof and easy to wash fabrics since you it’ll get dirty more often than not. But just look at the relaxing views, it makes you fall asleep. Having a nice conversation with your family members in a place like this wouldn’t be so bad now would it?

Luxury Fabrics

You can use luxury fabrics such as silks, velvets, damasks, fur, leather and suede. Although the overall design here lean towards simplicity but this trend will remain popular with people who desire embellishment and luxury. There is sparkling crystal, beaded tassels and lavish embellishments on every element of the window from the hardware to the trimmings and fabric.

Velvet and Grosgrain

Even today soft textiles are still driving the market and styles. Because of being simultaneous of fashion and interiors trends, you are seeing couture fabrications and dressmaker details such as ruffles, cording, beading, lace, etc.

Grosgrain is a strong and closely woven ribbed fabric usually made of silk or rayon, is used as a ribbon detailing on blinds and drapes. Velvet banding can also be used for detailing, or as a ladder tape to cover up route holes for string in blinds. A nice design for your home.

Go for Sleek Lines

Windows treatment: Today Simple, sleek lines are dominating window fashions in everything from flowing drapes to chrome decorative hardware. Creating sleek silhouettes against a window instantly gives you a clean, modern look to any window and room. Popular panel-track systems are a quick way to get truly streamlined treatments. Unlike their ugly vertical blind precursors, panel-track systems are made of fabric or woven-wood panels and they can be used as room dividers or on window walls and doors. These panel-track treatments can look contemporary or European depending on the fabric and on what you prefer.

Go Bold and Colorful

If you’re a fan of art then you’ll probably love this. This sort of design can really make your house look like an artistic masterpiece. Although Roman shades aren’t as dramatic as floor-to-ceiling window treatments, but they can add just as much color and punch.

Something for the lady of the house

Unique window treatments such as this can really complete a room. It is very romantic and feminine, perfect for the lady of the house. This sort of design is perfect for a bedroom and on valentine’s day, it can really set the mood just right. If you have a girl then this is also a very nice design for her room as well.

Try Silk Panels

Silk is a pricier option for window treatments. So if you don’t mind the extra price then this can be a very nice option for you. The shine and luxury of the fabric can instantly wake up a dull room. There are many different option you can go for such as embroidered silks, plaid silks and jacquard paisley designs. Since you’ll be spending a pretty penny, it’s a good idea to find out how it will look in your home first. So be careful in this department but other than that it’s really a nice window treatment.

The High-Tech Option

Technology can play an important role in our lives and but we still look for simplicity. You can now control window blinds via remote. The same goes for a light switch or even the Internet. But just because your windows have gone high-tech, it doesn’t mean they have to be stark and uninviting. One trend sure to cozy up a window is the Layering fabrics with high-thread-count cottons. So don’t be afraid of technology. We are in the 21st century after all.

Anyway these are a few window treatments you can try out. Remember, a beautiful window can really liven up your house and make your neighbors burn with envy.

Home windows are now part of your home decoration articles. Not only are they decorated by using curtains and valances, but are now filled with more design by new decorative articles such as shutters and blinds. These window treatments are in fact already secondary windows by themselves, but are windows injected with style and design that is created for the homes of the modern era, which is why they are perfect in almost any type of home today. Here are some suggestions on what kind of window treatment would be good for certain kinds of homes.

Decorative window shelveBlinds or a window blind is a type of window covering where slats of either fabric, wood, plastic or metal are adjusted by rotation and are closed by overlapping the slats together, either vertically or horizontally. It is now a common article in window design, but you may still have the option to choose blinds to decorate your windows. Blinds offer that modern look in a home more than curtains can do, and is often used for home offices and other business establishment. This window treatment is best for the sleek and straight designs of modern interior design.

Shades are another type of window treatment that is commonly used today

It is like the window blind’s ancestor, and its basic features is a wide sheet of elastic covering material, most of the times made of plastic or fabric, that is rolled into a cylinder that is situated above the window. You can adjust how the shade covers the window by either pulling the sheet up or down, and is sometimes automated by an electronic device. Shades comes in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns, if you prefer to use shades, then you need to pick carefully the right pattern or design that fits your home.

Shutter or window shutters, on the other hand, is a window treatment used in homes since the medieval times. It is characterized as an extra “door”, usually comes in pairs and acts as a secondary window. Shutters are mostly used to prevent light and wind from entering the room. It is very simple and almost requires no technical effort to make one. Decorations of this window treatment mostly come from the design of the shutter, which may be of intricate or technical design, depending on the structure where it is applied on, and also comes in a variety of colors and color patterns. The advantage of the shutter is that it can be applied outside the room, giving you yet another space to decorate your window. This kind of window treatment works best when used on contemporary modern homes, houses that are designed after homes of the early 17th to the 19th century.

Window roller shadeThese are some of the major types of window treatments that are widely used in most homes for decoration today. Choosing the appropriate window treatment would highly depend on the general design of your home or of the room that you are planning to decorate. You might get “lost in time” when you apply the wrong type of window treatment for your home.

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Remodeling your kitchen and installing new counter tops

In today’s modern living, people want everything to be done instantly. When it comes to kitchen tops, most of you would love to see a clean and well-organized top. Granite looks perfect for kitchen, table and bathroom top. It enhances the color of the place and it also leaves a gloss finish which really looks inviting and neat. Most granite tiles today are quite expensive; but if you only need a few pieces for kitchen tops, it will not cost you a lot.

Green painted countertopThere are also tile grouts that can easily match your tile color. Tile grout enhances the color of the tiles; it also makes your tiles look new. Heat resistant, moisture and stain ceramics are best for counter tops. A successful tile can be achieved through sufficient planning and preparation techniques. Before you actually purchase your set of tiles, you need to properly measure the counter top; this needs to be done to calculate the exact number of tiles to be used.

A counter top should withstand moisture, since it is intended for kitchen use; you should make it moist resistant so it will last longer.

[one_half_first]The front edge should be thick enough for edging. You should not forget about the kitchen sink; you need to buy a sink that will also match the looks of your kitchen, as a whole. Remodeling your kitchen and installing new things which will enhance it should not make you feel anxious. It is not as tough as you assume. It can be done easily if you will just use your creativity.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Granite countertop

This can be a great way of building family ties. You can work on together with the whole family. Letting your children help you out will make you draw closer together. This activity can bring a lot of fun if you will just utilize everything you have.

How to Paint an Old Counter Top?

Remember those times when you puke into the counter top instead of the sink? Did the water stains leave their mark already? Does your counter top look like a chopping board? This article will show you how to paint an old counter top and make it reusable again. Counter tops take daily abuses and it is inevitable that they will be degraded and later become a junk or be chopped to be used as firewood. But you can still save this treasure made by your father together with the memories embedded in them. Here are some simple steps and tips on how to paint your old counter top:

1. First, clean the old counter top with TSP or trisodium phosphate. TSP is usually used by painters as a degreaser. It is a professional-grade cleanser that removes dirt and grime which prevents the paint from sticking to your counter top’s surface.

Quartz countertop2. Next, rinse the counter top with alcohol or warm diluted ammonia to get rid of the oily surface.

3. When you are through washing and rinsing, it is time to dry the counter top. It would be best to use paper towels.

4. After drying, rough up the counter top’s surface using a coarse sand paper. The paint will stick better if the surface is a little rough.

5. Wash it again with alcohol.

6. After drying the alcohol, apply the primer. Make sure what you apply is a binding primer to secure the paint will stick. Also, it would be better to open the windows for primers usually have strong smells. Let is set for about 24 hours.

7. When the primer dries and settles with the surface of your counter top, it is time to paint it. Try to match the counter tops color with the things surroundings it. Another thing you want to consider when choosing the paint is the purpose of the counter top. If it is for preparing food, try using a water-based paint for substances from the oil based paints might contaminate your food.

Granite countertop8. With all the considerations checked, apply two to three thin layers of paint using a roller. Let them dry alter applying each coat. If you like to add some spice to your masterpiece, stencil-paint something to it, a border would be good. You can also try using sponge techniques to give a granite look to your counter top.

9. After the paint dries, finish the work by applying high-gloss water-based polyurethane. Two to three coats will be sufficient. Then allow the sealer to settle for another 24 hours. This insures the durability of your counter tops so that you can enjoy it longer and maybe pass it down to our children.

Do follow these suggested steps and you will never go wrong in painting your old counter top.

How To Repair Laminate Countertop

For most housewives, the kitchen is their domain in the household and kitchen counters are like thrones which must be thought of meticulously prior to purchasing. But even with a lot types to choose from, laminate countertops is the top-choice for most homeowners. This kind of countertop is readily available in the market with a wide range of designs to choose from, is very low maintenance and is generally the most inexpensive of all countertops.

And because it is very easily cared for requiring very little from already busy housewives, while others might be spending precious time cleaning and maintaining their countertops, laminate owners get to do other things worth their while. However, affordability sometimes affects durability, so what happens when your laminate countertop gets damaged and needs repairing? Then you ask, how does one repair laminate countertop?

The question arises as to whether you have to repair a laminate countertop or to replace it altogether often comes to mind as it is quite difficult to do and with little success rate in fixing it to make it look brand new again. The decision however would rely heavily on the degree of damage the countertop has incurred.

Minor scratches of course, are easiest to deal with. There are polishes which are available and can easily be bought. This can be reapplied every now and then to hide the laminate imperfections. For bigger problems like dents and cuts, a laminate repair paste can be tinted to match with the existing color or shade of your countertop. The paste then can be smoothened over to cover and to serve as camouflage to the area which is damaged.

Another option which can be done is to cut an exact size and shape as the damaged area and replace it, as one would work on a puzzle. However, this is difficult to be done without the damaged area being noticed. The glue should be removed ever so carefully. Make sure the old glue is entirely scraped off or removed before even attempting to put in the new piece. You can soften the glue by using a heat gun or iron. For a smoother surface, sand the exposed area. After making sure that the area is clean and smooth, spread glue for the new piece to be fixed. Then fix the piece of the countertop like a puzzle piece. Utmost care is needed if this is to be done so as to not damage the countertop area even more.

All materials and tools needed to repair a damaged laminate countertop such as polish, repair paste and putty knife are readily available in shops and are within easy reach. However, professional service to change or repair a countertop can also be sought should you decide to let professionals work on the problem.

Colorful and Stylish Countertops on the Go

If you are having problems with what you are going to do your countertops to go away from its usual and simple surface, then you don’t have to worry now. There are many available alternative countertop decorating materials that will aid you in beautifying your home.

Here are just some of the samples:
One of the widely used alternative countertop decorating materials that you can use is fabric. You just have to measure the countertop then use it as guide to your fabric. Cut the fabric just right for the measurement of the countertop. If you want it to be straight and simple, then cut it just as the shape of the surface. On the other hand, if you want some designs on it, you can cut in different edges depending on the style that you want. After that, get a glue gun then run on some glue on the edges of the fabric and paste it on the countertop. If you want to still add some designs on it, you can get a textile paint and sketch some small objects over the fabric or you can just cut on some colorful pictures and glue them on the fabric.

Another is that you can use wallpaper for the countertop. Yes, wallpapers are not just for the walls. You can find your desired color and design in the nearest department store. You also have to have a glue gun or much better, rugby. The same process must be done, cut the wallpaper with just the size of the countertop then glue it carefully, not extending the edges of the wallpaper.

How to laminate counter tops

For most housewives, the kitchen is their domain in the household and kitchen counters are like thrones which must be thought of meticulously prior to purchasing. But even with a lot types to choose from, laminate countertops is the top-choice for most homeowners. This kind of countertop is readily available in the market with a wide range of designs to choose from, is very low maintenance and is generally the most inexpensive of all countertops.

And because it is very easily cared for requiring very little from already busy housewives, while others might be spending precious time cleaning and maintaining their countertops, laminate owners get to do other things worth their while. However, affordability sometimes affects durability, so what happens when your laminate countertop gets damaged and needs repairing? Then you ask, how does one repair laminate countertop?

The question arises as to whether you have to repair a laminate countertop or to replace it altogether often comes to mind as it is quite difficult to do and with little success rate in fixing it to make it look brand new again. The decision however would rely heavily on the degree of damage the countertop has incurred.

Minor scratches of course, are easiest to deal with. There are polishes which are available and can easily be bought. This can be reapplied every now and then to hide the laminate imperfections. For bigger problems like dents and cuts, a laminate repair paste can be tinted to match with the existing color or shade of your countertop. The paste then can be smoothened over to cover and to serve as camouflage to the area which is damaged.

Another option which can be done is to cut an exact size and shape as the damaged area and replace it, as one would work on a puzzle. However, this is difficult to be done without the damaged area being noticed. The glue should be removed ever so carefully. Make sure the old glue is entirely scraped off or removed before even attempting to put in the new piece. You can soften the glue by using a heat gun or iron. For a smoother surface, sand the exposed area. After making sure that the area is clean and smooth, spread glue for the new piece to be fixed. Then fix the piece of the countertop like a puzzle piece. Utmost care is needed if this is to be done so as to not damage the countertop area even more.

All materials and tools needed to repair a damaged laminate countertop such as polish, repair paste and putty knife are readily available in shops and are within easy reach. However, professional service to change or repair a countertop can also be sought should you decide to let professionals work on the problem.

The best alternative countertop decorating

You can also use linoleum in placing some decorations on the countertop. After gluing the linoleum onto the surface, you can add some small objects around the linoleum by using glue gun or plaster of Paris to ensure that these objects would not be misplaced. You can place figurines along the edge of the linoleum so that it will trace the horizontal edges.

Of course, the very familiar way to decorate your countertop without spending too much is through the use of the different colors of paint. You don’t have to be a professional painter to create some good designs. You just play along with colors and cool drawings and you can have a good output for your countertop. First, you have to paint the surface with a base color. You can choose from white, black, orange or green. Then, you can use the bright colors in drawing small objects such as fruits or vegetables to complement with your kitchen’s surroundings. These are just some of the home décor ideas you can use to come up with the best alternative countertop decorating. They are very easy to do and will certainly give your kitchen a better and stylish look.

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How to Choose the Right Dog

As the old saying goes, “Dog is man’s best friend”. A dog does not only protect the household of its owner, but also gives happiness and satisfaction to his master. Man adopts and takes good care of his dog, and in return, the dog protects and gives service to its master; a reciprocal exchange of companionship, friendship and kindness.

Almost everyone has a loyal canine best friend already, but still, some households haven’t got theirs. How to choose the right dog will require some thorough thinking because it is an important decision indeed. If you are planning to have your own dog, you must be physically, financially and emotionally ready. You will not bring a poor dog to your house just to make it a house guard! You want to have a dog because you want to be responsible in taking good care of it, and to treat it like a member of your family.

Several factors on how to choose the right dog must be taken into consideration before adopting or buying a dog for your home. The following tips may help you decide on how to pick your ideal dog:
• Look into your present standard of living and don’t forget to consider the needs and safety of your family, most especially if you already have kids or if you have small siblings. Likewise, ponder if you are ready and willing to make some adjustments, if ever you will bring a dog to your home.

• Consider any financial constraints. Think about how much you can afford in buying or adopting a new dog. Likewise, consider the financial support your acquiring of a new dog would definitely entail, like the routinely maintenance of the dog’s appearance such as bathing, haircut and other basic grooming practices. Be ready also for some costly expenses like when visiting the veterinary for scheduled vaccines, cleanings of teeth, and unexpected sickness or injuries.

• Bear in mind the characteristics of the dog that you want. Decide the ideal look or breed, size, age, and level of energy, as well. You can choose from several popular breeds like the Akita, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd Dog, Retriever, Great Dane, Poodle, and Shih-Tzu among many others.

• Do some research about the different breeds of dogs, and from there, you can make a list of some breeds that you may possibly consider buying or adopting, until you can trim down your list and finally decide on what you really want. You can bring your list when looking in the animal shelter or pet shop where you are planning to adopt or buy your dog. Also, do bring a list of several important questions you may wish to ask so that you will become more knowledgeable about the breed of dog that you want.

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How to Eliminate Pet Odor from Carpet

It is really embarrassing to host parties and gatherings with all that dreadful stench that comes from your carpet. As a host, you should ensure that your guests will have fun and enjoyment throughout the whole event, but how can they have fun if the ambiance smells a lot like one hundred and one wet dogs or cat feces. Before the whole event, you should eliminate that bothering odor before your guests wrinkle their noses and start spreading gossips about you and your stinky house.

Your beloved furry pets usually sleep on the carpet, roll over on it and play like a mad hatter on it. At the same time, they pee on it, poop on it and puke on it. Just like humans, they love that warm, soft and cozy feeling that we get from carpets. It is really overwhelming to see your cuddly pets sprawling on the carpet with great ease and comfort, but that foul odor that they leave on your carpet is simply intolerable. So how to eliminate pet odor from carpet is a big question.

It’s not really your pet’s fault if he smells like an animal. It is obvious that he is an animal, so you can’t expect him to smell a lot like a human. Animals have animal instincts that we cannot understand. They are not too intelligent to be able to control their own bladder and bowel movements. So don’t put all the blame on your pets. If you don’t want them making your carpet smell bad, then put them in the doghouse outside. But if you can’t live without your best buddy around the living room, then keep him inside and solve this problem with all the available solutions on how to eliminate pet odor from carpet.

If a pet has left a horrible stain due to wastes like urine, feces and vomit you must clean it as soon as possible before things get even worse. Swiping the dirt or just picking it up is not enough.
• Instead, you can clean the affected area with mild dish soap or better yet, use vinegar for it is also a good deodorizer. After the stain has completely vanished, rinse the spot by blotting with a damp rag, cloth or a paper towel. To avoid or eliminate wicking, put a thick towel or rag on top of the stain with heavy books and objects on top of it for weighing it down. Leave it there for a few hours up to overnight and clean the stain once again.

Once a week, sprinkle some deodorizing powder on your carpet.
• Baking soda serves as an alternative. If common deodorants just would not work, use heavy duty pet smell removers. They are more expensive but far more effective. Your Vet can also give recommendations for effective products and methods of deodorizing. If none of these solutions work for you, contact a professional carpet cleaner. Just make sure you have exhausted all possible options. After getting your carpet cleaned, clear the air with air purifiers that will remove pet odors that still linger in the air. Also, don’t forget to bathe you pet.

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How to Avoid Accidents in the Bathroom

One important room in a house is a bathroom. Imagine your life without it. The bathroom however, also poses some threats to you and your family. The risk is higher if you have infants or elder people in the family. Without guidance, these members of the family can slip in the bathroom and get seriously injured.

How to avoid accidents in the bathroom is what every family should learn. It is important make this part of the house safe from danger because everybody uses it everyday.

In the shower, install a shower curtain to avoid the water from getting anywhere but the shower. Laying a non-slip rubber mat on the entrance is a good idea to prevent slipping, but you have to make sure that mat will stay in place. If you have elderly people living with you, a grab bar on appropriate areas such as the tub or the near the toilet bowl of the bathroom is a considerate safety precaution.

Check your lighting. If water gets in touch with the bulb, it may cause accidental electrocution. Moisture from the shower can also reach that light bulb on the bathroom’s ceiling. The answer to this problem is proper ventilation. Make sure that moist air can get out of the bathroom when you are using warm water, so open the windows! Remember that water is a good conductor of electricity. If you need power outlets in the bath, make sure they have these safety plugs around the outlets which you can seal when you won’t use it to avoid water from getting into it.

If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, place it high so that children cannot reach it. Children are very curious and might ingest anything hazardous in the medicine cabinet.

Keep the keys to the bathroom somewhere nearby. Or better yet, install a lock for the bathroom which is two way. If somebody had an accident inside the bathroom, you can respond to it immediately.

Before leaving the bathroom, be sure to turn off all the lights, candles, and the faucet. Run the cold water first before turning on the knob for warm water. You might get scalded.

Soaps make the walls or floors of a bathroom twice as slippery as before. So after taking a shower, if you have the time, mop up excess water which did not drain. Soapy water on the floor is synonymous to accident. You or someone who will come to the bathroom after you can be a victim.

These some things you have to know on how to avoid accidents in the bathroom. Preventing future accidents is better than letting it happen and then remedy it.

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Avoid The Top 10 Gaming Accessories for your games room Mistakes

After you’ve already taken that big step and set up a space in your house to be a playroom. It is time to add the game accessories that will make the new space a true sanctuary for fun, sharing and good leisure.

The options vary depending on the taste of each person. That is unquestionably true; nevertheless, there are many classics that we the designers of Decorating Visita Casas know that you cannot miss.

Besides that, there is a very powerful tendency that should not be ignored either.

Let´s discover all that together!

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Top Ten Feng Sui Basic Tips on your Water Fountains

Feng Sui is an art developed in China since 3,000 years ago. In Chinese vocabulary Feng means “wind” and Sui means “water”. These words can bring good health according to their ancient belief. It is a kind of knowledge about balancing the energy into a certain place to bring good fortune to individuals within that place. It is known to be the most complicated filed in ancient Chinese art.

Here are the top ten tips on how to effectively use fountains to bring good luck at home.
1. Use of water and electricity- A usual water fountain is being operated by electricity. This kind of technique can bring good fortune according to the traditional Chinese culture. In Chinese culture water serves as the most crucial component that promotes growth of the rice. Electricity in some point can bring change and activity that allows good fortune. Water is a part of the five components that makes up the Chinese ancient art of Feng Sui.
2. Fountain as a moving object- The most essential part of Feng Sui tips is both present on fountain. Moving objects such water and wind promote a good circulation of good luck around the house. The water present in fountains and the air circulating around the fountain as it moves is called an active Chi. This Chi signify abundance which has to move freely on any surface in order to make a balanced energy.
3. Alive plants and objects- living things like plants and flowers represent life and as well as growth. It is good to integrate any kind of plants in your fountain to increase new energy circulating on your home.
4. Art of sound- Water can produce relaxing sound that attracts people. Fountain together with a chimes and bells is very appealing to produce Chi.
5. Add solid and heavy objects- Solid objects such as rock and statues block the positive Chi from leaving your home.
6. Have objects that shines- Any object that produces light or shine can attract positive energy. Some fountains have colorful lights place in the frame. This can promote happiness and added positive Chi.
7. Importance of colors- Color red means strength and pleasure while pink, purple and plum colors are known to be a fortune color. Blue and green encourage tranquility. Integrate these colors on your fountain to create more harmony and good luck.
8. Having a bamboo flute- You can add a touch of bamboo flute over a rock for safety and stability inside the house.
9. Importance of fragrance- Relaxing fragrance around the fountain can create a positive flow of energy.
10. Ancient “Bagua”- A Bagua is a Chinese map which means eight areas of life. The location of the fountain must be place on the area you want to increase to increase energy.

Individuals, who believe in Feng Sui, largely depends their life and fortune on positive flow of energy. In this case, Feng Sui can be very useful if you want to know how to effectively use fountains at your home to promote good fortune.

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Innovation of Solid Surfacing Veneer

In woodworking, veneer refers to thin slices of wood that are typically glued onto core panels (typically, wood, particle board or medium density fiber board) to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture. Plywood consists of three or more layers of veneer, each glued with its grains at right angles to adjacent layers for strength.

Solid surface materials were introduced so many years ago. The practicality, quality and usefulness of solid surfacing has been improved with the introduction of solid surfacing veneer. It acts like a workhorse material because renewability is one of its great advantages.

Solid Surfacing Veneer: A Natural Evolution
Truly it is a rapidly evolving product. Let us look back at the history of solid surfacing from the thicker and heavier material to the thinner and lightest weight. The first item was manufactured and promoted as 3/4 –inch-thick sheets and were marketed for horizontal applications such as work surfaces and countertops. This product was really expensive. It was hard to handle because of its heavy weight. Realizing that it was over-engineered, fabricators searched for a thinner alternative and they came out of a product with ½ thickness solid surfacing. It made for a good performance and low installation cost. But then, driven by the need to find a lighter weight option for vertical applications such as tub and shower surround and wall cladding in wet areas, the market looked for something even thinner.

¼-inch solid surfacing thickness met the needs of the consumers. However, it couldn’t entirely replace ½ inch solid surfacing. More than 90% of it goes into vertical applications. How about the horizontal applications? The market demand for a solid surfacing that can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces rose, and so the most recent evolution in solid surfacing evolved. The 1/8 inch thick material can be seamed to provide watertight joints. It is known as the solid surfacing veneer, the transformation of the solid surfacing from countertops to a multi-purpose decorative surface, giving the same quality as thicker solid surfacing materials with the same warranties.

Solid surface countertops and plastic laminate are alike; they are both durable but susceptible to damage from sharp objects. However, with its bigger price come more benefits such as no underlayment needed and the option of ordering it custom formed to hide seams. Solid surface veneers will give you the same durability and resistance to stains just like other standard solid surface countertops, but with a decrease in price. This is because of its limited variety of patterns and colors, as well as its need for an underlayment.

The evolution of solid surfacing veneer continues as well as the innovation of materials, which is a proof that nothing is impossible in the minds of humankind.

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Own Creativity For a Home Sweet Home

Home is a place of residence or sanctuary and comfort. It is usually a place in which a person or a family can rest and be able to store personal belongings. As the size of your family continues to grow, you need more space within your place. Our homes take on so many different roles as a place for entertaining guests, family time, marriage or relationships, self-time, home office. You may need to have a room for your hobby and so we need to make our home more spacious and relaxing. There is a question hanging in my mind that will surely make your curiosity work: how to create a feeling of space within your home? We all wish to have the best looking interior for our home, don’t we? It’s what makes you feel fine within when the whole thing is in place the way you really want it. When your home’s interior connects with you, it makes you feel absolutely at peace. On the other hand, when your home is not decorated the way you want it, it makes you feel uncomfortable to invite guests into your home. We’ve all been there, feeling awkward when you don’t think your home measures up in style, color, comfort and space.

But of course you are creative! You can make use of features in your home to create a more open part in it. Redecorating is a brilliant idea to make your residence more airy and bringing some simple design into your home can often enhance and give the feeling of space in the area you would like to change. Here are some ways in which you can create more space in your home:

a. Look around your home, observe and make a list of things that you want to set aside and the things you want to remain.
b. Make use of mirrors strategically to make small spaces feel larger in the area; it can trick the eye to imagine that the home is much bigger than it is.
c. The right lighting can make a heck of an improvement; it can make your home look bright and dazzling.
d. Create a more open floor plan by removing a wall and replacing it with a new support beam and columns this will allow differentiation of areas with minimal view of obstruction.

Those are some of the ideas on about it. It is just a matter of strategy and creativity. Remember that you can save money by doing your own way of improving your home with the help of your family. It is not just about saving; it is also about family teamwork and bonding by sharing ideas on at the same time.

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Homeowners and Home Buyers Simple Guide: Is renovation always good or not?

More often we always see it as a requirement that in order for you to have a good home, you’ll have to find something with neatness and order at a considerable degree, as well as being able to suit your taste or sense of fashion. We also usually take note of how much can we actually save on a real estate deal, although we commonly take something that we’ll actually need rather than something that is just cheap.

Postcards wall decor

A good combination of both criteria makes one’s home perfect, but there will always be little imperfections to your home that would always lead to a renovation project of some sort. But is renovation always needed in a home? Why is it that we always try to find a good reason for us to renovate? It turns out that our renovation drive mostly comes from our will to change something that can suit to our taste and preference.

This is not really a bad concept, nor it is a bad reference for home renovation, but there are just times where you really don’t have to renovate in order for your home to look good. One good way to do this is to be very keen when choosing a real estate deal. Although this may cause some time loss due to extended unavailability of a home for a longer period of time, it does represent the potential of a home to stay as picture perfect as it is, and prevent you from ever thinking up of a reason to renovate it, at least for a longer period of time.

But if you already have a home that you’re stuck with, just try and think about some of the more functional purposes of what you are about to do. If you think that a renovation project would only focus on an aesthetic aspect of your home, try to check first if you REALLY need it, before finally going to initiate the project. This is not to say that you should renovate out of pure function, but you should at least have a good reason for you to start renovating than just some lame comment about something in the home going out of its symmetrical balance.

French styled upholstered chair

There are in fact even times that renovation just goes for the worse, with the intended design for a home renovation project going way too awry and out of control. But this is mostly attributed to over-renovating something beyond what the renovated object really is and its true function.

All in all, it always good to do some good home improvement once in a while, but you also have to observe sometimes that your home just doesn’t need any improvement at certain times, and that it is just well the way it is. Who knows, if you are able to time your renovation projects correctly, you can potentially save a lot of your hard earned cash in the long run.

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Want to make use of those old objects in your attic?

More often, remodeling or refurbishing of the item of decoration itself would be necessary before you can take it out for decoration. Fabrics used for old lamps for example, if they are damaged in any way, the essence of using it for decoration is lost, EXCEPT if you remove the fabric and replace it with any fabric more suitable (if you can find a suitable fabric in your assortments, then all the better). Old blankets that have been ripped and torn in some areas (don’t mend them, you would lose the continuity of the fabric in the process) should be cut and separated to make individual sheets of undamaged fabric (make them as large as possible).

Antique rocking chair

Finally, the remodeled material should be used in whatever it is fit to be used for, calling for a strategy that involves planning the materials’ modeling and decoration use AFTER the remodeling and refurbishing. For example, the cut and separated fabric should be used depending on how large the sizes turned out. If the size is large enough, then you can probably use them as curtain replacements, or if they’re small enough, as a fabric placemat for your table. Use your imagination and sense of symmetry to recreate a style and fashion using the old materials that you have collected and remodeled. Don’t forget though if something is damaged way over its limit, it cannot be revived anymore using any remodeling or refurbishing methods, and should be left to the materials graveyard for good.

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