How to Repair Canvas

For an artist, there is nothing much more important than his masterpieces, and works of art, from his paintings to his sculptures, and even to the tools that he uses. He takes proper care to make his works live on from generation to generation. That’s why there are a lot of century old paintings today that catches up everybody’s attention. And for these to still be appreciated for the years to come, art restoration must be done.

Art restoration is an extensive field of work. To become a professional, you must go to school for many years. That’s why if you have a valuable painting at home with an extensive damage; seek the help of a professional first. But what if the damage is just minimal? How can you preserve your most valuable painting? How will you take part on restoring these admirable pieces of art? Here are some ways on how to do it.

• Cover the hole
From a fresh roll of canvas, cut a small patch just enough to cover the hole in the painting.

• Apply adhesives
Apply a layer of adhesive on one side of the patch.

• Press the sticky side
On the back of the painting, press the sticky side of the patch to the hole in the canvas.

• Position it
Lay the painting flat on a table or on the floor. Position the hole in the painting so the patch is supported by a raised, flat surface. Use a hardcover book to do so.

• Adjust
Adjust the hole in the painting as needed so that the seams press together and the tear is no longer and obvious damage.

• Press the tear
Lay another book on top of the tear in the painting. This will serve as a weight to press the tear on the patch as the adhesive dries up.

• Trim extra threads
Trim any extra threads protruding from the tear once the adhesive is dry.

• Paint
Apply a matching coat of paint to the area of the patch that is visible from the front, if the hole is large and the seams do not come together.

• Cover with Varnish
If necessary, cover the newly painted area with varnish to match the sheen of the original work. Wait until the paint is dry before applying the varnish.

If the damage in your highly-valued painting is not that big then you may do these steps. Again, for those paintings with an extensive damage it is best to call the help of a professional. But for those who were able to restore their paintings by themselves even if it’s just a small damage, surely, there would still be that feeling of self-fulfillment within. It’s as if you had experienced being an artist, who treasures his work, to further be admired by everyone who looks at it.

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Basics of Art Collection

Art encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression which includes literature, music, film, sculpture and painting. They say that art is a vehicle for the expression or communication of emotions and ideas. Many of us collect lots of stuff that catch our attention and stimulate our minds, mostly perhaps because of curiosity. The paintings of different artists are one of the most common kinds of collected items. Some people really love and appreciate these works of art.

The Basics of Collecting Art: Fine Painting
Fine paintings are attached to both the world of art and the decorating world. Maintaining an art collection is not just about purchasing an item; it is more of a financial and emotional investment. How to appraise the quality of a painting is one of the important things that a collector should know. Asking questions from dealers, collectors, artists, and those who have knowledge in fine arts is necessary. It is the primary way for us to learn before purchasing a fine painting. We need to check first the picture. Is it good? It is vital that you love the theme of the picture. Does the art have style? The style of the artwork is also a factor you must consider. Does it say something that can tickle your senses? Of course it is essential that we know the sense of it. Can you see the emotions of the painting? It is nice to feel that we can relate to the picture. And of course, is it worth the price? Fine paintings are expensive and so we need to be sure that the price is right. Uniqueness also varies in choosing a collection since it is vital that the distinctiveness of a product is noticeable. These are some questions we must know in order to learn the basics of collecting art.

As a beginner, it is understandable that you will be unsure where to go in finding good quality of art. The first thing to consider is the furnishing and architecture of the area to be decorated. Where will you be buying your item so that it can have a big impact on what you can choose from? If you are purchasing it from a gallery you can ask the seller to reframe a piece in a way that suits your décor. You are maybe wondering why paintings are done using different materials. Watercolor and ink need to be painted on paper, while oil painting and acrylic need a board background that will not move and crack the paint. Try out which ones can complement your area best.

Before you start purchasing, know first the basics of collecting art, so that you can`t go wrong in choosing the item you will buy. You will have no regrets, just pure satisfaction and contentment. Remember, it is not just a simple decoration, it is an investment so be sure of the quality of the art.

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Fill the World with Colors: Photos on Canvas

Technology brings about great advances. Today, it is now possible for a person to print your photos onto canvass and show it to your friends or family, it’s great for displaying or even as a source of income. Before going further, what are canvasses? Well a canvas is an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, and other functions where sturdiness is required. It is also popularly used as a painting surface, typically stretched, and on fashion handbags and shoes. Canvasses are used in painting and now you could also see photos on canvas.

Couple photo on canvas

Many people nowadays are having so much income out of this trend. Most people think it’s hard, doing over with process of printing photos on canvas but it’s actually not. As a matter of fact many printing companies or even others who’s into this kind of business gathers so much income that they want to tell everyone that doing this kind of work isn’t complicated as others may thought it would be. Artists or even ordinary businessmen prefers canvas because it’s inexpensive, it last long, it can be customized for your convenience, it has been choice of medium over the years and that canvas creates an aesthetic feel.

Adding or placing photos isn’t booming yet for the reason that they know less of how the process is done and they think it needs so much work. Print houses are still being utilized and the source where they get information on them from the yellow pages, the internet or if someone just told a friend or referred it. The very disadvantage that is obvious in utilizing these print houses is mainly the cost. Not only does the company charge you expensively for the ink and material, they also charge you for the service. It’s expensive.

Baby's photo on canvas

Why should one consider just putting photos on canvas? You could actually be satisfied and see a preview of the outcome before going on with the actual printing, plus with regards to its materials; the ink is relatively cheap, you can get at least $4 for an 8 x 10 inch canvas, much cheaper than the prices of printing companies, because they also charge service. If you wish to do printing photos on canvas at home, you are just required to have of the canvas where you will be printing, a photo printed out in photo transfer paper, scissors, an iron box and a staple gun. All you have to do is do some researching on how to go on with the process of the whole thing; a printer also that is appropriate for canvas is needed. Once you get the hang on this kind of trend, this hobby could be an effective way on how to earn. Everybody wants to earn, right? This trend is in; it can attract lots of costumers so might as well take hold of the chance or opportunity in which you could do a business that involves printing photos on canvas.

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Give Your Home the Natural Look with Native American Indian Art

Using earthy colours in the interior decoration has become the rage nowadays. People have started favouring natural, earthy colours as it gives them a sense of belonging. Native American Indian art is one such theme that is in vogue now. The essence of Native American Indian art, comprising of pieces of handcrafted wooden carvings, prints and pottery centres on nature with brown, red and yellow shades being predominantly used. This can be seen in the wood carvings of the Pacific Northwest region and the shades of grey used by the South.

Native american indian art

Excellent pieces of work can be seen in the Pacific Northwest region. The states of Oregon, Washington, British Colombia [Canada] and the southern part of Alaska form the Pacific Northwest region. This area has vast stretches of forests with an abundance of wood available for use in the carvings they specialize in. The wooden carvings done in bright hues or just given natural hues tend to dress up any room, be it the office, living room, bedroom, corridors or even bathrooms. These carvings come in shades of green, blue, brown and yellow which are all natural shades that blend with the natural styles of interior décor that is in use now.

Besides these wooden carvings and prints the Pacific Northwest Native American region also specializes in producing one of the most stunning and remarkable aboriginal masks. These masks when adorned on walls give the place a truly authentic and alluring look. Native American Indian art is based on the colours of nature like green, blue and brown. This can be seen in the numerous wooden carvings done by them. The theme of these carvings and prints is also based on nature like animals, trees and mountains. Eagles, thunderbirds, killer whales and salmons feature predominantly in their carvings. This North American Indian art when added to your home décor brings in an earthy ambience to your home and gives it a truly cool and trendy look. As the shades are all natural hues of brown, yellow green and blue they tend to match with almost all types of décor.

Woman in native american indian art

The art pattern used by the North American Indians is authentic and confined to that area only and remains largely hidden to the rest of the world. Such splendid pieces when bought on one of your trips to these regions can embellish your home décor and make your interior decoration a unique one. You can also find these carvings, prints and masks in the art galleries or you can search for them online. Choosing a few of these works of art will add grace and sophistication to your interior decoration, giving it a more natural and earthy feel and bring in an element of nature into your home adding class and style that surpasses all your imagination.

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