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To incorporate a good Feng Shui environment within the workplace or working office or business, there must always be light when you’re engaged in activities. If you’re fortunate enough to have windows that allow natural light in, don’t cover them up with dark blinds. Enhance the natural light flow in the area by putting up a mirror to pull the reflection of the natural light into the room -make sure that the reflections cause no discomfort to normal vision.

If you have a choice in the matter, always steer away from florescent tube lighting. These prevent the essence of life energy from flowing through the room. They whine and blink and cause distractions away from your goals. This is definitely a negative strike against your balance of peace within the workplace. It’s important to have plenty of light -you might want to get a small desk lamp to help give a good flow of life energy -or chi– in your space.

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In your work space it’s important for Feng Shui to put priority emphasis on the placement of your desk. The desk is considered to be the heart of the room. It’s where the work gets accomplished and ideas are born. The desk should be arranged so that when you are at your normal sitting position, you’ll be able to see the entranceway to your office. The premise behind this is to allow you to know what is coming at you or what may be approaching you. In other words, no surprise attacks. If it’s not practical to position things so that you are facing the doorway, then you should consider placing reflective mirrors that will give you a view of the entrance. You’ll see them before they see you!

It’s easy for us to over clutter our workspace. It becomes a catch all because it’s our own personal space. If you look around, surely there are several things pervading the area that you don’t really need in your office. The bring the Feng Shui harmony into the works, it’s necessary for you to remove all unnecessary items from your space. Let the energy flow through the area without obstacles. This is especially important when you have a very small office area. If you are confused about what to keep and what to remove, look at it this way. If you aren’t going to be using it in the next couple of weeks, or at least this month, then chances are you should free up the space and let the energy flow through!

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