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How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

These days, air conditioners are more or less common place. They can be found in many homes and offices and are almost necessities in malls and other enclosed public areas. As they are not exactly cheap appliances, air conditioners must be well maintained and taken care of so that they may continuously be used in […]

Saving On Electricity

If your electrical bills are skyrocketing every month, then maybe it’s time that you should start finding ways on how you can lower down your electricity bills. This is the right time for you to cut those budget draining bills, save extra bucks and at the same time save energy. Here are some tips that […]

Choose the best Air Conditioner

Air conditioners let people stay dry and cool in even the hottest weather conditions. There are air conditioners that cool a room faster than others, though some certainly last longer than others. Air conditioners perform at its best if they are placed in the proper room. It is important to choose the unit of air […]

How to Install an Air Conditioner?

Summer is great… with lots of sunshine and clear sky days to look forward to. What’s not so great about it though is the extreme heat you experience round the clock. According to movie flicks, extreme heat can drive a man into hallucination. In reality, it can drive any man into profuse sweating and gigantic […]

How to Save Energy with Air Conditioner

‘Big’, this word often frustrates women when it comes to electric bills. Electricity is in a business deal with your appliances. Electricity will keep them running for you to be more convenient and depend on them. Now, appliances depend upon the availability of electricity that you will pay for. Everyone gets what they need, appliances […]

How to clean your air conditioning duct

Air conditioning ducts are simple metal sheets or tubes that transport hot and cold air through all parts of your home. Some these air ducts spread through all parts of the house in order to give appropriate ventilation. Hence, when your portable air conditioning ducts are experiencing problems, it can produce health hazards the result […]

Portable air conditioning tips, maintenance and equipment

No matter where you are or where you live, portable air conditioning provides the answers to your desire of efficient air circulation and cooling and heating system for your home. It can be carried from one place to another without the need of too much effort on your part. It can also be used as […]