Decorating your Bathroom with your Own Design and Accessories

Next to one’s personal bedroom, there is perhaps no better room to spend a lot of time in than in the bathroom. Yes, you know where this is going. Although the bathroom’s probably the smallest room in the entire house, some people like to peruse a magazine or a book while they are in there.

Also, a lot of people enjoy a nice bath after a stressful day, some simply pamper themselves inside and some sing better while inside the bathroom because of the acoustics. Admit it, it’s a nice place to be in (that is, given that it’s well-maintained and well-decorated).

But how exactly do you decorate to make this room more enjoyable? Well, here are some tips to get you closer to that blissful bathroom escapade.

Important to keep in mind:

Before you get too excited in decorating, make a checklist of your bathroom essentials, that is, the basics inside a this room: the sink, toilet, a tub (if you opt to have one), and the shower area. When you decorate a bathroom, it doesn’t have to burn your pockets and wallets

Plumbing issues? Find a manual and try to learn the plumbing basics, or just ask for help from a neighbor instead of hiring a plumber. Accidents can happen anywhere in the home. Besides the kitchen, the bathroom could also be a dangerous place to be if you don’t choose the right flooring. A wet slip could cause great damage, especially if there are elders living with you. 

Decorating with accessories

Bathrooms are usually the last place in one’s mind when decorating is concern. However, it is important that it is pleasing for you to enjoy your bathing. In designing your bathroom, you can always be creative and resourceful by just having your accessories to decorate your bathroom!

It is essential to check the room itself so you can decide for a theme to your bathroom. The most common and funny expedient that I can suggest decorating your bathroom are frogs, fish, flowers, tropical and beach scenes. Some individuals don’t like to have theme with their bathroom then I suggest that you just have to think of the best color that suits your taste.

If you choose colors of the same tone then you are up to create an illusion of greater space. If you are more of bright, strong and exciting colors (such as red) then your budget are save for accessories and towels.

Yet accessories are ponderous to enhance the beauty of your shower area. The bathroom accessories that certainly matched to your chosen theme that is easy to create on your own are soap with soap dish and shower curtain. Bathing is more enjoyable if you actually spawn your own soap. You have to procure a block of glycerin melt-and-pour clear colored soap.

For the mold, you can use is a purchased shape of miniature that suits to your theme in which the soap can be embedded. Accord directions in how to melt the glycerin then pour the glycerin to your chosen mold. When it started too frigid but not completely hardened, you have to place substance into soap mix and cover with the remaining mixture. The last step is to make it cool completely before you remove it from mold by popping out of a purchased mold.

A friendly soap dish is a good match to your soap. You juts have to recycle a wood from a small tangerine or orange crate to create soap dish. Wood should be use in a soap dish because it acquiesce the glycerin soap to dry quicker between uses and perpetuates the life of the bar of soap.

You need a pair of heavy-duty craft cutters to cut five ½” strips each with approximately three inches long. Cut two more strips each with approximately four inches long after then lay the three-inch strips spaced evenly, across the two four-inch strips before you staple in place.

Paper shower curtains

Before you get confused, these “paper curtains” aren’t literally paper. This is a new type of trendy curtain called rice paper shower curtains. Rice paper shower curtains are vinyl-based and it resembles the texture and opaque appearance of an actual rice paper.

Colors are usually white or a calming shade of green. Rice is a staple food in Asian countries so rice paper shower curtains became associated with Asian or Oriental themed bathrooms. They complement other bathroom décor particularly artificial bamboo plants and real rice paper placed on windows.

A common color of rice paper curtains is white and since it’s neutral, it goes well with different color palettes. Given the semi-transparent appearance of the curtain, it looks great with pastels and soft hues. It will also neutralize loud colors or large prints in the bathroom should you ever have any.

However, if you want to experiment with patterns to add more life to the simple colors the shower curtains you are free to do so. Place the curtains against the towels, bathroom mats or other accessories so you will have a virtual idea of how the pieces will come together. Just keep in mind that this type of curtains will always tone down any color or print you match it with.

Paper shower curtains look unique

For a more polished look, most people choose rice paper curtains. It appears more elegant and it allows more light because of its translucence. It’s perfect for small to medium sized bathrooms or for those bathrooms with no windows. Rice paper shower curtains look unique and not to mention calming. They’re easy to match because of the neutrality of their colors. They look great against any wall color so it will be easier to decorate because you can match the accessories to the curtains and not necessarily the walls.

When choosing the curtains, you might want to stay away from patterns if you have a small bathroom because it will make the room too full. The simplicity and elegance of the rice paper curtain will carry the entire room. Although there are rice paper curtains with prints which are usually floral.

The femininity of the curtains provides the bathroom a laid-back feel. Another plus from using rice paper shower curtains is the price. They are easy to find and are pretty cheap unlike most the typical shower curtain found in department stores. You can even purchase these curtains in online shops.

When it comes to cleaning and washing, a lot of curtains require a curtain liner. Rice paper shower curtains, since it is made from vinyl, do not need to make use of a curtain liner. You can easily wipe it clean using a sponge or wet cloth. If you’re a minimalist of if you’re looking for a unique bathroom decorating idea, rice paper shower curtains are for you.

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How to Decorate Your Bathroom On a Low Budget (3 Easy DIY Projects)

With a little creativity and some smart shopping, you can create a beautiful bathroom without spending a fortune. These ideas are not only inexpensive but also simple to execute.

Bathroom remodels are not always easy on the pocketbook. While some people might prefer the ease of a full-blown bathroom remodel, others are more comfortable doing simple updates themselves, and don’t have the time or the skills necessary to get started.

However, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to update this room. There are many ways you can spruce it up at home without breaking the bank! In this post, we’ll share with you easy DIY projects you can do to spruce it up on a budget.

If you’re tired of the same old white and brown, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn some easy and inexpensive ways to make your bathroom more attractive.

What You Need: The basics for decorating your bathroom on a budget

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, you need to keep a few things in mind. You don't want to spend a lot of money on the renovation, but you also don't want to skimp out on the amenities. So what's the best way to go about it? The answer is to follow some basic rules that will help you make the most of this remodel on a budget.

Here’s what you’ll need: a general idea of what you want to do; some simple tools; and a few ideas to help you get started. If you're new to DIY projects, you’ll be able to make use of this post. 

When you have a general idea of what you want to do, you need to start by drawing it out on paper. This will help you get a better picture of your dream bathroom.

Then, you need to think about the budget. It is important to know what you can afford. Start by drawing out your budget, and then add or subtract items from that budget as you go. This will give you the most accurate estimate for your project.

Also, make sure that your renovation will fit your home décor

What You Should Be Doing: Three ways to get a low-cost, high-impact bathroom decoration

If you’re planning this renovation on a tight budget, here are three ideas to consider: Add more storage space. The average bathroom contains just two shelves—or less. And while you don’t need a full-sized refrigerator to store your toothpaste and shampoo, you could add additional shelves to your countertop. A simple solution is to build custom storage shelves that blend in with the rest of your cabinets. If you’re handy with tools, it’s not difficult to make them yourself using MDF or plywood.

One of the most basic ways to spruce it up is through small touches, like adding a flower pot or potted plant to the side of the tub. While these may seem like simple additions, they make an impact. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also inexpensive. A few plants in pots can add character and life to your bathroom. Whether you want to plant something that’s easy to care for, or you’re looking for something more exotic, there are a wide range of plants that will add beauty to your bathroom.

Also, you can improve the look of this room by simply putting away those old towels and replacing them with new, inexpensive ones. The change could make a big difference. Installing a new shower curtain might also be a good idea: not only will it make your bathroom look more modern, but it will also improve your experience in the shower.

Then add your personal style and flair. Add some interesting decorative items and accessories to create a unique bathroom that is sure to turn heads.



What To Avoid: How to avoid common DIY mistakes

One of the biggest things to avoid when doing your own repairs and maintenance around the home are mistakes. If you are attempting a repair or improvement without following instructions, you may not have the skill level to complete the job and could create more problems than originally intended.

It is always better to hire a professional to do repairs or improve a property. The costs and risks associated with mistakes can be high, so it is better to seek help from professionals who can provide the knowledge and skill set you need.

While it’s true that you can save a lot of money by doing things yourself, it’s also important to consider the risks that could arise if you don’t properly plan and prepare for the project. This is one of the most important tips for new DIYers and seasoned pros alike. You don't want to become the next victim of a DIY mistake.

There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to fix your own problems, but we're not always aware of all the potential pitfalls or the damage that can be done if we aren't careful.

Some extra tips to improve it

1. Decorate the mirrors using a paint splatter effect.

2. Paint your ceiling white for a soft, minimalist look. Paint using your old craft projects.

3. Add a simple frame to a mirror for a personalized touch.

4. Use a stencil to add a fun pattern to the wall.

5. Take advantage of what you already have.

6. Make your bathroom a fun and inviting space using colorful and unique items.

7. Add some personality with custom-printed towels and shower curtains.

8. Change up your lighting with a fresh and bright wall sconce.

Enjoy the results

Your bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in your home, so it makes sense to make it look and feel good. A bathroom renovation can be expensive, especially if you do it all on your own. But it doesn't have to be.

Renovating a bathroom is a great opportunity to create a warm and welcoming environment without breaking the bank. With a little creativity and inspiration from home, you can create a beautiful bathroom at a reasonable cost.

The bathroom is a small, private space in your home that you can use to rest, relax, and relieve stress. In most homes, the bathroom is also the room with the most expensive decoration.

A beautiful bathroom makes a home feel larger and more inviting, and it can increase the value of your property.

Many people have different ideas about what they want their bathrooms to look like. Some people enjoy having a bathroom with lots of natural light. Others prefer a bathroom that is darker and has a spa feel. Despite the personal style of each one, we all agree that having a well decorated bathroom can be a great advantage.


In conclusion, A home that’s decorated with care is one that’s well loved, and that’s where the magic happens. I don’t know about you, but the idea of decorating my bathroom is one of the most exciting ones that I can think of.

I’ve always wanted to be able to show off my bathroom, but it’s one of those things that just wasn’t in our budget. This is why I was super excited when I found out that there are some really fun and easy DIY projects that you can do on a low budget that will leave your bathroom looking stunning

We know you can’t afford that fancy bathroom remodel. That’s why we’ve got tons of budget-friendly DIY bathroom makeovers to inspire your next big renovation project.

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How to Take Care of Jacuzzi

A relaxing session after a hard day’s work at a jacuzzi is a wonderful way to reward yourself. A jacuzzi are typically give that relaxing image with a healthy emphasis on its hygienic importance. Many people use a jacuzzi though to just relax and have fun though. But aside from using it as a have for relaxation, it is also important to give it some reward sometimes. To take care of jacuzzi means preserving one your most loved relaxation lifelines in your home.

Jacuzzi usual problems

We know that most pools accumulate dirt over time because it is relatively stagnant, which means it doesn’t flow. Jacuzzis have absolutely no problem with this. If you want your jacuzzi to stay clean ll by itself, all you have to do is to keep the motors or pumps running for quite some time even if no one’s going to take a dip. This critically reduces the chances of dirt and other things from ever accumulating in the water. If you have the chance to actually run it for the whole day (at least 8 hours non-stop), you can do so while checking the status during timed intervals.

The water’s chemical level should also be monitored properly. Always perform regular check-ups of the water’s chlorine level, bromine level, and pH levels. Chlorine should be kept at minimum, bromine levels should exactly run around 3-6ppm, and the pH levels should rest at around 7.4pH. If you see a rise or fall in any of these levels add the appropriate level to regulate the water.

A good way to clear the water of various organic compounds is to shock the water in the jacuzzi. You can do this before or after the jacuzzi has “pumped” up, but it should be more preferable to do before letting the water run. Dilute the shock substance in the water according to the prescribed level (usually 1 ounce for every 500 gallon of water). You can also manipulate the bromine and chlorine levels to achieve this (be sure to regulate and monitor the levels afterward). There is also a good share of items in the market that is targeted to prevent stains and scales in pools. Incidentally, you an also use these on your jacuzzi (again follow the prescriptions on the item’s label).

Other things to look out for if you want to take care of jacuzzi are the dirt accumulating around the waterline, and oils and greases stuck on the jacuzzi walls. An enzyme usually does its job in these areas, but again, like what has been said numerous times earlier, always use the amount prescribed in the label of the product.
Do this maintenance scheme once every 3 months, and you can potentially have a jacuzzi that can last for a lifetime.

Relaxing from Home

They say that nature is the best way to rest and relaxation. Just a view of the outside from the cornered rooms inside the house will give out a positive ambiance. That is why it is best recommended to design the house, especially the living room and the bedroom, in such a way that one can see the view from the outside, whether it may be a quiet street with trees or a garden full of lovely flowers.
Light and relaxing colours
In the living room, it is advised that most of the furniture will be facing the windows. This would be better if you have sliding glass windows because big windows give fuller views. Therefore, it would be a better idea to position the sofa facing the windoRustic and cozy style bedroomws. If the television is placed leaning the windows, then that would be better because family members or visitors can see the outside of the window as background while watching.

It would also be helpful if there is an allotted couch or bench beside the window, where one can just sit back and relax while reading a book or drinking coffee. Choosing the best curtain or blinds for the window will add to the ambiance of the room. If the blinds allow sunlight to pass through inside, then it would provide a cozy and relaxing feeling for those who are inside.

If one is really serious with thinking as to how to bring the outside in, then he or she can have a special theme of nature for the room. Different elements of nature decorated around the room will create the illusion that a person is one with nature. For one, wallpapers with patterns such as flowers, forests, pine cones, and other natural elements that are pleasing to the eye. If painting would be too complex for a nature-themed wall, then pre-designed wallpaper is the best to use.

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Bathroom Designs: Shower Door Selections

While you may lament the idea of yet “another, boring, back-breaking, renovation job” it’s important to take a moment to step back and remember all the positives of renovating. First of all, it increases the value of the property you own. Should you ever want or need to sell your home, you can take pride in knowing you made the latest and greatest upgrades to your home that appreciate with value.  Not only that, but renovating is a preventative measure that not only can and will prevent dangerous and costly unforeseen wear and tear circumstances that in the worst-case scenario could destroy your home, leaving you completely homeless and stranded without somewhere to sleep.

[one_half_first]Your home is your palace. You should cherish every moment in your home in peace and happiness. If you renovate something and it ends up looking just like the picture you conjured out of your wildest dreams or exactly like a “spot the differences” photo challenge between a picture of your bathroom and that classy home décor magazine, you’ll derive peace of mind, happiness, and pleasure from you place you live. A welcome break from all the stress of the outside world.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

There are quite a few hotspots in houses that are traditionally considered the most “bang for your buck” jobs to tackle. In no particular order, those would be:

  1. The bathroom
  2. The kitchen
  3. The living and dining rooms
  4. And finally, bedrooms.

The bathroom is a fantastic place to renovate, especially since it is a high traffic area seen by multiple people every day and the equipment is highly durable. When it comes to bathrooms, you won’t need to be renovating for quite some time.

Picture this for a moment. Step into the bathroom. Fumble blindly across the wall for that light switch you know is somewhere there.  At last, after finally finding the light switch and your eyes adjust to the immediate shock the overhead artificial lighting provides, what do you immediately see? You may notice the toilet or the sink first, but most people will say the first thing that they notice is the shower stall.

Indeed, the shower stall can make or break the bathroom completely. Bathroom renovations should most definitely start at the beginning with the shower stall itself as its ‘main attraction’ and the rest of the furnishings should step to the background to allow the centre-piece to shine.

Really, are you sure? Shower Stalls?

So, what is there to a shower stall? Is there much to it worth considering? Without a doubt, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. From curtains to curved doors, a shower stall immediately demonstrates style, design, and can be a wonderful demonstration of just how in with the times the designer is. Some designs are old, antiquated and simply plain ugly. Adding or removing the nicest light fixture, sink, and toilet to this bathroom is not going to make the bathroom look any better. Can’t you just picture it now? Unfortunately, this attempt to renovate would just be a complete and utter disaster.

Just what types of shower doors are there?

Let’s begin with a basic run down of the diverse types of shower doors.

There’s the common swinging door:

  • These are most popular in stand-alone corner showers.
  • These are the most popular shower door fixtures in spaces that are short on space as the door closes upon itself.
  • The door swings open and can either pivot either in or out depending on the space available.
  • If you are short on space, this is an option to go with when choosing your new shower door.

Next on the list is the bypass (also known to most as sliding doors):

  • These are most popular in self-contained shower units that take up most of the entire length of a wall.
  • These shower doors require a much larger shower unit, but certainly are much higher up on the shower-with-style scale than the swinging door.

Let’s not forget though, the swinging door is for those who are in dire need of saving of square foot they can. Not everyone can afford the space a wall to wall shower dictates.

If you have space, and like the idea of sliding in and out to get in the shower, then this might be the decision you’ll be making when you’re ready to renovate. Newer, and less popular are the extravagant round door style.

  • Round doors open inwards and are usually corner stalls, with the door being attached all the way to the top and the bottom.
  • Because they’re curved, the bathing area becomes larger.
  • While it’s true, the round door style generally requires the most space, it also offers the most bathing space. This is a strong point to consider if you’re looking to change your shower stall. The round door style is elegant, stylish, and a unique look to bring to the bathroom.

What about the type of door frames? What’s the difference? Is there a difference at all?

Do I need to consider several types of door frames for my shower? The is definitely the next question in the decision making process. The answer is yes, there are some differences that are important to note.

The two major styles:

The two major styles frequently seen in most residential units are frameless doors and framed doors. Framed doors are indeed very much similar to your everyday bedroom door –they use a frame system above and below the panel to secure the door in place. Framed models require a little more space, but they can often cost much less, making them extremely budget friendly, and can take significantly more abuse. Material wise, frames are almost always made out of aluminum

As mentioned above, the other popular door type is frameless. The frameless systems are more modern. They are easier to clean and care for, as well as work great in small bathrooms. This makes them a very popular choice. It’s important, however, to note that they require thicker glass, expensive hardware, flawless fabrication

What about those of you who are DIY-kind of guy or gal?

Of course, if that’s the case, the frame definitely makes a huge decision if you are intending on making this a personal, weekend warrior type project for you to conquer with the help of your trusty power tools.

Framed or frameless makes a big decision if you are intending on this being a personal project. Remember, frameless requires much more expensive materials, and an extremely precise installation – it just simply might not be worth the extra cost and effort.  Those of you interested in a DIY install should most definitely take framed doors into strong consideration when making their choice.

For those of you who prefer to leave your design and renovation projects to the pros, you’re in quite a bit of luck provided you can fork over the fees associated with this design freedom.  As mentioned, for an often-negotiable fee, you open up a world of different installation options for your bathroom shower door. Most local and chain based vendors have an absolutely massive catalog to pick from, and on top of that, they will offer to install it as well!

Not to mention, if there are pieces and parts of the design that you can find elsewhere but not at that specific store, most contractors from big hardware stores will incorporate the price of sourcing that material into their fee! If you can budget towards getting your bathroom renovated, this is definitely an option that takes a lot of the dirty work off of your hands into the hands of someone who is used to getting them dirty and getting paid for it.

A final option that anyone can indulge themselves in is finding all the parts, pieces and materials needed and sourcing an independent contractor. Independent contractors can be very helpful as they have no affiliation with any big hardware store and won’t be biased in the decision-making process. They also may be able to help with the sourcing process, even find you very good deals and matching your budget with look-alike products every step of the way. Usually, independent contractors are found online or through word of mouth, so they aren’t very difficult to find.


Let’s face it. You need to love the place you live. Something as small as changing that dreary old shower curtain to a sleek and modern frameless glass panel would not only make you feel great about the decisions you made to redo that old outdated bathroom of yours – but it will also improve the value of your home should you decide it’s time for you to sell it. Who knows? Maybe you will have been hit by the renovation bug and now officially cannot wait to start on the very next project on the list!

Shower doors are an essential part of a bathroom, if you know what I’m talking about. However, it would seem that even the shower doors of a bathroom are unable to escape the artistic minds of interior designers. And in this article, we shall take a look at the different ways that interior designers do to make door shower selections to people’s homes and help you decide on a design that can match your preference or can match the current design and feel of your bathrooms. Before the intricate design on the doors themselves, shower doors are generally categorized in the way they are separated from the main room. And they are classified as either a sliding shower door or a pivot point shower door.
Glass shower door
Sliding shower doors are essential doors that are aligned flatly at each other and as the name suggests, it is opened by sliding the door to each other. These are perfect for small bathrooms because it doesn’t need to take up an arbitrary space for it to be opened Pivot point shower doors works like hinged doors in the sense that it needs to be swung to be opened. They are, however, different from hinged doors in its mechanism, because the doors are usually created from one whole glass sheet; drilling holes on it is not a good choice. Instead, pivot points on top and bottom of the sheet are installed replicating the door swinging mechanism of hinged doors.

Why Go For Glass Shower Doors?

Shower doors are a welcome addition to your bathroom. They increase the shower performance and give a pleasant ambiance when you shower. Also they last for a longer time than the shower curtains. With so many benefits going for them, shower doors are definitely your choice to deck up the bathroom. Shower curtains are available in many varieties and you can get one that will be right for your bathroom.
Shower door for bathrooms
The door frame:
There are two main categories available for you to choose from namely framed shower doors and frameless ones. This is based on the quantity of metal [aluminium] present in the frame that borders the glass panels. Framed ones are better aesthetically, as they are more stylish and attractive to look at. If you want a simple design then you can go for the frameless ones where you have minimal amount of the frame used.

Thickness and types of glass panel:

As the glass panel is the main component in the shower door, proper quality should be chosen. The thickness of glass adds to the strength and performance. It also makes the door look stylish and beautiful. 1/2”, 3/8” and 1/4” are optimal thickness measurements. The various varieties available include rain, embossed, etched and antique ones. Choosing from these depends on the type of décor your bathroom has. These add glamour to your shower cubicle.
Glass shower door
Proper finish:
The décor and the color of the door should match correctly for a better appearance. You can choose from more than 40 shades of colors and finishes, present with the manufacturers of shower doors. You get paint finishes that come in a variety of colors to suit your style. There are anodized finishes which you get in three types. There are gold, silver and also nickel finishes available in the anodised form. If you go for the brass finish, you have polished chrome and antiqued brass finish to choose from. The brass finish also comes in nickel and gold type of finishes. Whatever types you choose, be it simple and trendy ones or the classic and antiqued types, shower doors enhance your décor and give your bathroom a glamorous and alluring effect.


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10 Secrets on Bathroom Lighting Up

The place before we face the world: the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the many places we don’t miss to enter in a day, may it be in the house, office, restaurant or any building we go. We always drop by the bathroom to check ourselves. And since we always want something exquisite and foxy in our sight (remodeling the bathroom), we wanted our bathrooms to have drama, intense, creativity and beauty. One way to adorn and enhance your rooms is through bathroom lighting.

[one_half_first]Bathroom Lighting is one of the many approaches that you could experiment to add more glamour and beauty when improving your bathrooms. There are a lot of things to consider in lighting your bathrooms such as the amount of light for your bathrooms. The amount of light you need for your bathrooms actually depends on how big the room is.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

This is simple, just get the room size and multiply it by 20 and you’ll get the exact amount of watts you need for the room. For example you have an area of 9square meters, you multiply 9sqm by 20 and you’ll get 180watts. 180 watts is the amount of light you need to light up your bathrooms. Now in installing the lights of your bathroom will depend on zonal concepts and IP (Ingress Protection). IP is followed by two numbers: the first number indicates the degree of protection against particles or solid subjects while the second number signifies the fittings resistance to water. Bear in mind that you have to apply a fitting with a correct rating according to where the fitting will be sited in the bathroom. Here are some of the different area zones:
Best bathroom lighting
Zone 1: A height of 2.25m above the floor, this area is above the bath or shower tray. Zone 1 requires a minimum of IP44 rating.

Zone 2: Zone 2 requires at least IP44. Zone 2 stretches from 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath or shower tray and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. It’s also good to consider the area around the wash basin as zone 2.

Zone 3: This area is any area outside zone 1 and 2 and it has an IP rating of IP20. Take note if there are water jets used for cleaning purposes or a possibility of splashing waters in zone 1 and 2 you must use the rating of IP65.

Use frosted or white bulbs rather than clear bulbs to eliminate glare and incandescent lamps are good for bathrooms because of its warm daylight glow. Too much light can be binding and uncomfortable and too little light can make activities difficult. Have this guide lead you to elegant and enticing bathroom lighting.

Various types or classifications of bathroom light

Hardware flourishes like doorknobs, cabinet knobs, and faucets along with bathroom light fixtures can establish an entire mood or style in just a decorating accessory. The various types or classifications of modern bathroom light fixtures are especially designed to give you more focused task lighting at a mirror especially during at night so that it would give you a more subtle and calm appearance of yourself, diffuse lighting above a shower or bathtub, or overhead lighting for the entire room. They come in several distinct designs, with an almost infinite number of variations on finish, color, texture, glass, and size. One of the various types of bathroom light fixtures is the bar light installed by plumbers. Bar lights are a series of small trochees arched on a metal bar that attaches to the wall above your counter top and sink.
Nickel bathroom faucetsThese versatile lights are either held upward or downward facing glass shades, so the lamp might overflow a mirrored cabinet or bounce light off the ceiling. Since the bar can arch up to two to six shades, they can extend or stretch over double-sinks as well, eliminating the need to have two separate fixtures. You can find the shades available in white, frosted, or translucent glass. The metal parts are available in shiny chrome, polished brass, nickel, or antique finishes.

Vanity globes is one variation of the bar lights. These round, white, glass bulbs entirely encase the light bulbs. You usually find them topping mirrors in celebrity dressing rooms. Again, this alternative gives a firm, extensive, diffuse light that is perfect for close-up primping. Globes would look best over a constrict sink, vanity table, or in a guest bathroom where their fun, Hollywood style would perfectly fit with the decor.

Types of bathroom light fixtures

Sconces are another one of the various types of bathroom light fixtures. The sconce category includes entities that hold only a single shade and a single light bulb. These are similar to wall lamps found in other areas or rooms of the house, such as the library or corridor, although corner bathroom lights tend to be less exuberant. A sconce can be situated in an area far from the sinks, such as in front of a closet or in a separate room for the chiffonier.
Types of bathroom lighting fixtures
Finally, sunken lighting is a popular option for ceiling luminance. Since the bathroom receives so much moisture inside, it is uncommon to find crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling! A perfect alternative choice from among the many various types of bathroom light fixtures is to go with sunken lighting. These are simple, round lamps that lay outpouring with the ceiling, so they don’t have any dangling parts to collect condensation and dust made by the bathroom temperature. They may be more difficult to install however, since the wires are located inside the ceiling.

How to Update Your Home’s Lighting

If your home lighting system is obsolete and you are looking for an update that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing then you have look too far. There are different lighting systems that are currently available in the market to suit your needs. Updating your light system to new one can change the whole decor of your house and give the house a new and fresh feel. However, before choosing any light system it is important to keep in mind the system that would the interior of your house. Lighting engineers these days have come out different lighting specifications for different parts of the house. Here is a quick preview of some of the lighting systems available for different parts of the house.

Recessed lighting can be fitted in the kitchen, bathroom and any part of the house that you want to highlight. If installed in the dining room it will add glamour and dept. For decorative motifs, show pieces and paintings that you want to highlight Track lighting is ideal. It will give the best display.

Cove lighting is best suited for dinning room, family room and theater. This system will give a soothing glow that will enhance the room. You can also update you kitchen central lighting system with a modern light diffuser and a wood trim. This can be custom design and is ideal for the Island type kitchen. You can also add lighting system for the kitchen cabinets and for the counter top. For the staircase and hallway there are lighting apparels known as wall sconces

There are lighting systems available for the front porch of your house. The most commonly installed ones are the flood lights. Flood lights will accentuate the garden and the landscape if they are placed strategically. If your have a long walk ways to your house, then lanterns poll lights of electric or gas can be installed and these can give an illuminating glow to the house.

In addition to all these mechanical electrical fittings, you can enhance the depth and décor of you room by installing windows, ventilation and skylights at some of the strategic parts of the house.

Different Types of Bathroom Light Fixtures Available Now

Ah! The bathroom, our best friend. Every one of us need to go every now and then whether to take a bath or to do our business. It’s what separates us from the animals. Of course the modern men and women expects a little more finesse and design out of their bathrooms. Our bathroom lights are an important feature. You would not want to go into a dark bathroom all by yourself now, would you? And when you have the latest and the greatest light fixtures available in the market in your bathroom, it really classes the joint up, doesn’t it? Nothing says class like having style even in your own bathroom. Now here are some new different types of bathroom light fixtures available right now.

1. Organic Amber Art Glass 29 1/2″ Wide Bronze Bath Light

Elegant and sophisticated. This golden bronze bath light fixture is a sight to behold with its elegant free-form amber art glass which also gives it an organic touch of beauty. Classic scrolling forms creates drama and centerpiece is free-form amber art glass in this traditional bath light. A golden bronze finish with silver finish accent highlights adds richness and nuance to this old world inspired design. Now, wouldn’t this be a beauty in your bathroom.


  • 23 3/4″ wide x 4 3/4″ high x extends 5 1/4″ from the wall.
  • Takes three 60 watt candelabra bulbs (not included).
  • From the Franklin Iron Works brand of bath lights.
  • Glasses that are inspired by rustic and industrial style designs: Bronze-gold, hand-blown, vintage-style glass.
  • Bronze-gold finish frame and accents.

                Price:  $149.95

2. Monocle Wall Sconce

This one eyed beauty provides a strong yet warm beam of LED powered light. Milled aluminum is used to shape this rotating surface mounted fixture resulting in a smooth clean product perfect for any space where warm directional light is needed. You can use it as a wall scone or a celling fixture and optional wall adapter kit is also available. Now this looks like something a king would use.


  • Without Adapter: 5.25″D X 4″extension
  • With Wall Adapter: 5.25″D X 6″extension
  • Materials include aluminum and plastic
  • From Rich Brilliant Willing
  • An LED lamp
  • Blubs: 1 X 8.7W 120V LED module, 2700K, 80 CRI, 700 lumens (included)

Price: $415.00 – $600.00

3. Boxie Ceiling Light

The boxie ceiling light is a clean square pressed glass shade with a polished surface which provides ambient, diffused light. It is available in small or large sizes and in incandescent or fluorescent versions. It is suitable for wet locations and ceiling mount only. However, caulking is required for shower installation. Nice, isn’t it?


  • Small: 5.3″Square X 2.2″H
  • Large: 9″Square X 2.2″H
  • Small / Incandescent : 1 X 40W 120V G9 halogen (included)
  • Large / Incandescent: 1 X 40W 120V G9 halogen (included)
  • Large / Fluorescent: 2 X 13W 120V or 277V 2GX7 twin tube lamps and electronic ballast (included)
  • Made from glass and metal
  • LED, Halogen lamp
  • From TECH Lighting

Price: $105.00 – $261.80

4. Amber Scroll 35 1/2″ Wide Chandelier

Now she’s a looker. This the product you get when you put beauty and drama together. If you are looking for a bathroom chandelier this is it. This beautiful piece of work features a scrolling frame finished in golden bronze silver finish accent highlights. It is completed wonderfully with amber art glass. Define style with this nine light chandelier.


  • 35 1/2″ wide x 35″ high x canopy is 5″ wide, 1″ high x weighs 30.2 lbs.
  • Includes 6 feet of chain, 12 feet of lead wire.
  • Takes nine maximum 60 watt or equivalent bulbs (not included).
  • Large chandelier with two levels of lights from the Franklin Iron Works™ collection.
  • 9 lights with amber art glass; golden bronze finish, silver finish accent highlights.
  • From the Franklin Iron Works brand of bath lights.

Price: $399.95

5. Capital Lighting 8494 Steele 32 Inch Wide Bath Vanity Light

Now this is a nice looking vanity light that you want in your bathroom. The Capital Lighting Steele 8494 is a transitional bath vanity light available in Brushed Nickel, Burnished Bronze and Chrome finish. The transitional style is sure to complement any bathroom and make you a hit.


  • Lamping:Incandescent: 4 – Medium Base 75 Watt
  • Voltage:Line Voltage (120 volts)
  • UL Listing:Damp Locations
  • Attention:Not suitable for installation in outdoor spaces that are not enclosed.
  • Dimensions
  • Height:   8.00 inches
  • Width:   32.00 inches
  • Depth:   8.00 inches
  • Back plate Dimensions:   5.13 inches
  • From Capital lighting

Price: $214.00

6. Tube Vanity Wall Sconce

The tube vanity wall sconce is sure to look nice in your bathroom. It features a hand blown etched opal glass diffuser. The shade is held by an I-shape glass holder that extends from a rectangular wall plate. Finish available in chrome, brushed nickel, dark restoration bronze and honey gold.


  • FINISH: Dark Restoration Bronze
  • SHADE COLOR: Etched Opal
  • SIZE: 25″H x 4.75″W x 4″D
  • DIMMER: Incandescent
  • LAMP SOURCE: Halogen
  • BULB:2 x T4/D.C. Bayonet (BA15D)/60W/120V Halogen
  • From George Kovacs

Price: $123.90

7. Starburst LED Chandelier

Whoa! Now if you look up unique in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of this.

This kind of design don’t come cheap either. Anyway, the laser cut frosted light guides take decorative LED lighting in a beautiful new direction. With its sparkle and sharp angles, the Starburst LED Chandelier fits into a variety of applications once dominated by incandescent fixtures. This high tech beauty breaks new ground with innovative optical light guides and replaceable LED modules. It was made from created steel construction with stainless steel arms in polished chrome ending. It also includes a 42-inch maximum length adjustable stem kit, and supplementary stems can be purchased to expand that length by up to 8 feet (4 stem sections). Instant on/off; dimmable with TRIAC dimmer (not included).


  • 5″D X 19.9″H; Overall height 21.5-57.5″
  • Steel, acrylic, polymer are used as materials
  • LED lamp
  • Bulbs: 24 X 120V G4 bi-pin LED arrays, 28.9 Watts total, 1990 Lumens, 3000K, 80 CRI, 50/60HZ (included)
  • From Blackjack Lighting

Price: $2,655.00 – $3,150.00

8. Elf2 Bath Light

The Elf2 Bath Light is a sleek and modern light that combines geometric angles with the round aesthetic of the cylinder shape. It features a luminous opal glass tube by a metallic trim. It can illuminate any bathroom with a diffused, ambient light which makes it ideal for any bathroom by balancing form with functionality. So, give this a go the next time you are looking for a bathroom fixture.


  • Wall mount only. Vertical or Horizontal installation.
  • Mounts to a 4″ octagonal junction box.
  • Available in Satin or Polished Nickel with Opal glass diffuser.
  • cUL and UL Listed for Dry and Damp Locations.
  • 5″L X 4.8″H X 5.8″extension
  • Metal, Glass
  • 3 X 60W Xenon BA15D Bayonet Base KX60FR/DC (included)
  • 2 X 13W 120V or 277V 2G7 Compact Fluorescent Lamps (included)
  • 1 X 21W strip LED, 3000K (warm white); 80 CRI; 1800 lumens output (included)
  • From Illuminating Experiences Lighting

  Price: $290.25 – $468.75

9. Integrity™ Lighted Mirror with Vive™ Technology

The Integrity Lighted Mirror is a stunning addition to any modern bathroom. Just imagine how jealous you neighbor would be if you had this in your bathroom. The mirror features a band of frosted light around the boarder of the backlit mirror that emits a natural light. It features long lasting lamps, natural light temperature, anti-corrosion mirror treatment and energy efficiency. Plus it’s an awesome thing to have in your bathroom.


  • LED lighting
  • E-Life™ 8 Years Extended Lamp Replacement Cycle
  • Natural Light Color
  • Hard Coat™ Anti-Corrosion Mirror Treatment
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Proudly Made in The USA
  • Patented (US 7,853,414)
  • INT4236: 42″ W x 36″ H x 3″ D
  • INT4236: 42″ W x 36″ H x 3″ D
  • INT4242: 42″ W x 42″ H x 3″ D
  • INT5436: 54″ W x 36″ H x 3″ D
  • INT7242: 72″ W x 42″ H x 3″ D
  • Material: Glass
  • Lamp: LED
  • Bulbs
  • INT3642: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT4236: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT4242: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT5436: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT7242: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • From Electric Mirror

Price: $3,465.00

10. Swirl LED Pendant Light

Here’s another jaw dropping design. Just imagine taking a bath under this thing. What could be better, right? The Swirl LED Pendant Light features LEDs placed inside softly curved sculptural arms which turned a classic fixture into a more beautiful version of itself. This pendants luminous forms are created with highly efficient LED strips mounted inside metal stampings that dissipate LED heat. Did I mention it’s an award winning fixture?  It won the 2014 lighting for Tomorrow “Honorable Mention” Award Winner


  • S7P-SN: 16″D X 13.3″H; Overall height 17.8-53.8″
  • M9P-SN: 23″D X 19″H; Overall height 20.6-56.6″
  • aluminum, acrylic, polymer, steel
  • LED
  • S7P-SN: 7 X 120V Flexible LED Strips, 23.6 Watts total, 2130 Lumens, 3000K, 80 CRI, 50/60Hz (included)
  • M9P-SN: 9 X 120V Flexible LED Strips, 38 Watts total, 3250 Lumens, 3000K, 80 CRI, 50/60Hz (included)
  • From Blackjack Lighting

Price: $1,799.10 – $2,499.30

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Bathroom Plumbing: Your Most Burning Questions Answered

Bathroom plumbing is one of those “dirty job, but someone has to do it”. Many people prefer to pay a lot of money before having to get involved with all the pipe work that the bathroom entails. We at Decorating Visita Casas, as decorators, have had to learn many things about that office.

Sometimes, in order to be able to decorate properly, we must take into consideration which pipes are under us and in what position. That has made us learn a lot about the plumbing business, and the fact that it is a lot of work we could do it ourselves at home; why do not you put aside prejudices for a moment and learn a little from us?

Maybe this way, you can save a good amount of money in such a case that it will spoil a pipe and you are facing a leak.


First of all, we recognize that the work of a plumber can not only become a job that requires getting dirty; it is also very complex, delicate and you need knowledge in reading very specific instruments. Usually, I prefer to do things myself in my house. I am one of the pioneers in the philosophy of DIY; but I must admit that the spectrum of tasks that a plumber should cover simply surpassed me.

So the tips you’ll find below may seem very basic, however; everyone of them can help you save a lot of money. It is also good that you acquire this knowledge so that you are 100% aware of what the plumber is doing in your house, if you called one.


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Ceramic Tiles: Is it a Do or a Don’t in Your Bathroom?

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom and you are undecided whether or not to place ceramic tiles in the bathroom then you should know what advantages and disadvantages ceramic tiles poses. These are things that you need to consider even before starting to remodel the bathroom. What are the advantages of ceramic tiles placed on the bathroom? Ceramic tiles placed on the bathroom floor and the walls would often increase the value of the house. This is one reason why owners choose ceramic tiles.

[one_half_first]This is because of the look that ceramic tiles can give to your bathroom walls and floors and the work that is involved upon its installation. Ceramic tiles give your bathroom that beautiful look especially if you designed it with different colors. Other than increasing the value of your house, ceramic tiles gives your bathroom that better look.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Although, ceramic tiles when placed in the walls have beautifies the bathroom and increases the value of the house, there are disadvantages that ceramic tiles poses when placed in bathroom walls and floors. For one, the cost and the labor may just be more expensive compared to what you will just spend for paint or for wall paper. Installation of ceramic tiles is more complicated compared to the do it yourself paint or wallpaper.

Installing ceramic tiles

Moldy bathroom tiles

Another disadvantage that ceramic tiles pose is its safety. Ceramic tiles are mostly highly glossed and it is also very slick, its texture would compromise one’s safety in the bathroom especially for children and the elderly because they have the tendency to slip. Thus textured ceramic tiles are used more in bathroom floors.
Cleaned bathroom tiles
Another thing to consider before deciding whether or not to use ceramic tiles on bathroom is its maintenance. This may be another disadvantage that you might meet in the long run. It is the maintenance. As ceramic tiles need more time and more effort to be placed on bathroom floors and bathroom walls, it is also more costly in terms of maintenance. It needs to be cleaned regularly with a meticulous attention given to the grout. The grout part may collect more dirt and it even collects more dirt compared to wall papers or vinyl or even fiber glass. At the grout area, mildews would sooner develop thus it needs regular tiles grout cleaning compared to any other wall or floor options. It is also harder to change especially if you want to give your bathroom a new look in the future.

These are some of the pros and cons of having a ceramic tile used in your bathroom. As ceramic tiles may be an expensive option for you to have, you need to think a lot of times and decide wisely. Weigh the pros and the cons first and see which suits your needs best.

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Walls

A bathroom is the most important part of the house. As it is the only room in your house known as rest room. A bathroom is the most important part of the house. As it is the only room in your house known as rest room or comfort room. Thus, bathroom should comfort anyone who uses. It starts from the wall that has running tiles around all wall surfaces as it plays a major role on how the bathroom looks.
Ceramic tiles are good but sooner or later, it has a tendency to turn yellow or fade. To give an entire look, they can be decorated through different methods.

Colorful bathroom tiles• You need to prepare few supplies like tile cleaner, gloves, stencils, oil based paint and tape. Meticulously, using tile cleaner, clean the tiles and grout as well. After cleaning, scuff them up whit somewhat 220’ sand paper to get primer to adhere to the tiles. After sanding, remove the sand paper dust and rinse it well. Be sure to use primer made because it was made for ceramic tile work. Let the primer gets dry for overnight. Set your desired stencils using tape. Choose your oil based paint and dab it inside the stencils using your sponge. If you use a large pattern, it is better to choose random pattern to stencil than draw on each tile.

• If you are a good artist, you can also try hand-painting designs directly onto the tiles. You can choose freely if which design enhances the look of your bathroom. You can use seashells, flowers or even vines.

• You can also use your whiskbroom to make a design on your bathroom. This is the easiest and quickest way to make a decorating pattern. Simply dip your whiskbroom into the paint and make an arch pattern across the tiles. Be sure to protect your ceiling and other parts that are not included.

• Your next option is to use stickers for decorating the tiles, but is not appropriate for shower stalls. You can use a small floral bouquet on an occasional tile or an assortment of clamshells, starfish, and seahorses as pattern.

• You can also use wallpaper or cutouts from magazines that can easily be decoupage onto the tiles by spreading some of the decoupage on the backside of the picture, then affixing it to the desired area, and dabbing more of the decoupage over the top of the picture. Let it dry and use a fine grade steel wool pad to buff slightly.

Either you choose, some overall tips are to take care not to smear paint when working in tight spaces, to select a pattern which isn’t too large for the working area, and to allow ample drying time between each step.

5 Sins on Bathroom Tile Patterns

A lot of people put so much attention on decorating your bedroom, living room or kitchen. However, some people are really particular on the look of their bathrooms. For them, bathroom says a lot about one’s personality. Others believe that doing some intimate things inside this room entails a lot of care in making sure that their bathroom is not only clean but presentable as well. Your house as a whole may look nice, expensive and well designed but once a visitor sees how badly your bathroom looks, chances are you will have a negative impression on the. Furthermore, all of us use a bathroom. That’s how important a bathroom tile pattern is.

Let’s examine your bathroom. The first thing you will notice is the bathroom tile pattern. This tile pattern will define how your bathroom will look.

So before you engage on major renovation of your tiles, here are the 5 common sins that are committed regarding bathroom tile patterns to avoid.

1. Using patterns that are do not suit your styles. Trust me, when choosing the right pattern for your bathroom; make sure that they are your preferred style. Do you like complicated patterns or simple ones? Are you fond of patterns consisting of figures? These are some of the things that you should consider in using bathroom tile patterns.

2. Using patterns that are so complicated that you end up getting dizzy just by looking at it. There are really bathroom tile patterns that you should avoid because it causes dizziness to some people. These are the complicated and elaborate ones that scientifically proven to be not advisable in the bathroom.

3. Using no pattern at all may not really be dull. Deciding not to use a pattern especially if you are a minimalist may be taken into consideration. You can also just make your chosen tile design to fill all the places for the tiles. There may be no seeming pattern but if your bathroom is well designed, chances are this may actually work for you.

4. Letting someone decide for you on what tile pattern to use. Your bathroom will be used by you; hence, you should be the one deciding on what pattern to use. Avoid patterns that are simply chosen by someone else. Make sure that you consider your own taste on having these bathroom tile patterns.

5. Just because you saw a bathroom pattern in one house means it would suit your bathroom. Sometimes, patterns need to blend in with the structure and space of your of your bathroom. Select a pattern that would complement what you have. A pattern that would make you feel that your bathroom is larger is the one you should use.

Decorating your Bathroom Shower Tiles

Decorating your bathroom may not be easy for you especially if you do not know the basics in bathroom decoration. We often find ourselves coordinating the colors from wall paints, to colors of the towels, to the colors of the shower curtain. But since this is a place where we all spend time each day, we can give the bathroom a decorative touch that would make it more welcoming.

One decorative thing that you can do to add to update your bathroom and give it an elegant look is giving attention to the shower tiles. Be more creative when designing the shower tile that you have. This can give your bathroom an elegant yet comforting look. Shower tiles are now available in the market with different decorations and colors. However these tiles are expensive and the work that needs to be done in changing tiles is really big. However you can actually redesign your tiles giving it a new look less the time and is really budget friendly.

Clean the tiles well before starting any treatment

Here is a treatment that you can use. Clean the tiles well before starting any treatment. Remove all traces of soap scum or chemicals left on the tiles as this may make redecorating harder. Then choose the tiles randomly whcih you will be painting using another color. This may be just be a bathroom to have. Choose the shower tiles randomly, you can choose any tiles that is along the shower lines as this has no wormg or right tiles when it comes to choosing. With the use of the sandpaper, dull each tile that you choose so that the paint will stick.

Apply the paint of the color of your choice

The next step is to apply the paint of the color of your choice. Paint it the way you wanted it to look. Use one or more paints to give it the artistic touch. You can ask for help with the paint technician for you to have the colors that would match the paint that you currently have in your bathroom and to choose the rigt paint that would work well with the tiles. Then read the instructions on how to apply the paint that you bought. This will help you apply the paint the right way.

You can also create tile decoration by using a stencil whether hand made or the one that you can purchase on craft stores. You can choose designs that would fit the theme of your bathroom. These are just some of the ways that you can give your bathroom a new look less the cost. You can now give your bathroom a new look wihtout having to change all the shower tiles in your bathroom and less the effort that you need. This is really a cost effective way of redesigning your bathroom.

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The Perfect Vanity Mirror Made Available

If you’re a vain person, the mirror will always be your handy dandy equipment. It always let you see the reflection of your face and you can do changes in a minute or so in front of the mirror. Thus, it is your second you. There are different mirrors that are available. There are a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. It is up to the person on what kind of mirror he or she will use.

Because of the different mirrors available, many are having the hard time to choose the right vanity mirror to be used at their bathrooms. In order to choose the right mirror, you must first know how big you need. The width of the sink is always on the top consideration for the measurement. Just imagine that there’s a mirror on the top of the sink. Measure the dimensions that you want for your mirror.
There are different types of mirror designs. Some have frames and some have other accessories put on it. If your sink is over a decorative cabinet, it will be good if you used a wooden-framed mirror so it will compliment the designs inside your bathroom. If the sink is just simple, you can used an oval-shaped mirror to accentuate it better.

The mirror that is the most usual used is the chrome-edged one. It is the most usual because it can accentuate your bathroom and it is very affordable. It is also one of the least-expensive mirrors available in the market today. Using a large mirror can be quite a hassle but if your bathroom is small, it gives an imaginary additional space and also adds up lighting to the bathroom itself. Moreover, mirrors like these can be the perfect place to put on make-up because it can additional lighting inside the room.

For vanity purposes, beveled-edged mirrors are great buys. It isn’t that expensive and isn’t that affordable either. It is more on the average when we’re talking about the price. It gives a lovely accent. Beveled-edged mirrors come in different designs like sketching and many more. There are different shapes for it like oval, square or even rectangular. It is also easy to attach unlike other mirrors on which you really have to work on it in order to be placed in your bathroom.

There is a big advantage in having mirrors with no frames. They are easier to clean and it accentuates the wall space of the bathroom. Likewise, it is still up to the user on what type of mirror he or she would buy. Remember, a mirror gives additional lighting and dimension to your bathroom. It is not only used for vanity purposes but it is also used in giving accentuation to your bathroom and gives it a more beautiful appearance.

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How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

What is a day without some time spent in the shower room? But after having a good time with a fresher feeling and a cleaner body, you have to take note of that glass door that is full of residue buildups. Much like any rooms in your house, the shower room also needs attention to have its cleanliness maintained. Getting used to putting into action how to clean glass shower doors takes enough time for you to remember. Nevertheless, one thing you have to understand is that it is not a difficult task to learn that.

Set a day for cleaning the glass shower door
The more people who use the shower room, the more it is necessary to clean it in a regular basis. To be safe, a weekly scheduled cleaning of the glass shower door is ideal. The door, as part of the bathroom, needs to be always clean so that the refreshing atmosphere every time you enjoy your shower and even afterward is satisfactory. Keeping the door dirty for a long time will definitely make your job harder in the coming weeks. The more you keep the cleaning process a routine, the better the results will be.

Use white vinegar mixture
A household item you can use to clean the glass shower door is white vinegar. A mixture of a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water is a great cleaning agent. The steam is important for this procedure. If you haven’t finished having a shower, simply turn the hot water on to let steam fill the place first. Spray the mixture on the glass shower door and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a squeegee to remove the mixture from the glass door. Rinse the door with water and notice how sparkling it has become.

Use a bathroom shower door cleaner
There are products specifically intended to clean bathroom shower doors that you can buy from stores. Pick one that has a soft and non-abrasive design enough for the glass material of your door. There is no need to worry about scratching the glass because this kind of cleaning brush works best on glass shower doors. Also, you can have other products that can be sprayed to the surface of the glass. Simply spray on the glass, let the solution sit for 15-30 minutes and scrub the glass door afterward with a non-abrasive sponge.

Clean after every shower
One practical way to keep the cleanliness of the glass shower door is to clean it after every shower. It will not take too much of your time if you can do the cleaning every day. The more regularly you clean it, the easier it will be for you to scrub any buildup or mold off the door. Basically, all you need is a squeegee that you can keep inside the shower enclosure. Once you are done taking a bath, clean the glass by removing the water off. This way, you avoid staining the glass and having lime buildups.

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How to install a vanity

The role of a vanity in a house is quite important as people have the propensity to spend time on a bathroom. A well designed and planned vanity can change the whole outlook of the bathroom. Such elements and rudiments are important so that it transforms your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one. If you are not comfortable with installing a vanity, you can always hire a professional to do the same. On the other hand it is not quite difficult to install a vanity and if you are smart and know how to use a wrench and a screwdriver, then there’s no reason to hire a person and spend extra money to install a vanity.

One vital point to remember while installing a vanity is that it needs much care and it has to be placed delicately. Choose the color, material and texture of the vanity wisely. The colors that suit the textures of the walls, floor tiles, and drape designs are the best ones to choose from. It is good if the whole area compliments with each other.

Do not be dismayed with the cost of the vanity unit because it comes in all shapes and there are different qualities for everyone. Once you purchase the entire vanity unit, start by removing the old unit. In order to start with it, you need to turn off the water. Once it is taken care of, make sure that the plumbing lines are detached and all the water in the pipes is drained out in the basin. After doing that, remove fixtures and sink and place them elsewhere so that you can even use it in the future. The old cabinets must be attached to the wall. Use a knife to loosen and take off the screws. With this, you will have the inlets and the outlets and a vacant space to place your brand new vanity.

Installing a vanity can be handled even by a person that has no experience. You just have to follow the instructions and get ready to face some dirty work.

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How to Eliminate Odor from Shoes

For some people, learning how they can eliminate odor from shoes can be a big deal. But before this problem can be addressed, admitting that you have the problem can be embarrassing. Usually, smelly shoes are caused by smelly feet. These are caused by the growth of bacteria. In order to stop this from occurring, it is important that you make sure your feet do not get moist as this only causes bacteria to grow. However, this is only a later issue as you first need is to get rid of the embarrassing odor.

While there are some certain products that can help address this problem, there are also simple home remedies that you can use. But in order to thoroughly get rid of the odor, the bacteria must be killed.

For this, here are some ways this can be achieved:
• When removing your shoes after a long day at work, the insides of your shoes should be thoroughly coated with baking soda. You can then seal them using a plastic bag and freeze them until the following day. The cold temperature can kill the bacteria while the baking soda can absorb the scent. After you remove your shoes from the freezer, you should place them in an area which is well ventilated so that the remaining extra moisture can be eliminated.

• If there is not enough space in your freezer, you can simply just spray or pour some rubbing alcohol into your shoes so that the insides can be coated. After, you should place them on their sides while leaving them out in an area which has enough ventilation. Just like the cold temperature, rubbing alcohol can kill the bacteria. However, this will evaporate quickly. When it has thoroughly evaporated, you can then put a few amounts of baking soda so that the remaining moisture or odor can be absorbed.

You can also choose the many products that have been manufactured to specifically address this problem. There are a lot of them available on the market. Whatever process you prefer, the important thing is that you kill the bacteria. If you don’t do this, bacteria can still grow and will continue causing a problem to your feet. In order to thoroughly get rid of the problem, you should first address what causes it.
This can be done by the following:
• Dry your feet well after showering.
• Apply an anti-perspirant foot powder to your feet if you suffer from excessive sweat.
• Thick cotton socks should be worn.
• Change your socks as often as needed so that your feet remains dry all the time.
• When your shoes get wet or moist, make sure they get completely dry before using them again.

The best way you can eliminate odor from shoes is by getting to what causes it. If you do this, you can avoid having smelly feet and shoes and not be embarrassed by this again.

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Basic rules on choosing your Toilet seat Cover

Choosing toilet seat cover for your bathroom may not seem important for many people. Some people may think that toilet seat cover is unnoticeable. This statement may not be true because toilet is the number one reason people go into a rest room or comfort room. Here are some of the most basic rules in designing your toilet seat cover.

• Upon designing your toilet seat cover, it is not necessary to match everything around inside your comfort room. Your bathroom mats don’t have to match your toilet seat cover. Contrasting shades may complement each other. This principle can also be applied on toilet seat cover. Examine the existing color on your bathroom before choosing a toilet seat cover.
• Experiment on the color of your toilet seat cover. Do not only stick on white, black, blue and green. There are a lot of unique colors available for toilet seat cover. One of the great places to hunt unique toilet seat cover is in the internet. Do not be afraid to use bold color on your toilet seat cover. Your bathroom will surely have a great impact on most of your visitors. Whether you like it or not your bathroom will leave the most permanent impression of your entire house. Your bathroom is the most public and personal part of your house. The best color for your toilet seat cover can be seen if you put some effort into it.
• Do not copy your neighbor’s style. Remember, that if you once saw it in your neighbor’s house, it most likely seen by everyone. Try to be unique and practice individuality when choosing the right toilet seat cover. Express your personality and identity when decorating your bathroom.
• Avoid using appliqué or beaded design on your seat cover. This kind of design is not a very nice idea. Sometimes beads can make irritating noise while lifting the seat cover. Do not use any kind of ribbon on your toilet seat. This can be very inconvenient for your visitor to maneuver around the bathroom.
• Do not use silk seat cover for your toilet. This can be a very expensive way of decorating your toilet seat cover; stains may stick on the satin cover and may require constant replacement.
• Bright colored and fuzzy covers are also very impractical. This can be suitable for your child or teenager’s bathroom.

You can be the most admired lavatory of your neighbor, if you will be very intelligent and bold in choosing the right toilet seat cover for your bathroom. Experiment on having different color rather than staying on the conventional color of many seat cover. Always be a wise buyer and go for the most affordable seat cover available in the market.

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Showerheads: To Be Newly Installed

Simple bathrooms only have a tub or a shower room, toilet and maybe a cabinet or so for brushing the teeth, looking at the mirror and such. However, there can be a new tool that you can add to your beloved bathroom and this is the hand held shower head. If you’re thinking that installing this device will take you a lot of time, then think again. Installing will be very easy especially if you follow this simple step by step procedure. Now, here we go!

First, like any other experiment, we should first gather all the different tools and materials that we will use in installing the device. If you’re thinking of what tools to gather, well, you need a Teflon tape, rag, adjustable wrench and a pipe-mounted handheld showerhead. Now we know the different tools to be used. For the next step, look at the nut of the showerhead. This is found above the showerhead. The flat sides help in unscrewing the showerhead easier and faster. Using the rag and placing it in the nut will prevent having the nut from having scratches. Next, loosen the nut by counter clockwise turning it with the use of the adjustable wrench. Remove the old showerhead and the plumbing tape and clean off the excess water found on the pipe.

After the removal, don’t forget to clean the pipe. For the next step, we’ll be doing the installation of the new showerhead. In order to do this, prepare the showerhead and wrap its end with the Teflon tape. Wrapping it with the tape helps prevent leaks but make sure that is tightly covered with the tape.

After taping, we can attach the new shower. There is an available instruction to follow for connecting the hose and the wand to the showerhead. After following those instructions, tighten (clockwise direction) the showerhead on the pipe with the use of the hand. Just make sure that you don’t over tighten it. With the use of the adjustable wrench, you can now tighten the nut.

After the installation, make sure you clean all the parts and dry it. You will need to install the trigger hanger which is located at the desired location you want. Just stuck it on the wall then press it firmly.
Voila! You now have a new showerhead! But, this is still not the end. Check if there are any leaks by turning it on. If there are leaks, make some revisions on the connections. The cause might be because it wasn’t that tight enough. Retest the showerhead. If there are no problems, you can now enjoy your newly-installed showerhead!

Now you know that installing the showerhead isn’t that difficult. Additional tip is that it is better to use the hand rather than tools. It is safer and faster. Well, enjoy your new showerhead. Have fun!

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Bathroom: Toilet Cover Make-Over

We go in and out of our toilet room every day. We use the toilet at least 3 or more than 5 time a day. Now, when decorating our toilet room, why do we always overlook the toilet when there are many things that we can use in order to decorate it? If you’re thinking that the toilet cover will not be seen, well which of the following things in our toilet room do we always use or see? Moreover, decorating our toilet won’t be a waste of time for the toilet is the basic or primary part of the area we’re talking about.

There are different available toilet seat covers that you can see in the malls. But, don’t be hasty and buy anything that looks “jewels” in your eyes. There are different things that we need to bear in mind when looking for a toilet seat cover for our beloved toilets.

First, look at the different colors inside your toilet room. Does it compliment the color that you will choose for your cover? One tip is that you can use contrasting colors because it compliments one another. You can also ask your friend in the hardware store some samples so you can pair it up with your toilet and see which will be the best result.

Second, don’t go for the primary colors like red, black and the likes. They are not the only colors in the world. Go out and do some research. The internet can be a very trusted and reliable source if you want to look for colors. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re doing too much but remember, the bathroom can leave quite an impression if you have guests. If you have a great bathroom, your guests will think that you’re very clean and very resourceful. A perfect color combination is what you need in decorating your comfort room.

Lastly, don’t just copy what you see. Use your imagination and creativity. Just because you saw it in the TV or your neighbor’s doesn’t mean you can do it also to your own. Have an originality or individuality of your own! Let your bathroom say that you are what they see and let it reflect your very own personality. That’s the secret in having a great bathroom.

If you’re thinking to use beaded toilet covers, please remove that idea. It is impractical and it would only lead to such inconvenience to the users of the bathroom. Don’t also use ribbons because it will only confuse and lead to an embarrassing position. Another impracticality that you might need to remove in your mind is using silk. Silk is easy to stain and very expensive. Bright colors are a big no-no unless you’re a child or a teenager.

Simplicity can be a big help in decorating your toilet room. Don’t be hasty and let it be disastrous. Remember, the bathroom is a reflection of your personality. What and who you are can easily be determined once your guest used your bathroom. Good luck in decorating!

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How to Repair Toilet Flush Valve

The bathroom would probably one of the places that can either be pleasantly clean or awfully dirty. Usually, a very pleasant bathroom shows off clean and properly working fixtures apart from the absence of any dirt and grime. Amongst the many fixtures in the bathroom, the toilet is the most used and relied on fixture. It tends to be quite frustrating to find out that the toilet flush is not working as it’s quite a tedious process to manually flush a toilet every single time.

Most homeowners are clues on how to repair toilet flush valve and either end up having to call a handyman and incur repair expenses or leave the situation as is which is actually the worst part as it does not only create hygiene problems, it also is a nuisance to have a toilet that cannot flush. It’s actually quite easy to repair toilet flush valve and you can do it yourself in less than a few hours.

First, take off the toilet tank cover which may either be at the top of the tank or at the back dependent on the design of your toilet. Remember to properly set aside the cover as most designs are made of heavy ceramic and it would be a bigger problem to replace a cracked or broken toilet cover. Check the parts in order to determine where the problem is. You can start off by pressing the flush lever or handle. Usually, you can repair toilet flush valve as easy as just linking the chain that connects the flush handle to the valve that allows the water to escape into the main toilet cavity when you flush.

If the chain is intact, you may have to check on the valve which is usually made of rubber and is the one that seals the hole where the water escapes from. This is usually called the flapper valve or rubber valve. Ensure that it is able to entire seal the hole and you may actually notice that if water does run through and does not fill-up the tank, then you may have to replace this part. Most local hardware stores have this but it would be best if you either have a picture or the actual part with you so you can easily find a replacement. Take note of your toilet manufacturer brand as well as you may find it easier to purchase spare parts from the manufacturer.

Other homeowners after repairing their toilet flush valve opt to replace it with more modern alternatives available especially if the previous toilet valve is already dated. Most valves get damaged or do not function properly over time because of various deposits specifically coming from the water supply like minerals. Toilet valves also stop functioning because of the build-up of dirt and grime because of poor maintenance. The best tip is to regularly clean not just the outside of your toilet but the inside of the tank as well. It does not only save you a lot in terms of avoiding damages but it also ensures that the water you use to flush and clean the main bowl of the toilet is clean. There’s nothing like a good working toilet and a very clean bathroom.

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How to repair grout in shower

A grout is simply the material that is commonly used to fill in gaps and seal off spaces in common construction items like tiles. Occupying such a tiny relative space, you might think that these small areas are already damage-proof and in no need of repair whatsoever. Very wrong. Tile grout is just as fragile as the tile itself, and here, we are about to show you some of the ways on how to repair grout in showers.

Many people usually opt to refer these kinds of problems to the handymen, and let them work on the very tedious job of repairing cracked grouts. That is because finding cracked grouts is usually a sign that you need to replace the entire grout of your shower. The downside to this is that hiring handymen for this exact kind of tedious job would just be the perfect opportunity to blow up your money. All of us know how expensive professional work can be. Is it already sounding a little bad? Well there’s another solution; you can try fixing that grout yourself, and save a lot of money in the long run.

For your own home shower grout fix operation, you need a chisel, or some good tool that can chip off the excess area of the cracked grout. Try also to check up on some of the latest grout application tools, and get one that is handy enough for you.

Now, before you start applying any kind of grout into the cracks, you might want to take a sample of the grout first and bring to your local hardware store to see what kind of grout would match well with it. Although it is a bit tempting to try out pre-mixed grout, it is not generally recommended to be used on some place where it is wet all the time. If you have to find the proper material to repair grout in showers, you need to buy the powdered ones, grouts that still needs to be mixed with water, so that you can control exactly the moisture of the mix.

With all the materials in place, chip off the excess grout in cracked areas. Make sure that no traces of the old grout would be left (this is the most tedious part). After clearing off these areas start applying the new grout in it. Do not forget to fire your mix at an angle, so you don’t make a mess of anything while applying the grout on the empty area. Approximately two days after applying the grout, apply some sealer. Now, you may want to remember to re-use the sealer for a few months afterward, so that you would never have to go through the tedious work to repair grout in showers again, for at least a couple of years.

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Decorate the Retro Way

Do you want to have a unique design, style, and theme for your own home? Do you want to know some retro style decorating tips? It would really be spectacular if your house had its own unique retro design as opposed to the common designs that are usually seen in other residences. This would surely attract the attention of passers-by and your home will probably end up being admired by a lot of people who visit your home, most especially if it had some styles and trends from the past years. What’s more is that you’ll actually be able to feel the past retro years right around you at the comfort of your home. It is more like on preserving your retro days in the four corners of your home.

Now, if you want to know some tips on retro style decorating, then the following might be of great help to you. As we all know, it usually uses bright colors which makes things look happier and lively compared to other design or themes. This also has some overall sense of flair, while its wild designs make it look more of an aggressive theme which can help our home to look attractive. But then, what do you think are the things that you can actually use to be able to achieve the retro style home that you’ve always wanted to have? The very first thing that you should do is change your furnishings into some retro styled furniture, after which you can then simply add some colors with a touch of the retro days, like on some of the interior textures, some of its accents, its floorings, and some of its lightings. These are just the common things that you can buy and use for you to be able to adopt the way of retro style decorating in your home. As a matter of fact, redecorating your home to make it have a retro style will surely be a very fulfilling, exciting, and very fun way to spend your time. And this is even more true if you already know and have ideas on the all the possible looks and designs of the retro theme.

So, wait no more. Let out the creativeness inside you and apply it to your home. Make your home a uniquely designed home and let others appreciate everything and anything that you have done inside. And if you don’t have much idea on the things that you should do, you can simply seek some help from any of the experts in this field and let them help you solve your problems. Start canvassing for furniture and equipments that you need to buy right now, so that you will be able to have and achieve a retro styled home.

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