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How to Transform the Children’s Room Through the DIY Decoration


If your child is dumbfounded when you tell him to go to his room, whether he prefers to be on the street, in the yard, or in his neighbor’s house, if he even hates having his room sorted; you should trust your instincts, the children’s room can sometimes also be the problem.
More often than we think, the design of our child’s room may appeal to us, but not to them.

If our character tells us that we do not like the room at all; It is not because it is a children’s room, it’s because there is something wrong with it. Remember that your child is a version of yourself but in miniature; If you want them to like the room, if you want the decor to be fine.

Do It Yourself!
DIY Techniques for Children’s Room

children's room

First of all we must establish something very important:

Son or Daughter?

If at this point your baby is already capable of manifesting that discontent it is because their character is being formed based on their own tastes and decisions.

You should (in theory) be able to recognize the tastes of your child and that which displeases him. Even though they are still children, their singularities are what makes them unique, respect them and work according to what they want.

Boy or a Girl is a question we ask before birth, before conception; but at this point it is no longer a question of considering it only for what it is but for whom it really is.

Now the question is, son or daughter?

If you have a daughter

The first thing is to clarify that all the concepts and tips discussed here are very flexible, it’s a simple guide and should not be taken literally when it comes to decorating the room.

It is a very subjective subject, especially when your daughter is so young, but in spite of it: your best ally will be her.

So let’s see a series of accessories that every princess would like to have in her room, but at the same time works her creativity and inspires personal development.


Your daughter will always be your little princess, however,

How does she really feel about this concept?

Toys are something that is part of the decoration of a girl’s room but; If having Heaps of toys inside her room prefer to be outside, so maybe to keep her buying toys is not the solution.

Instead she becomes aware of what she likes to do outside, does she scratch the walls a lot or play a lot with the earth making figures? Then rejoice because you have a brilliant creative at home!

You should replace those toys for more space. Toys may be an overload that is choking and breathing out of the room.

Place all the toys in a toy’s bucket that you can make yourself or you can ask the carpenter in your area to do it. Or else get a box for toys.

It teaches the girl to use the dolls to decorate and to keep the stuffed animals in a trunk that protects them; With the space gained, you can now include a table for drawing or tea.

And the problem of walls?

It is very common, but that is because it does not have a canvas that is at its height; To keep her from scratching the walls, you can buy an acrylic chalkboard that allows her to explore her creativity over and over again.

It can also be a small tripod with many sheets of paper. She makes a shelf for paints that are always at her height; And make sure the room is now well lit and airy.

But if you have a boy

You will notice then that running or activities that involve a lot of physical energy are your favorites; boys tend to be more active in that regard, however, you can still decorate the room with that in mind.

There is something that all the kids love: the slides and swings. Providing your child with the possibility of having their own amusement park behind closed doors is definitely something that they will value until their old.

To do this you can purchase a harness and place it on the roof, whether you bring your old tire inside the room or another object that works as a swing; The ultimate goal is to bring the object into your room with enough space.

It is important that your child’s room has a smooth floor; The men are expert escapists, it is something they carry in the blood. So I assure you that you will have more of an amazing leap with an equally mind-boggling fall.

If you want your child to enjoy his room on a more athletic level, Then add your favorite sports but designed to your stature. A basketball hoop, some feet and hands screwed on the wall for mountaineering and large cubes that serve as trunks but can also be climbed.

I assure you they will love it!

Decorating the Children’s Room Together!

The most important part of redesigning the new bedroom is to include the child.

The problem with the remodeling sometimes faced by parents is that children tend to take it as a routine; They tent to boring in increasingly shorter time periods and ultimately become an economic, physical and mental strain for everyone in the home.

When the child participates in the decoration, not only will you be sharing with him in an activity that will help you to know them; You will also be investing your effort and time into something that will be yours, which is why you will value it more.

The new decoration of the walls should be made with raw materials, everything from scratch. The less you and more you do the better.
That is, it is okay to buy the materials; But the general idea is to explore the creativity of your child, that your room is the blank canvas where you dump all your energies.

Small responsibilities such as using the scissors or leaving it only “unsupervised” while doing what suits you best in their room; Will help you create a bond of love and trust toward their room.

Never let your children know that you know what they were doing minutes ago,

because it is important for them to know that they have privacy.

Of course, remember that even if your child stops hating their room, they may still prefer to be outside to have fun. If that is the case, then you can rule out that there is a problem with the environment itself; Accepting that our children will ever leave home may be a process that begins earlier for some parents.

The important thing is that both have fun decorating the room; That your child at some point in his teenage or adult stage takes a drawing they did many years ago with you and treasure forever.


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