How to Treat Furniture Dents in Carpet

There are different ways of fixing furniture dents on the carpet. Most of these methods have been tried and tested showing varying results. Here, I would give to give quick preview of the different approaches and methods of fixing the dents, from the simpler ones to the more complex.

1. Using foot: This method can be used if the dents are not too deep. By simply rubbing the dents with your foot some of these shallow dents can be fixed.
2. Ironing. Steam iron is best suited for this. You need to wipe the carpet surface clean and place the iron close to the carpet at medium heat. The heat from the iron and the moister from the cloth will help expand the fiber, thus reducing the dents. Be cautious not to let the hot iron touch the carpet and by using fork or pasta serve remover the loose fibers.
3. Turning the carpet over: This is a very simple method. The carpet is turn over and furniture of medium weight is place on top to reverse the dent. It is however advisable not to leave the furniture for a long period this could further damage the carpet or make the dents more prominent.
4. Using a blow-dryer: This method is useful for carpet made of nylon and wood. The dent area of the carpet is first sprayed with water and the dry blower is then use for drying the area. Once dried, the dents are pressed with fork or finger.
5. The ice cube method. This is the most accept method for treating furniture dents
a) Ice cubes are first drop on to the dents
b) These ice cubes are left to melt in the dents. It is best to leave the ice overnight
c) Dry off the excess water from the dents the next morning. The results would be seen the next morning. d) Some carpets with larger dents do not recover overnight. In such case you can use a fork to slowly lift the dents.