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Step-by-Step Guide to Treat Furniture Dents in Carpet


I do not know about you, but I’m the type of person that always, when I have a free time on vacation or a long weekend; I enjoy rearranging the furniture and making one to another change to the decor. However, when you have a carpet, and you are moving the heaviest furniture; you realize that they leave marks! And these dents on the carpet made by the furniture looks so horrible that we decide to leave everything as it was so that we do not have to deal with them.

But remember, you cannot cover the sun with a finger, although you can not see the dents they are there, and they continue to damage the carpet; Each time they settle down more and more.

So if you no longer want to deal with that remorse of conscience and once and for all you want to eliminate those marks that the super heavy furniture left on your carpet in Decorating Visita Casas today we teach you how to do it!

Saving the Life to Our Carpet

The dents, I think are the most remarkable negative aspect of the carpets and by which people end up taking them off.

Eliminate odors, remove stains and even get rid of the hairs of our pet, all those surface “damages” are easy to repair; but the sunken marks left by the furniture… that is a problem of another level.

A sub level because some of those dents seem to be going through all the layers of the ground as deep as they are. Depending on the severity of the problem, we can resort to a different solution; Here we will list them according to their success rate.

But Heads Up!

Do not forget that repairs in everything, absolutely everything, leave an indelible mark that we like or not, it will subtract life time to whatever we have repaired.

That principle applies to both our carpet and to a broken bone. And do not worry if you do not see an immediate result; in truth all these methods work and you should only use the one that suits you taking into account, besides the depth of the mark.

The material with which your carpet is made.

But let’s put all that aside for a moment and move on to the solutions that will erase those dents on your carpet caused by furniture!



No, do not call me crazy and NO, I’m not teasing you. An ice cube can work miracles on your carpet, of course; as long as we are talking about a single imperfection in the carpet caused by a piece of furniture.

Going towards a more common example: the dents of the legs of the sofa. This is one of the heaviest furniture of all but; I guarantee that with this method you will get rid of those horrible marks.

During the night, place an ice cube in each of the marks. You should let these ice cubes melt all night over the marks and, the next day; you will notice how the imperfections of the carpet will have disappeared by almost 100%.

If the problem was not so serious, then you will not see the fault in your carpet, however; If you notice that it has not yet been solved at all, then you should only take a fork and with it go raise the sections that are still missing.

Excess water can be dried with a towel or napkins, just be sure not to use a piece of cloth that ends up staining that part of the carpet.

The Iron Method

It is not really about using the iron directly on the carpet as many people think; Remember that carpets are mostly made of synthetic fibers that do not withstand the heat and using an iron will simply burn it.

In addition, this method should only be applied with a plate that is capable of blowing hot water steam, they may already be considered obsolete even.

Last but not least; this method must be performed with demineralized water.

This is because of the weight of the water, you want to raise the carpet again, which looks again spongy and soft; that’s why we need water that is not hard.

The first step is to fill the iron with the demineralized water, then the heat of the iron must be fixed in synthetic fiber; thus protecting the integrity of the fabrics.

But the most important factor of all is the distance at which the iron should be placed at the time of the job.

Always looking for marks directly on the carpet, keep the iron at a distance of no less than 1 inch to avoid damaging the fibers.

Once the distance is established, the carpet is repeatedly steamed with hot steam and then the iron is moved over the top for about 4 seconds.

You must then remove the iron and now rub the carpet with your hand, the change in imperfections will be immediate.

The process can be repeated up to a maximum of three times, but too wet carpet is not recommended.

Other Methods

There are less “professional” ways to correct these horrible marks, some choose to just rub the rug with the foot; Is effective, but only in those cases where the sinking does not take so long.

Another method we highly recommend here in Decorating Visita Casas; Is to turn the carpet around and use the same furniture as the frame but this time in reverse. Sounds very logical but, let’s face it

How much work does not involve performing this method?

Not always the marks will be near a corner or a border where it will be easy to raise and flip the carpet.

Or do you intend to remove ALL furniture to correct a mark? If so; Then you are more stubborn than I am.

The Ultimate Method

When all the classical methods fail, then there is nothing left but to resort to the secret technique; which only applies in cases simply impossible to resolve without anyone getting hurt.

It’s time to cut the carpet!

That’s right, cut the rug. But not all the carpet (please lower those scissors); only the area that has been marked by the weight of the furniture.

To do this you must first ensure that the pieces left over when they first installed the carpet; even preserved and are in good condition.

This method is used in cases of burns on the fibers due to cigarettes or other very serious accidents. Instead of spending an hour or waiting a night for the ice to take effect; take the same mark as a reference and cut the carpet with a cutter in the most symmetrical way possible.

Then take the remaining pieces of the installation and using the piece you cut; make the same cut as close as possible (the more equal the better)

With your new piece made to measure, now only install it using the special glue of your preference; you should not complicate much choosing the glue.

Now you only need to use the iron method or with your foot try to untangle the carpet until the cut line turns out to be invisible. It is true that you will know that the lines are there; and that the carpet is not what it used to be.

But it is better to have to see clearly every day the dent of heavy furniture that is surely making theirs in another new area; where you put it now.

If you know another secret technique (and millennial style that only grandmas dominate) then share it in the comments. Especially with the new style of carpets; or to repair the tatamis.


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