Trap the positive energy in your home

Next, try to “trap” the positive energy in your home by covering windows and doors at the rear side that directly aligned with your front doors and windows. This way, you are preventing the positive energy from instantaneously leaving the house as soon as it enters.

Feng shui elements

Balance the flow of chi energy around you by balancing how the elements are present around you. If you have a strong yang field around you due to a strong affinity to the water element, you might want to balance it by using articles that are attributed to the fire element and articles attributed to wood. Having too much positive energy can make chi energy go out of control, so balancing them is very necessary. Using the articles attributed to the earth element can also help contain excess energies that the water element expels, as the earth acts as the water’s container to give it form. Metallic objects should be kept at a minimum, as it acts like magnet to the water element.
FengShui kitchen

After you have established the flow of energy to move into you house through the front doors and windows, you now have to make them flow freely all around the house, much like a streaming body of water. Remove or rearrange articles of your home to make sure that the “stream” of chi energy does not get disrupted. Think that chi energy is actually a body of water that flows around the rooms. Check if there would be certain turbulences that would hinder its flow, and rearrange these hindrances to make the flow of chi energy flow freely again.