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How to Trap the positive energy in your home


A home is not just a roof over your head, home roots deeper than a mere place to shelter your family. How you make your home reflects the motivation that you choose to live with, that life provides you with your daily living. Before you disagree and think this to be a narrow thought, a biased perspective learning for the people who can afford the necessary materials to create a well-designed home, how you make your home goes further than the right furniture for your dining table or the right painting to purchase for your living room.

What are sources of positive energy?

[one_half_first]How you make your home reflects the motivation that you choose to live with. Are the things around your home decorated according to you? Do they satisfy you? If not, what did you do about it? Did you leave that spill of soda on your ten-year-old rug? Did it take you long to clear the fridge of food spoiled for weeks? Yes, the fridge counts.

A home is a mural for you to create. How much you earn does not get in the way of a wonderful home to live in. What is important is your power to create. The essence of the home is that it is the place where we reset the day, a fountain of restoration and rejuvenation. Since you can choose to create a home, you have the power to provide yourself the energy you need every day.


Tips to create the positive energy in your home

To provide you with the ideas of creativity, the following are thirteen (13) humble suggestions not just to create the energy you need every day but also to keep it.

Provide your rooms with more of daylight

There is nothing more vibrant than a bright and well-lit room. The reach of sunlight is immensely far that it can make every detail of the room stand out, even without the right angle. Light from the sun is a cost-effective source of energy that can lighten up any mood.

You can provide your rooms with better daylight by having wider windows. Use different sizes of windowpanes for a more creative look. Another tip: You do not have to follow the shape of a box for the whole window

  • Make parts of your roof see-through. However, be careful not to use entirely transparent materials because they can be annoying during sunny days.
  • Display at least one mirror in every room. Mirrors are effective decorations that reflect light efficiently, which can provide your room with more light, day and night. Another tip: Vary the size of the mirror according to scale

Separate your rooms with curtains or other material that are not walls

Every room can be connected in a profound way. The energy found in one room can resonate to another. It is at your discretion to include your bedrooms. If you think this idea can breach your privacy, then do not follow it.

This idea is highly effective in houses with more than one living room, or with other customized rooms. Not only that it widens the illusion of space for every room, but it also provides the idea that a room can be and can have more than one room. Another tip: You can have a library in your living room, but cover it with a curtain when not in use

Fill everything with anything

Do not leave a single wall blank. Put even the smallest surface areas to great use. Literally display your story by decorating your walls with pictures, your best moments and memories. This way, you can recreate and relive the energy that was before.

A picture can write a thousand words, but a few words can also paint a thousand pictures. Chalk your way through your walls and write your favorite quotes. A single glance at any one of these quotes can remind you of what you believe in and what you hope for in your life. Use chalk with creative fonts, and you will see how this can be very refreshing with every glance.

Be a friend of nature

There is nothing more Zen than nature. Display at least a single plant on each table, preferably of different species. Have some parts of your ceiling with vines hanging. Another tip: Take these plants and vines as center points of each room

Your home is a place of tranquility. What more to make it as effective as it is with nature?

Decorate your source of light

Choose lamps that protrude far from the ceiling and decorate them with anything. Place your lamps where light matters the most. You do not have to emulate the light from the day to the mood in the night. Every night has its purpose. Every night has its own source of energy. Sit down and relax from a hard day’s work and you will find what the night has to offer.

Have pillows with different sheets

There is always that one pillow which you always hang on to. However, you can always create the illusion of variety with pillows with different sheets. Hang on to a pillow, and maybe tomorrow you will hang on to another pillow depending on your mood. It might be reasonable to ask how hanging on to a different pillow can mean having a different mood, but this exercise can reflect your ability to be flexible on your energy.

Have the power to create your own mood, and you can let your energy flow freely anytime.

Use glass jars as a creative alternative to containers

Discard the original containers when you bought those goods from the store or from the mall and transfer them to glass jars. The alternative is a great way of creating the idea of purity in your goods. They look presentable and cleaner this way. Another tip: The jars do not have to be colorless.

Pattern your colors for every room

Have a common base color for your curtains, sofas, sheets, and rugs, etc. but with different designs. Having a variety of colors is reasonable as well, but here, the point is from a variety of patterns. Variety in any way is a great way of making a simple room look vibrant.

Have a higher ceiling for your living room

There is much value in space, whether horizontal or vertical. A bigger living room can resonate more light. It provides you and your guests a comfortable place to breathe, and in turn, you can share the energy of your home to them.

Smooth and clean rugs for your rooms

If it is a dirty or an unattractive rug, then do not display it. Do not underestimate the space that a single rug can cover and the emotions it can stimulate. The point of a rug is to have a sense of intimacy in the living room, and if it does not help in that intimacy, then you is better off with the floor.

Use ceiling to floor curtains

The purpose of curtains is not just to cover the window. You can use the curtains in the way that theaters use them; they serve mainly as backdrops. A short curtain can awkwardly leave a part of the wall hanging like it seems to lack something. Energy must not lack to be efficient. Long curtains fill the gap in a way that is soothing to the eyes.

Have a collage of paintings

As was mentioned before, a home is a mural you create. What more to realize this idea than an actual mural on the walls. A painting can stimulate emotion the same way pictures, and quotes do. The main difference in a painting is that it is someone else’s work. Emotion is energy. You derive a sense of borrowed energy, and you make that energy your own.

Have a different living room for personal uses

A personal living room can be smaller, and it provides the hobbies you enjoy. It might be a family room with a mini theater, a gaming area, or a library, etc. There is intimacy between yourself and the things you enjoy doing. It is where you expend energy, but at the same time, you let it rejuvenate yourself.

Whether your own sense of creativity and resourcefulness is abundance or minimalism, genuine creativity are the ideas and things you choose to create, and you choose to enjoy. Life is found with the things you made an effort to do, and the purpose of living is to immortalize your effort into things that grant energy to the next, that maybe a visitor or yourself the next day.

The essence of the home has a point to reset your life day by day, a place to go back to when everything seems to all go down. We always long for home, and the emotion it provides to us. Emotion is energy. There is no place like home.

Next, try to “trap” the positive energy in your home by covering windows and doors at the rear side that directly aligned with your front doors and windows. This way, you are preventing the positive energy from instantaneously leaving the house as soon as it enters.

Feng shui elementsBalance the flow of chi energy around you by balancing how the elements are present around you. If you have a strong yang field around you due to a strong affinity to the water element, you might want to balance it by using articles that are attributed to the fire element and articles attributed to wood. Having too much positive energy can make chi energy go out of control, so balancing them is very necessary. Using the articles attributed to the earth element can also help contain excess energies that the water element expels, as the earth acts as the water’s container to give it form. Metallic objects should be kept at a minimum, as it acts like magnet to the water element.

FengShui kitchenAfter you have established the flow of energy to move into you house through the front doors and windows, you now have to make them flow freely all around the house, much like a streaming body of water. Remove or rearrange articles of your home to make sure that the “stream” of chi energy does not get disrupted. Think that chi energy is actually a body of water that flows around the rooms. Check if there would be certain turbulences that would hinder its flow, and rearrange these hindrances to make the flow of chi energy flow freely again.

Hang Feng Shui chimes that invite positive energy

If there are furniture that are wrongly placed in terms of Feng Shui practice must be blocked to keep the negative energy out of the kitchen. You can do this by blocking it with the use of all types of barriers such as panels or curtains. Sharp objects must also be covered with mats or with cloth so as not to invite negative chi. You should also buy appliances or furniture that are of good quality because this brings positivity in the atmosphere. Things that are always broken or dysfunctional poses negative energy so better choose your things well. This will also affect the health energy in your kitchen so buy only those that are working properly.

Golden feng shui chimeHang Feng Shui chimes that invite positive energy. Better hang these chimes on the doors, windows, and other pathways because these are where positive chi pass by and stay. If possible, place fortune plants around your kitchen that will bring fortune not only as wealth but also in the family’s health. These are just some of the Feng Shui principles that you must consider when you arrange and decorate your kitchen. Just follow these Feng Shui furniture placement ideas for the kitchen to always be surrounded with positive energy and bring the best effects for your beloved family’s wealth and health.

Positive Energy for your Kitchen

Many people, whether Chinese or not, still believe in Feng Shui. It is a continuously practiced oriental art that focuses on where to correctly place things for maximum energy. It lies on the belief that there should be harmony between nature and mankind. That is why even in the positioning of furniture or appliances at home, Feng Shui, for most families, must be consulted. As for the Feng Shui teachings for the kitchen, there must be four things to consider and these are Earth, wood, warmth, and plant. These are very essential to be considered because the kitchen is a key point for the families health and wealth.

FengShui kitchenNow, here are Feng Shui furniture placement ideas for the kitchen:
Focus on round. Yes, make everything in your kitchen round like your tables, countertops, couch or chairs, and even your sink. Everything in your kitchen must have something round in them. It is better if you avoid other shapes such as rectangle or shape but be sure you still have something round in them. Avoid pointed edges as much as possible. If it would be better if all the regularly used things in your kitchen would have arms. For example, chairs that you use for cooking must have arms so that you would feel comfort and convenience while doing your chores. Having a chair with a hard and solid back invites energy or the so called chi to remain in the entire kitchen.


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