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Wall anchors for larger pictures

For larger pictures, wall anchors are highly recommended because it expands the wall when you insert the screw. Use power drills for the holes and be extra careful with it to avoid chipping.

Pictures on bedrooms wall

• Always drill a pilot hole. Pilot holes help you go through the plaster hole easily. It’s okay if it’s not deep enough. Just make sure that you had already entered the top layer of the plaster wall.
• Don’t ever use a dry wall screw in a plaster wall.
• Never pull down the lath. It is the worst thing that you can do in because it will chip chunks of plaster with it. Focus on the wall studs instead of the wood lath that is basically the one that clasp the plaster in place.
• To find studs, tap your knuckles on the wall because you can easily hear the studs from the hollow ones. But you can also use a stud finder for this one!
Pictures in the kitchen

Here are the few things that you can do in hanging your pictures in your plaster walls. Please remember that you should always be extra careful and don’t be careless. All things are done by proper techniques so don’t rush things. Always remember, patience is a virtue. Good luck!

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