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How to Hang Objects in Brick Wall


In personalizing your own home, there are so many things that you can do. You can add furniture, shelves, flower vases, etc., but the most common to do is hang some personal choices of objects on your walls. This is a very easy task. You’ll just select a design you personally want and then find a nail or anything which you can use in order to dangle it. But wait! Don’t be excited to hang up your favorite portrait or design just yet.

Pictures hanged on a brick wall

Determine first the kind of walls you have. Is it brick? If yes, please be reminded that hanging objects on brick walls might be easy but with carelessness might lead to having your walls some cracks or crumbles on your precious wall! You wouldn’t like that, would you? So before anything else, follow the tips and instructions that we will give you. First and foremost, determine what kind of picture hanger that you would use. For brick walls, the best choice would be is the concrete and brick one. It can hang not only light objects but heavy ones as well. Of course, this is when it is installed properly. This kind of hangers is easy to use. In using it, just find a position for your object on the wall then insert a nail (small and brass-plate one) and hammer it to the wall gently.

Next, choose what kind of screw that you can make use of. For this one, we suggest that you use concrete screws. These screws are very hard and really can handle support. It is not only applicable to brick walls but you can use it in other types of walls too. For this one, you will have to use an electric drill hammer. Don’t just drill but make sure that the hole will be smaller than the diameter of the screw and evenly insert and tighten securely the screw and you’re done.

Pictures in the kitchen

Lastly, anchors are also the ones that you should use. We highly recommend lead anchors. It is a very strong and durable anchor and they are specially designed for heavy objects. You’ll use an electric drill again for this one but you should set it into a lower speed. Drill a hole that is fit enough for the lead anchor then lightly tap the lead anchor on the wall. Screw and tighten it until it expands and securely hold the anchors on the walls.

That’s all about it. All the stuffs mentioned can be bought in your local store or hardware. Also, if you’re just a kid, let an adult help you in hammering or drilling your anchors or screws. The final advice we can give is that be careful in applying these stuffs in your brick walls. If you really can’t do it, you can ask your nearby carpenters to help or guide you instead! Good luck!

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  1. My number one recommendation highlight from this article is use a hammer drill. Most people, if they’ve never drilled into a concrete or brick wall, try to use a standard drill. That will take forever and end in frustration – and may kill the drill. also, make sure to use a masonary bit.

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