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Step-by-Step Guide to Use Plants in our Office


Office decors can be easily done if you use your creativity. With a creative mind and a design in mind, you can play with different colors and styles and then place it inside your office space. But sometimes, people forget the magic of the nature, the beauty of the plants.

For man-made decors, you may want to implement ideas that can set your mind in a happy mood through memories of past good times. You can use pictures of your family, friends or your beloved one.

One of the best options regarding pictures is the funny ones; those will easily relax your mind as well as put a smile on your face.

It does not matter what you use. It will always be better if you can make something simple into a great design. Do not be pressured in your workplace but rather relaxed. This is why you should decorate your office in order to create a relaxing rather than pressuring environment for you.

Selecting Plants for the Office


Before choosing any plant, you should study the conditions of the office; that is to say, the space, if there are windows, the ventilation system, namely those factors that may be unfavorable for the plant.

The next thing to do is to search the place where you will put the pot. Ideally it should be on the desk, shelves or next to the windows. Since this way you will have easy access when watering, pruning or changing the soil.

You should also take into account what you want to achieve; if you want to have a decorative object or have an accessory that helps to give presence to your workplace; depending on what you choose, you should know that the plant itself will become a focal point.

Another important factor when deciding for this purchase is, of course, your budget; how much you are willing to spend to give a different touch to your office. You should know that the bigger the plant is, the more expensive it will be and there are infinities of species that you can choose; but to do so you should know that not all of them are compatible to be placed inside an office and if you do not really know what to do:

ask for help either in a nursery garden or with an expert to guide you which plant you should carry!

But if you want to have an idea of what plants are perfect for the office, then keep reading.

Which Plants to Choose?

One of the easiest things to decorate the office is the plants, since they provide warmth and are a life-giving element; and the office it is a space where there is constant stress, long working hours and possible moments of frustration.

It is necessary to decorate it to our taste to provide a bit of solidity and harmony to the place and plants are a good option.

Due to their purifying properties, plants help the environment to be healthier and also have the capacity to improve mood; but one factor we face when it comes to having plants in our office is that these spaces mostly lack natural light, and many plants are not suitable for these places, but cactus; for example, could survive them.

Even though many people choose artificial plants since they believe they are not capable of taking care of a natural one; there are many that can survive long periods without water or light; for example:

The Benjamin

This plant that has a long life and needs very basic care. All you need is to prune it once a year and must do it during the fall season. You can place it next to a window or while it is small; you can have it near the desk, but when it grows up you must change its pot and keep it away from the cold currents.


The Paradise Palm

This plant has the advantage of being able to be in a space of low illumination but you must know that this plant grows upwards and the leaves begin to branch out, in order for it to grown vertically you have to prune it.


This plant can be hung in the bookseller and it is advisable to prune it when it is a little bushy to avoid long vines forming around the container. It can be dimly lit so it can be used away from windows.


This is an attractive plant with green white lined leaves. You can place it somewhere to climb and grow to the direction you want to. Likewise it is a plant that needs to be pruned frequently so that it can remain dense.

All these pants require very little light and their care is quite basic!

So that they are perfect for a space such as an office. And, if you are still in doubt whether to choose a plant or not for your working place; let me tell you that a recent study has demonstrated that having plants inside and office reduces stress.

Likewise; it can help you increase your productivity. It boosts concentration, purifies the air and also contributes to wellness.

In the same way; it helps you stay healthy due to the oxygen it releases, and plants help to reduce noise, they function as internal and external noise protectors; especially if they are in small closed places where they can suppress noises.

The choice of having a plant in the office is something really beneficial for the body and mind, according to Feng Shui; this “accessory” renews energy, you should only choose the one suitable for the interior, which does not require much care and irrigation and should position you in places of easy access for your care.

However, there is a plant that blends perfectly with this type of space, and is the cactus.

The cactus is perfect for small spaces and low lighting, and as it needs to be watered only once a month, it will not require much of your care. There are a lot of cacti that you can choose, and as they are of tropical climate, they become acclimatized in different geographic environments because the interior provides them with the right conditions.

In short, decorating the office with plants helps you to give a more personal and professional touch to space, as well as giving you benefits not only mental but physical. Do not hesitate and choose a plant for your office, if you are still not sure which to choose visit an expert to advise you.


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