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A Guide to Buying Fireplace Mantels | Decorating Visita Casas

Fireplace Mantle


Fireplace Mantels are one of the most important decorative factors of our house, but not for the visitors who come to admire our decoration; but for the members of our family who observe it day by day.

The fireplaces are by themselves one of the places in the home that most lends itself to share a moment of intimacy and reflection. All together around the heat of the fire, or just one staring at the flames; that kind of moment can not be had in another part of the house in such an intimate way.

Today we show you how to decorate that beautiful place in your home.

Decorating the Warm Heart of Our Home

Fireplace Mantle

Because it is such an intimate meeting place, and as the flames are such an inspiring factor; the Fireplace Mantel must be integrated into the decoration in such a way that everyone in the house will feel comfortable with it.

Once the brick finish was long assumed, however, many were aware that this was not the best option of all; or at least they were not comfortable at 100% with that image.

That’s why people, looking to add their personal touch, ended up practically wearing the fireplace as if it were an additional piece of furniture.

Although the styles of Fireplace Mantels are many to summarize them all here; we can say that there are some above others these days, when we talk about them as a factor at decoration level.

Below is a list of styles of Fireplace Mantels, you may like some, but if none of them catches your attention; I assure you that we have other ideas up the sleeve that we will share with you, first let’s start with the characteristics and varieties of the different Fireplace Mantels.

Fireplace Mantels in Decoration

The first thing to keep in mind when buying your mantel is: the store return policies.
Acquiring a mantel that suits the needs of the fireplace in your home can be more complex than you think. First of all I must warn you that the variety of both styles and prices is very wide.

Fireplace Mantle

Not so long ago I was helping a friend to renovate his mantel and, when we started to look prices; we find that they range from USD 380 to USD 1120.

That is the “normal” price range, however; the differences between them were so minimal aesthetically that the fact that the price difference is so wide made us think. The decorative styles that best fit a Fireplace Mantel ostentatious are:

• Tudor
• Victorian
• Nordic
• Kitsch
• Maximalist

The different fireplace mantels that can be applied in these styles include even pieces inlaid with shiny stones. However, not all things are as ostentatious as to require a $ 1200 fireplace mantel. If you want to highlight a piece of art, a group of photographs or that fish that you captured in the last vacation; then you should not invest so much in your fireplace mantel.

Why not use brick? It is a classic

Brick is one of the alternatives that goes very well with the rustic decorative style, however; when you compare many current decorations with the brick you realize that it is not the right choice.

Brick has been used extensively in chimneys throughout history and is due mostly to the low price that could be acquired; the bad thing is that the old chimneys elaborated with brick today present a significant loss of heat.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing our fireplace mantel is the current condition of the fireplace; remember that it is a substitute for heating that will allow us to save a little money. But if the fireplace is not in the best conditions, then it is advisable to consider investing your money in a heat conservator. With it, you can recover up to 85% of the energy used and, once you have made that expense; then you can consider the aesthetics of the fireplace.

Learning to Buy Smartly

Fireplace Mantle

We are already talking about the heat loss that the fireplace can present. That is the first important factor you should check before making an investment in a fireplace mantel. The next step is to consider what you want exactly.

• Brick
• Stone
• Wood
• Other

When you include a fireplace mantel, you are adding a lot of character to a unique spot in your home. Many times it might be convenient to use a mirror over the mantel already built to help you reflect more light. Since the fireplace will be a point that everyone will observe, the mirror will help you create an amplitude feeling.

In any case, a mirror will go well with virtually any material you choose to place, but; returning to the main topic, what will you use?

Many fireplace mantels can be custom built. It is true that it is very easy to go to the store and choose exactly the one you want.

Fireplace Mantle
Fireplace Mantle

Nevertheless; the experts in interior design of fireplaces know that the fireplace mantel can not be chosen lightly. A custom design that suits your needs and requirements can be a little more expensive (but really, just a little)

In addition, you will not get your fireplace mantel immediately as if you would buy it in an online store, however; you’ll enjoy the benefits of having an expert that analyzes the decor that surrounds it, and the current distribution of heat that exists in your house.

That kind of professional help is priceless

Fireplace Mantle

And it is the best way to acquire the fireplace mantel of your dreams. You can forget the return policy and, best of all; is that you will have a unique decorative element, not something of generic manufacture.

Remember that a wood burning stove has a higher cost than an electric one, currently in your house which of those do you have?

The good thing is that an expert could take advantage of the restructuring of the fireplace mantel to install an electric fireplace. Remember in any case that, your new fireplace mantel should provide you with the option of closing the fire. Thus you will have more conservation of the thermal energy.

If in your house you have an old fireplace and you want to maintain the decorative style but you need a solution to so much pollution; then you could upgrade to a bioethanol fireplace.

Fireplace Mantle

The important thing is that you speak directly with the expert who is going to build your fireplace mantel. Only in this way can you better study your budget and cover the two most important aspects:

• What you want
• What you need

Often times both things may coincide, but other times we must give up what we would like to be able to cover what is really a priority. I also recommend that if you want to renovate your fireplace mantel; come to us here at Decorating Visita Casas.

Fireplace Mantle

Interior design groups are the best allies so you do not have to hire the expert directly; but if you know that you need dedicated professional help, then it is best that you go to an online store that offers a service. But do not forget that both, the choice of the piece and its installation; all depends on the current condition of your fireplace rather than the decorative concept that will surround the fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Mantle

Always give priority to functionality and then review the aesthetic aspects. On the fireplace mantel you will place important things, those that are seen but not touched. That is why you should first check all the safety and compatibility details before making a decision.


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