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Best Rug Pad For Your Investment


Many people are very fond of rugs. Some have a collection of rugs and it can be plainly seen in the house itself. Rugs are great ornamental designs at home and actually add value and accent to the design of the interior home. Because of this, a variety of rugs are made available. It can be made from different materials and one best example is the use of silk. Silk rugs are of one of the most valuable, most beautiful and most expensive rugs of all time. Of course, this is because it is made of silk. Silk rugs are usually done for a long period of time. Once a person buys this kind of rug, he or she must maintain rug care ways to protect it from being destroyed. Thus, a silk rug should be protected because it is a kind of investment. How to protect it? Then we must use the best rug pad that we can have for it.

What is the best rug pad for rugs? The answer is simple. A rug pad should have a surface which is textured. The bottom should also be non-slip. Rug pads like these are usually made of a rubber bottom and a jute surface. Because there are many rug pads which have the same feature like this, then follow the different tips in choosing the right rug pad. First, the surface should be of recycled jute. To determine this, feel if the surface is more of needle punched, which helps in giving the pad a dense texture surface. You can determine the texture of the pad if it holds to the silk pad itself. Second, the bottom pad should be made of a solid rubber. Imitations are quite popular these days because some rug pads contain bottoms which are only made of layers of latex or chemicals. Likewise, this won’t last long because it is not original and the floors may be damaged over a period of time.

Non-slip pads with holes are great choices for a rug pad. The reason is because it gives a solid foundation for the rug itself. While you can use slip pads with holes, you can also use thicker pads. The only problem with thick pads is it can’t keep the silk rug flat. Some people can actually determine if the rug pad is the best choice. Don’t be careless about your silk rug. Aside from the fact that it is quite expensive, the quality of the silk rug should be preserved so it is better if you choose the best rug pad in order to protect this kind of investment so it can last for a longer time. There are different tips mentioned above. You must follow them in order to have the best rug pad for your silk rug. You can also ask the professionals about this in order to have the best rug pad for your rugs. Good luck!

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