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Waverly Bedding: Bringing that Glamour and Style back into Homes


Bedrooms are the most important place for everyone at home. That’s because we (the owners) treat the bedroom as our sanctuary; and we feel that imperative need to personalize it to be able to externalize the best of us. Thinking about the importance of that meaning is that Waverly Bedding offers us an entire line of products for decoration and comfort in our most intimate place of home.

Combining glamorous style; Waverly Bedding presents a concept that we had forgotten in our attempt to be more and more functional. Now, without losing that functionality; we can be as elegant as the kings of the golden age.

The Style of Waverly Bedding in Your Bedroom

Decorating using Waverly products has become the main choice of us decorators. The way in which the environment can be personalized with the best quality materials is imposed on the most economical options.

Beyond the materials; Waverly Bedding specializes in innovating with unique bedroom designs that translate to an environment that blends perfectly: elegance and functionality.

To speak of all the wonders of Waverly is practically impossible with so little space; I want to point out the latest styles that in Decorating Visita Casas we have used to redesign a couple of bedrooms that were practically “dead”.

The styles below are one of my favorites, but whether you want to decorate on your own or go to a decorator; I recommend that you take a look at the whole range of designs or, as we call them: personalization styles.

Beautiful Things

Waverly Bedding

Color, pattern and manufacture. Of course Beautiful Things brings together the main characteristics of the Waverly brand but in addition; is one of the fifth essences of their decorative designs of their lifestyles.

Who does not love Beautiful Things?

This beautiful collection is focused on the beauty of Mother Nature, her gardens. Its coloration is very pristine, fresh and clean.

Despite having pretty floral motifs, Waverly provides us with this lifestyle a variety of cool tones for relaxation. Modern patterns can be seamlessly integrated into the chair’s styling and combing; Just to see their beautiful crimson, pink and yellow flowers; we can discern what our future curtains will look like.

Of course, you may find it a bit difficult to get this collection of Waverly; in fact some people have noticed this detail and for that reason they sell it at a price a bit excessive, however; it’s worth the expense.

The Beautiful Things collection offers the sensation of having been washed several times with the love that can only come from a warm home; its cold tones relax both the eye and the soul.

You will find a bit of Scandinavian art influences in this piece of art, as well as a bit of Victorian style; But the fusion is so harmonious that I guarantee something; Just to see the collection, you will feel relaxed. Your invitation to sleep and relaxation is very powerful.

Moonlight Medallion Daybed

At first it took me time to understand the concept of this lifestyle; then when my sleep schedules were a bit uncontrolled and, for work reasons had to sleep during the day, Moonlight Medallion Daybed showed me why it is the best alternative for siesta or long days of daytime sleep.

Its elegance is simply unsurpassed and, to this day; it’s still one of my favorites. In summer, its colors are the ideal combination to have a room with all the magic of the heat of the season, however; this set has something more to offer.

It’s reversible!

The Moonlight Medallion Daybed is literally two games in one! Its comfortable cylindrical neck pillow is perfect for reading during sleepless nights; the circular pillow has been my companion when I needed to hug something (sadly I no longer use teddies).

Its floral art is very unique to any Waverly Bedding I’ve seen before, I think that was one of the points I liked most at the beginning. Now when I see it; it simply urges me to inhale deeply and then; so quietly and peacefully exhale.

The bedroom decor becomes a world apart from the rest with the inclusion of the Ogee medallion. Everything acquires a more Zen aspect or better said; the bedroom truly encourages relaxation, reflection and meditation.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral was my third acquisition of Waverly Bedding and, for that reason, I put it in third place here, nonetheless; it is my favorite of all that is in my house.

Its soft fabric in lines and the way in which the floral design is broken by the same ones I believe; which is one of the most glamorous ideas in the multiple visions of Waverly.

As they themselves say “we are not in front of the typical pastel tones that Grandma would use” this set takes you to a higher category; not the past.

Like all its products, quality can be felt with just the touch, 100% cotton beware of the best sewing techniques that only Waverly Bedding can master.

Using my camera, I took a couple of photos to the design once I had it at home and; using the programs I use to decorate analyze the colors.

I must say that I was shocked; the harmony of colors in this design is so perfect that; I personally would never have thought of it. That added to the quality of texture and everything that the design of Cape Coral implies; it is for that reason that they are the leaders in the market.

Cape Coral’s vintage style has as its main goal to transport us to 1935 and, I must say that just looking at it integrated into my bedroom gives me a feeling that I am not myself but an old version; Another person in another time.

Then the feeling that leaves to the touch completes all this illusion and; with that feeling and that thinking, I go to sleep.

Practical, Classic and also Modern

Waverly Bedding

Last but not least; I must refer to Waverly Modern Essentials. And it is that when we think of Waverly as a brand we find it hard to accept that they can also be modern.

It’s not just Vintage or Victorian, Waverly has achieved a perfect combination of the simple with the classic; a form of design that can be integrated into the modern decorations of today without losing glamor.

As a decorator I have always found it very difficult to think of a design that could condense all the beauties of yesterday and, even so; work perfectly with today’s fast pace.

Waverly has achieved with its line Modern Essentials and that I think is the reason why so many decorators have made the existence of their products in stock run out.


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