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Budget-Friendly Tips to Brighten Up Your Kitchen


The usual implication of home improvements is that they are way too expensive. This is a misconception since there are many ways to improve your kitchen without going overboard with the expenses. The following suggestions in this article are easy home improvement ideas for the kitchen that will cost less, considering the fact that most of the work can be done by yourself.

Paint Anew
Changing the color of the room can instantly make a feel kitchen feel brand new. For a cheery feeling, chose bright colors to your liking that energize. Paint the walls, cabinets, counters, kitchen island, seats, etc. to make everything look fresh.

Kitchen decoration

Light It Up!
This alone would make a kitchen look grand and new. The simplest way to do so is letting the natural sunlight do its part. Do this by removing those dark, thick curtains over the window and put on sheer curtains that welcome the sunshine. Adding other lights over the work areas for a warm glow is also a good idea.

Change Hardware and Fixtures
Replacing old fixtures, handles and cabinet hinges can work wonders. Elegant handles on freshly painted white cabinets look fabulous. To add class to a sink, simply replace the faucet with something graceful and chic. If you go for the vintage or antique look, go to the flea market to buy fixtures or handles. While at the flea market, be on the look out for other things (e.g. wind chimes, wall hangings, decorative dishes) to add to your kitchen, where it costs less than in department stores.

Add Accessories Found at Home
Go up into the attic or even just go from room to room in the house to search for things that might be good kitchen additions. Furniture need not be bought from the store to be added to the kitchen.

Go Green
No only do potted or hanging plants add color to your kitchen, they also increase the oxygen levels of the room. If you already have a garden in the backyard, put some of the flowers or small bushes in pots to transfer them into the kitchen.


Refurbished Cabinets
Instead of spending money on new cabinets, try replacing the cabinet doors only. Doors with glass in the middle can change the cabinet’s look completely. You might also want to remove the cabinet door altogether, to allow easier access and better display opportunities.

Redecorating your kitchen while on a tight budget should never lessen the creativity or the passion involved. Allow your thinking skills to resolve redecorating problems related to the budget and you might just end up having a whole new concept of design for your “new” kitchen.

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