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Cabinetry: Different Applications of Cabinets in Multipurpose Rooms


Cabinets have now become an indispensable part of our homes. The latest trend in decorating is placing cabinets wherever possible in the house. They have a variety of uses and occupy very little space. With the number of household appliances growing in number by the day, it has become imperative to provide storage areas which are easily accessible and trendy at the same time. Paul Garófalo, design services manager of Merillat Cabinetry says that the chosen style in houses is the multipurpose room. Its uses vary from day to day activities to hobbies and as work spaces. These multipurpose rooms need cabinetry which will enhance the utility of these rooms. Cabinets of all sizes, shapes and design can be added to make the multipurpose room effective and functional.

Wood kitchen cabinets

The various uses of multipurpose rooms are:
1. Leisure room: The multipurpose room can be used to pursue various hobbies like craft works, sewing and scrap book collections. Cabinets can be designed to suit for a particular purpose and can be placed in convenient positions to aid in passing one’s time leisurely without over- cluttering the room.
2. Work room: The multipurpose room can also function as a work place or office room and also as a study room for the kids. Separate cabinets for each purpose, placed strategically will help in bringing all the members of the household to spend their evening together and at the same time not impinging on each others space.
3. Storage room: Miscellaneous things like cubbies, paper wrap holders and dustbins can be placed out of sight with the help of these cabinets. Cabinets can be designed with wheels so that they can be moved around at will. Raday states,” Homeowners might also want to consider the addition of an island of wheels in order to have additional storage and movable work space”.
Blue melamine cabinet

4. Daily usage: In addition to the other uses, a multipurpose room also functions as a daily work space, with cabinets for ironing board, washer, dryer and clothes rods. So home owners can do workouts, oversee their kids’ homework, and do the laundry and other house work in the same place without having to shuttle between rooms.

With all these variety of uses no wonder Raday says” the multipurpose room is an example of how high traffic and function can co-exist with hi- style”. Cabinetry in a multipurpose room not only functions as a storage space but also adds to the style and elegance of the room. Selection of the cabinetry that goes well with the surrounding interior décor will add to the beauty of the room.

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