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Close to Nature Bedroom: The Rainforest Theme


Every kid would love to have their room designed into something that will not make their room look just as a simple room but it would make their room look like something else. It could be a room that looks like a cave, a mountain or even the sky. This is because kids love adventures and they love to imagine things. Having a room that is designed as such gives kids the chance to imagine more. Now, we are going to talk about designing a rainforest bedroom.

The key into designing a room is that you know the details about the design you are going to make. To start off, you should first know what a rainforest is. A rainforest is a forest that is dominated by trees and is frequently visited by rain. You should take note that a rainforest is different from a jungle. Their difference is that a jungle is dominated by shrubs and that there are only a few or no trees at all while a rainforest is dominated by tall trees and there are few plants below those trees.

Fairyforest styled room

Now that you know what a rainforest is, you should take note of the primary features of the rainforest so that you will know what to place in the room to make it look like a rainforest. You now need to know the materials that you will need in designing a rainforest bedroom. You will need some paint and brushes. The colors that you will need will be mostly green and brown. You will also need some fake leaves, fake plants and maybe some fake trees if you can find some but if not then you can always make them your own. You will also need some construction materials like wood, nails, hammer and sandpaper. If you like, you can also buy some additional designs like animals.

The first thing that you should do is to paint the room. You should paint the walls with a lot of tall trees. The walls will be mostly composed of the trunks of the trees. Then paint the ceiling with branches and leaves of the tree. The floor should then look like the ground so paint it with the roots of the trees and earth. You should remember to first place some protection like newspapers before painting each.

Lovely forest styled girl's room

For the objects inside the room like the cabinets,the bed,and other furnitures you can customize them so that they will blend with the room. The bed can be shaped as the root of the trees or an old rock that is filled with moss. The cabinets can also be shaped into the trunk of large trees. Remember that one of the features of a rainforest is that there are a lot of mosses around so make the object found in the room look like they have moss around. Remember to paint the objects that you have customized.

Lastly will be the added designs like additional trees and vines. Place them wherever you want. Make it look like they have been placed randomly to make it appear like a real rainforest. Now that you have an idea on designing a rainforest bedroom, you can now start doing so for your kids’ room.

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