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Closed Circuit Television: 10 Questions Answered

Closed Circuit


The introduction of Closed Circuit Televisions or more popularly known as CCTs in the market proves to be a dependable necessity for home security and evidence gathering.

Anywhere you go, you can see them or better yet, they can monitor you.

It is similar to computer cameras for home security. Having this Net Work; allows you to have control over what happens not only outside but inside of the house. It’s the maximun expression of: Security, safety and vigilance.

Designed in order to let people inside the house supervise every corner of the place and people living in it; It is called Closed Circuit since all its components are linked and cannot be interrupted by external agents.

And because it is set to be handled by a limited number of viewers.

It’s All on the Composition

Closed Circuit

The most asked for in the market of house security; since it is not only stable but it is also easy to control and handle.

It is made up by a variety of surveillance cameras which are connected one to each other to the central panel; which is fused with one or more video monitors that display and can record what the cameras are picking up.

As usual; these screen and video captures are connected and being recorded in a different place of the house in order to protect them from any harm.

Especially possible attempts to delete them.

Cameras are set in a fixed place. Depending on the kind of camera that is desired to place the system; might vary from an ordinary one, where cameras are fixed towards one direction; or a more sophisticated system where cameras can be controlled.

At the same time; these cameras can be set up to have a panoramic view, enhance focus, tilt or even make a close up (zoom).

These kind of cameras in the Closed Circuit Television are called pan-tilit-zom or PTZ.

PTZ cameras are one of the most asked for in security market for houses.

They can rotate around two axes; an horizontal and vertical one.

Besides of zooming and automatically focusing; they can be handled manually and; they can also be analog or hybrid ones.

Hybrid ones combine first technology with IP, which means they have their own IP address in order to transmit information they pick up. In this case; images and videos.

Safe Even in the Dark

A big pro presented by this type of security is the fact the closed circuit allows you to record during night!

It includes night vision, and such operations are assisted by the computer which is connected to, and as such it helps to detect movement.

It helps the system to stay alert and activate in case of any sort of occurrence!

In order for CCT to actually work, they need to have good quality image. This way images and videos that are being recorded can be seen clearly.

Many believe the system presents some flaws in regards of image quality. But truth is; that this quality has been improving through the years and so the usage of such has been ascending in the latest years.

It has reached the point where people would rather spend first on house security than anything else.

They are not just Cameras

The CCT security system is not only compound solely by cameras, or the control panel, but it is controlled by different factors that help it to work on optimum conditions, such as:

  1. First the Cameras; which pick up the image of the place that is desired to be protected.
  1. The Screen or Monitors; which are the external components of the circuit and are the place where you can play images picked by the cameras.

  1. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR); which work as a storage device for the images of videos being picked up. These devices depend on how structured the system is, since it will depend on it being analog; web oriented (IP) or a combination of both.
  1. Image transmission way; this last component is the method of how images are transmitted. This way or method can be through a coaxial wire and it is used generally to connect those components that are set on further distances.

As to the cameras that can be chosen, it all depends on the necessity of the security system that one wants.

They could be fixed, with zoom, mobiles, they can also be PT (Pan, Tilt) or PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom).

Closed CircuitAlso; there is a kind of camera that possesses a positioner than can be controlled from afar, that is to say; movement can be controlled from a console or keyboard from any part of the house with just setting up the right software.

In the market, there is also a camera that allow infrared image recording, as well as the security system that can have movement sensors that, connected to the control panel; can make the functioning of the cameras to be more efficient.

Technology has advanced in such ways, that cameras can, depending on desired models, pick up thermal images.

If the house is in plain darkness; these cameras can detect movement and pick up image.

They can also pick up images in the dark that are lightening up with infrared vision, which the human eye is not capable to perceive some times.

If you happen to pass by a CCTV monitoring room, chances are you will see many monitors with different activities happening in different parts of banks, shopping malls, airports, hotels, and even houses.

Whether wireless or wired, hidden or non-hidden; camera set ups on different parts of the establishment make it possible to record and capture whatever activities are happening.

And this is how the whole closed circuit television systems work.

Closed Circuit

The main objective of this system is to keep us protected against any eventuality and to show us possible threats, so in this way; we can act sooner.

This is the mostly used security system around the world and it has allowed the prediction of attacks and warning authorities of possible threats.

While it is true that no security system is flawless, it is also true that this security system is one of the most reliable in the market.


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