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Creative Fun for your Home Windows: Balloon Window Valances


Window valances are a great addition in decorating the windows of your home. They provide that additional sparkle and color that ordinary curtains themselves can’t do. One such type of window valances, balloon window valances, are usually distinguished by their billowing designs resembling clouds, and are perfect for small windows or when fitted outside your window recess. You can purchase window valances at your local home décor store, but if you really want that streak of originality on your window valances, you might want to consider making a balloon window valance on your own.

Elegant ballon window valances

Finding the right materials to use would be the primary step in making your own balloon window valances. The fabric must be of lightweight composition. This is of course for us to be able to fit the fabric into the window easily. Curtain rods should have a diameter of almost 1 inch or 24 millimeters and must have a length that can fit the outside window recess, but must also have excess length of at least 1inch from the window recess. You will also need a matching thread to thread the valance to the curtain rods, and finally scraps of soft papers like tissue for fitting purposes.

The general idea in this self-made balloon window valance is to apply an unlined sheet of fabric that have casings on both top and bottom ends, onto the curtain rods by threading them through the casings. The lower curtain rod is then fixed on one position, and the valance is draped over and concealed, thus creating that billowy effect.

To fit the fabric into your window as a window valance you must first know the size of the fabric to be used. First fit the curtain rods in place, give allowance of at least one to three inches from the actual position of the rods. Then, hold the tape measure at the top edge of the upper rod and at the top edge of the lower rod, looping it between the rods until a measurement is achieved at the end of the upper rod after the first loop. This is now the flat measurement of the valance at its finished form.

Balloon window valances

To know the width of the fabric needed, measure the length of the curtain rods multiplied by two. Then, divide the result by the width of the fabric to be used, rounded up to the nearest whole number after it. To calculate the amount of fabric needed, multiply the flat measurement of the finished form by the necessary width of the fabric. After knowing the size of the fabric to be used, the next step is to create the balloon valance itself. Cut the fabric to the size prescribed by your measurements, and join the widths together by French seam. Make sure that there would be a full width at the center supported by part widths on both sides numbered equally across the fabric.

Pin then stitch them after turning in a double hem at each side. Afterwards, turn up a double hem at the upper and lower edges, pinning both hems in place near the central fold to make the casings. Check the curtain rods if they would fit snugly through the casings. Adjust and rearrange if necessary. Then, stitch the hems close to the central folds and press them. Finally, thread the valance onto the upper and lower rods. Adjust the gathers evenly across the valance, pull out flounces and stuff them with the scraps of soft paper to achieve the balloon valance effect.

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