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Decorating a guest bedroom for men and women


We always have family or friends who love to stay over our house especially on holidays or in any special occasion. We may not have huge houses and many spare rooms for our guests to stay that is why let us look into decorating a guest bedroom for men or women whether they could be your grandparents, cousins, or your friends. Now decorating any room is a difficult task even designing your own bedroom would be really challenging how much more for someone else. We should consider a lot of things like where they come from, if they have allergies, or anything but most importantly we should consider the comfort of our guests.

Decor a guest bedroom

Decor a bedroom (or decor a bathroom) for men and women is a little bit tricky that is why we should consider colors and furniture that may apply to both genders. Neutral colors can be very relaxing to the guests especially when they come from far places like white or lighter colors. Since they come from a long travel a warm and comfortable bed would really be welcoming. Make sure also to have everything they need in the room to add charm like pillows, blankets, towels, and other necessary things because every guest would not want to feel being a hassle to the host. Prepare clothing storage for their luggage like a chest of drawers and an empty shelf with hangers too. A nightstand and reading lamp could also be important especially for people who love to read.

A clean room with a welcoming atmosphere and a fragrant scent is definitely our goal. It should make your guests feel comfortable and at the same time independent as to say by not feeling such as an intruder to your home like you have to make sure that you do not have any personal things kept in the guest room so you don’t have to barge in to get your things because that would definitely make them feel that way. Putting an alarm clock or towels would also help them feel welcome since they know they don’t have to bother you for such little things.

Guest bedroom

So what are the usual amenities in a hotel room (not a basement)? The comfort room should have shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. Placing a waste basket in the room could also be a good idea. The room should be free of dust and must be really clean. The bed and the closets should be ready as well. The guest room does not have to be as grand as those of hotel rooms it should just contain necessary things for the guest. If you do not really have a big space for a guest room the more reason not to fill it with so many things. Too many picture frames or paintings can also be disturbing for a guest since it will not help relax their mind. Just remember that what is important is that the guest would feel welcome and comfortable.

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