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Decorating an office: Tips on decorating your office


Office Decorating can bring a bit of personality to a dry, boring workspace. Choosing accessories and decorations that would express your personality will allow your co-workers in to a brief glimpse of who you are outside of your working area.

Color Scheme
Often offices are moderately neutrally furnished and decorated. This will allow you to add a clout of one or two complimentary colors to add some life to the boring space. Because offices tend to utilize a lot of synthetic materials to furnish and decorate, bring in some natural materials – such as stone, wood, glass, metal, and plants. Select a desk that is curved or has rounded edges to for a more modern look.

Office furniture

Bringing in pictures of family and friends or special loved ones can create a warm and inviting workspace. Frame all of them in similar frames or frame them in colors similar to your color scheme in the office.

Stress Relievers
Work in a fast-paced environment (Feng Shui office)? Consider having a stress ball or toy that will calm people as they sit and venture in your space. Make an executive sand box with fine sand or colored rice and some interesting tools (funnels, rakes, scoops). These materials are pleasing to the eyes and would relieve stress in their office.

Furniture and Lighting

If you have the opportunity to choose your office furniture in decorating, try opting natural materials as much as possible including wooden desks, floors, hand and carved furniture, shelving, filing cabinets and tables. Metal, even though natural, is also capable of interfering with wireless mouse or keyboards. Ergonomics are essential to your health especially if you plan to sit at your desk for long periods of time. Lighting is also very necessary especially if you have any natural light coming into your workspace. Utilize light bulbs that mime natural light as much as possible. You may opt to turn off your florescent lighting and bring in lamps to create a more subtle, warmer and inviting lighting scheme.

Decorating office

When decorating an office, you should be more involved in doing it in order for you to achieve a better appearance more than what you expected. In decorating your space, be sure to stay away from colors that are traditionally connected with specific religous occasions. Instead of decorating your workspace with the colors of red and green of Christmas, go for the colors silver and gold, which merely say “festive.” Your local art supply store should have an extensive selection of metallic foils, tinsel, and ribbons. This activity is very fun and likable at the same time, it replicates your personality and how much you are involved with your work.

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