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Decorating Tips on Making a Rooster Wall Paper Border


When you are designing a farm or country theme for a room, you will no doubt need some farm animal images to splash it with. There are commercially available pictures and wallpapers you can buy. But if you are feeling up to a weekend project, you can simply make your own stencils. For this project, we will be going through the process of making your own wall paper border.Before you start any project, it is always more efficient to acquire all the materials and tools you need before you get started working. This will save you time and frustration. Also, it will make sure that you won’t have to abruptly disengage from your creative flow just to get some nails from the hardware store.

For this project, you will need mostly common school items. You should get some sheets of tracing paper; the size will depend on how big or how small you would like to make your rooster. You should also have a pencil, a craft knife, a permanent marker, some thick, clear plastic, some mounting glue, a ruler, a level (this is usually used in construction to make sure a surface is parallel or “level” to the ground or wall), and some paint and brushes. Roosters usually have red, brown, yellow, and black colors on them. However, since you are making your own rooster, you can of course color them in whatever shade you like.

Make the stencil by tracing a picture of a rooster. Just trace the outline, don’t mind the details; these will not come out anyway. After tracing, you can enlarge it or reduce it at any copy center near you. But if you are artistically inclined and you can draw the outline yourself, then this would be so much better. Once you have the outline enlarged to the size that you want, transfer the image to the plastic by tracing it with your permanent marker. After tracing, cut out the rooster shape with your craft knife. You now have a rooster stencil. If you want to make your rooster border more creative, you can make several rooster stencils of varying sizes. You can then use different combinations when you begin painting your rooster border.

When you have all your stencils ready, you can start painting your rooster border onto the wall. If you want all your roosters to be painted on a straight line, you should first make a guideline using your ruler and level. If you don’t want your roosters lined up straight, you can just paint them as you go along; mixing up the sizes at the same time.

Mount the stencil to the part of the wall where you want the rooster to appear. Fix it to the wall using your mounting glue. You are now ready to paint your rooster by just filling in the cut out area of your stencil with your chosen rooster color. Be careful when peeling off your stencil so that the paint will not bleed off into the background. Repeat this step until you have as many roosters as you want in your room.

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