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Different Home Design Ideas for Unique Wall Paneling Treatments


The most commonly known home decor for some high end family is the wall paneling. This is the main reason why they have a lot of different design ideas of unique wall paneling treatments for their home. It is true that wall paneling is very expensive; aside from that, it is a very daunting job to do by ourselves. But then, here are four of the great tips that we could follow to be able to do it by ourselves without feeling any hassle at all.

• The first one is by simply using a fabric. This is one of the great materials which can be used in wall paneling. The simplest way that we can do to install our fabric in panels is by simply purchasing some thin foam insulation boards. We could then cut it with our desired size and then wrap it with our chosen fabric. And once that we’re already done with our panels, we could simply attach it into our walls with the use of a double stick foam tape. This will surely be easily removed and change its fabric on the panel when we wanted too.
• The second one is by simple using textured wallpaper which is nowadays available all over the markets around us. The textured wallpaper pattern has a lot of different styles which are reminiscent of some tin ceiling tiles and as well as some molded plaster. For us to be able to make it look like a molded plaster or a real wood, we have to install it in between the two strips of our molding or even just beneath our chair rail.
• The third one is by simply using some bamboo. The bamboo reeds are being considered by a lot of us as a very highly versatile material which are also a replenishable wood material. These are also the ones which are very ideal to be used in creative paneling treatment.

• The fourth and last one is by the use of a faux painting. This painting has become the finishing of our wall which is commonly being chosen for the last decades. This is a very inexpensive way to panel our walls as well as it is also being advisable for a do-it-yourself house painting. We just have to have the correct tools to be used and we have to be knowledgeable on how to paint.

There are a lot of different design ideas of unique wall paneling treatments which can be used by a lot of us. We just have to know first what we really wanted our house to achieve to be able to know which design will suit our taste and our needs.

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  1. I love the warmth that including wood into your interior design gives a room and the way that it looks different in different lights.

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