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My Top 5 budget to pay for an Architec fees Recommendations



The services of an architect whether your acquaintance or even friend, most likely they will never be free. Quite the contrary, in fact, prices of architects can be very high.

When to hire an architect can be something that you are not even considering; knowing the modification task can be easily done by yourself.

But then the big question comes: Can anyone be an architect? The first thing you should know is that architecture is not the same as civil engineering.

A masonry job cannot be compared to the work of an architect. Test your skills and compare them with the needs you have; then compare them once more but this time with the capabilities of the architect. It’s all a process that will help you determine when to hire one or not.

So, to help you a bit, we want to talk more about what architecture itself is; you can then realize and admit that in fact, you need to hire an architect.

The Art of Architecture


I want to begin this topic by speaking of one of the modern principles of architecture. I am sure that by simply reading this vision you can not only enter into the mind of the architect; but you can also understand a little more why it is so important for them their work in society.

“Architecture is the triumph of the human imagination over matters, methods and men; to put man in the possession of the world itself. It is at least the geometric pattern of things, of life, of the human and social world. It is, at best, that magical framework of reality that we sometimes touch when we use the word order “

Architecture encompasses the entire physical environment that surrounds human life; we cannot simply sneak out of it as long as we are part of civilization.

Among the most important figures in architecture we can name Bjarke Ingels; whose work has been rejected and praised by many people in the world.

And that is where there are the unique prices of the work that an architect offers.

The opinion of people is what really gives value to the final work of an architect. Even if the functionality and compliance with safety standards are up to date, a whole project can go to waste because of the opinion of a group of people.

In 2009 during a TEDx talk in Amsterdam; Ingels relates his experience on how one of his architectural projects was rejected.

The concept was a conference complex in Sweden, although the design was very enjoyable; the form of the building as such did not seem at all to represent what was the north of Sweden, which is why it was forgotten.

However, when presenting the same design to a Chinese entrepreneur the client was fascinate. The form of the building had the same form that they use to say “people / folk” in their writing.


The only thing that Ingels had to do was build it much bigger, specifically tree times the original size of it.

Under the concept that it represented the union of progress and Chinese ancestral culture; The mayor of Shanghai bought it for millions of dollars.

A vision can be worth a lot

Architecture is the art of modifying the environment where we live and; although architectural works that sought to expand the comfort of civilization can be traced back to the famous Zigurat. In fact; it emphasizes a specific architect by its work that was able to modify the human behavior and beliefs.

Yes, architecture can be used at that level of suggestion.

It doesn’t seem so strange they charge so much now, right?

The architect of whom I speak, or rather the vision I am referring to, is that of Pope Sixtus V. After assuming his position as Pope in 1585, He tried to make Rome the place of power of the Catholic Church.

Thanks to the genius of the architect Fontana, and the pope himself, together they drew up a plan of urban remodeling that would change people’s vision for a lifetime.

This they achieved it, when uniting with straight and wide streets the main center of the city. They also used Egyptian obelisks in ways of arrows so that they aimed at the different religious centers.

The roads were remodeled to induce that all the main activities of the city were developed in zones with influence of the Church and; although it does not seem very relevant, it is interesting to see all this from the point of view of a Roman child.

The study of this is something that a very small group of people does; while the rest are learning from their experiences. The child, who will never travel, will spend all his life in the city of Rome, the street and the main buildings are his entire world.

Looking wherever he wants; the child will see a church or a temple. This vision plants in his mind that the whole world is controlled by the church.

“These are the bases of everything that man built” Would say him.

This added to the strong social and political pressure turns the population in its followers from birth. Like a herd or simple ants that only enlarge the anthill that Sixto V built.

You do not want to change the mentality of civilization as we know it but;

Can you then imagine the impact that an architect’s work could have on your offspring?

The price, cost and value of Architecture

Now knowing what you know; you should ask yourself

Do you want to do a minor remodeling job or do you really want a work of art of architectural level for posterity?

The price

You could say that it is the amount of money that you will have to take out of your bank account in order to cover the architect’s fees. Many permits will come, a lot of new ideas and many price changes at the last minute.

No, I’m not talking about a big task; I’m basing this on remodeling the room to convert it into a studio or bookstore.

The price translates into simple money; you should not worry about the money, because new money is printed every day. In the long run, assets are what determine our material wealth, not money.

The cost

Hours of sleep, having to change everything, maybe live out of the house for a while. You may even lose something because a worker has bad habits and cannot keep his hands where they should be.

The cost of hiring an architect translates into all the mental and emotional wear that involves doing that remodeling.

If the work is done on your own, maybe the cost would be much lower. You would be working without instructions from someone superior and maybe even with the help of your family.

The bad thing about reducing the cost in this way is that in the end it will affect the last aspect of hiring an architect.

The Value

An architect is a person who has overcome many rooms filled with many architects, all of them with an own view of the vision that he exposes. I remind you that it is a very subjective profession; as Ingels tells us, the trash of one is the treasure of the other.

So you will face a warrior who has survived a tiger cage full of predators as skillful as him. You have to ask yourself then

Is it really a treasure or just rubbish his proposal?

If you decide then to hire an architect for a design work, and since you will pay a sum of money that will only increase depending on the size of the job, then come to a second opinion once you have your proposal.

Just make sure it is someone you trust. In this way; a second opinion means a good advice regarding the design you paid for, and not someone telling you the design is useless to then use it for own benefit.


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