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Five things that will turn a discarded door into a precious possession


You have a discarded door in your house that is still good but you don’t need a door anymore, so what will you do? Of course you will not going to junk it just like that. Try to be creative enough to explore on other possible uses to it. We have listed five things you can do with a discarded door.

1. Your discarded door is perfect as a dining table for your family. You just have to add legs to it. You can either buy those from the hardware store or apply your carpentry skills by utilizing the available pieces of discarded woods in your backyard. It is also advisable to apply wood stain to the legs to match it with the color of your discarded door. For a door with carves, get to your hardware store to have a piece of glass cut in a way it will fit the size of your discarded door. For a door with smooth surface, you can put table cloth or table mat that can be easily change or replace anytime you want it.

Table made with a discarded door

2. Use the discarded door as your extra working table for large workstation. Just place low filing cabinets against the wall and place on top the discarded door, the one with smooth surface should be facing up. If the door has the hole for its doorknob, make sure it is position at the back portion so it is not obvious and you can still use it to let the wires, cords or computer cables pass through it. Then place you computer monitor, printer and other things you are using for work. Just make sure that heavy objects be placed over the filing cabinets to keep balance in your discarded-door-turned-working-table.
3. Have it as your headboard. Just place the carved discarded door onto the wall of your bedroom then move your bed against it. You can also play with it by putting simple frames to a discarded door so it will look classy. Depending on the size of your bed, you can always adjust the size of your headboard. You can utilize a seven-foot door horizontally for a king-size bed or place it vertically for a single or twin-sized bed. You can use the entire seven-foot door horizontally for king-sized bed or adjust it for smaller size beds.
4. If you are into painting, it will be helpful to use it as a support for your canvass. Just mount the discarded door against the wall according to your preferred elevation then you can place your canvass cloth and start your painting session. For a heavily carved door, you can explore further more by painting an abstract. After placing your canvass, you can start your painting by tracing the patterns of the carves and produce a unique abstract art piece.
Dining table made with a rustic door

5. Make it your wall decoration. If your house is spacious enough and have a big wide wall, you can make the best out of a discarded door. You can hang it in your spacious wall and have an instant decoration. You can also employ some enhancements or twists such as adding frames or sketching an art piece on it. Remember, the more creative you are the more it will stand out.

So that’s it, just that simple and easy. Now, you don’t have to think of where to junk your discarded door but rather you will choose which among the five suggestions will turn your discarded door more precious. Lastly, you have to be careful as well with your discarded door especially if it is coated with paint. Some paints contain certain amount of lead, a substance that is hazardous and can even cause brain damage if accidentally ingested by children or adult alike. Make sure you have clean it and safely remove any other coating it has before use it.

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