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Glass Block to Light and Decorate Your Home


Glass block were traditionally used in factories and basements to let in light and at the same they provided a fair amount of privacy and security. The glass blocks are durable and can be used in any part of the house as a decoration or as a means to let in or reflect light into the rooms.

Colorful glass blocks

In some luxurious homes they were usually featured in showers and in bathroom windows. But their usage in a house is only limited by ones imagination as these glass blocks are very durable. Glass block is even used to construct desks, tables and other furniture. They can also be used in divider walls and because of their durability they are perfect for kitchen counters. Glass blocks are not completely opaque. They allow light to pass through them partially and they also blur or dim the reflections.
Wall decorated with glass blocks

In addition to their durability, glass blocks can also withstand the weather. These blocks are sealed using mortar on the exterior walls of homes. This air-tight sealing will prevent any leakage and also block the outside air from entering the house. This will greatly help to reduce your utility bill. Moreover, while plain glass in windows will allow the light rays to pass through them that may affect the furniture and carpets, glass blocks refracts the light rays thereby minimising any damage to the accessories. If you want to know in detail about this durable material and would like to know how they can fit in your home d├ęcor, you can consult a glass block professional. For maximum efficiency these blocks have to be installed properly which requires skill and knowledge.

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